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Venus in Scorpio Vs Sun in scorpio
Pls guys do people who have Venus in scorpio have the same traits as people with sun in Scorpio.I have this Sag friend with Venus in scorpio,and she behaves exactly like a real scorpio(sun in scorpio).
My life os falling apart... I cant seem to fix it.
😳Ive never experiwnced this before where i come aupon a negative situation and i cant fix it. The more i try, the worst the situation becomes.
Be you like your opposite sign or dislike it?
My opposite sign is Pisces. And I don't understand/can't relate to them most of the time.

When will you find love?
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What I love about Plutonic energy that it cuts out all outside distractions. I usually can't stand how far up Pluto's ass most online astrology communities are, but I gotta give credit where it's due. One of the great things about passion and intensity---both of which are in Pluto's...
Are you good at expressing your emotions?
Meaning clear, effective VERBAL expression/communication of how you feel, not through actions. And what parts/aspects of your chart do you think make it so? Or if you've ever known anyone exceptionally bad at it, what in their chart do you think it was?
are you fall in love so easily ?
Ok. The qs is : are you fall in love so easily ? Or it take you along time to fall for someone ? And what's your zodiac sign sun and moon and venus ? Me ..I don't fall in love so easily .. it take me along time to think about it wow .. and take me...
The weakest Air sign?
Come on, it's only fair. I say Geminis. Why? Cause they are deceptive to the core., except the thing about deception is that you end up deceiving yourself. Thoughts?
*~*Past Life Astrology Book Giveway*~*
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Feeling HIIIGH
Hi all 🙋 Do you guys have phases where you feel high...? With no reason at all? No, NOT UNDER INFLUENCE of drugs or alcohol or any other external reason/stimuli but just...high and intoxicated? It's not love or anything either. The senses become...