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Post a music video for a sign!
Same sign, Different gender
how well do you get along with your own sign? i find Taurus females are kind of hard to talk to when you first meet them and some are kind of rude haha
Why the signs would break up with you...
Aries:You don't excite me anymore. Taurus:You don't show me how much you care. Gemini:I'm feeling tied down and I can't handle it. Cancer:I just don't see a future with you. Leo:You don't pay any attention to me anymore. Virgo:I don't feel appreciate...
Mercury Retrograde is REAL
Except no one reached out to me, I reached out. Didn't even take the retrograde into consideration til hours later. I reached out to an old Cancer "friend" who I've posted about on here a couple times...anyone else reach out during the retrograde?
Experiences with Virgo men
The only man that has been able to confuse tf out of me is a Virgo. Are they like this overall or did i just have a bad experience?? Share yours if you wish
Astrological Placements GIFs
*shakes fists at layna*
Posts lately
I've been here a long while, but lately this website just rocks for entertainment of MASSIVELY blown out of proportion stories, specifically after Venus rx being over. I honestly don't know how many (mostly newcomers) of you do this, but I tip my hat t...
When the softer side of Aries shows
My Aries ex(sag moon, aqua Mars) called me just to tell me he found some old journal entries I had written in a notebook from around 2009ish in which I wrote something dumb along the lines of "friendships are too hard to maintain, [his name] is all I need...
I found my soulmate....though we havent really met
This is incredible, it was on FB, i checked out this hot chick's profile, felt connected to her for some reason. Checked the chart, ALL our planets but one are aspected, mostly conjunctions, and all REALLY tight orbs. The sexual, emotional, and intelletua...
I feel like bricklemark's thread(s) are bait...
I have no idea why....just a hunch.