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Do you prefer to wear your hair up or down?
And, what's your Ascendant sign? This question is for women AND men with long hair. :D
by AriesIntrovert16 · 51 replies · updated 7/31/2015 1:22:17 PM
Have you heard the iconic "Gemini giggle"?
Have you ever had the pleasure of hearing the iconic Gemini trademark, the epic Gemini giggle? When a Gemini giggles in
by exxtasyx · 22 replies · updated 7/31/2015 12:43:40 PM
Blood ft. Water
Calling out all Geminis
Nothing personal but why do you guys have that weird ass confused looks on your face all the time? Sometimes how you loo
by Blood ft. Water · 12 replies · updated 7/31/2015 12:17:57 PM
Your rising sign
How do is effect you if at all? Or is it just about how you appear to others?? My sun sign and rising sign are the same
by BetaBanana · 71 replies · updated 7/31/2015 11:51:57 AM
Calling all Fire sign venus
Wanted to create a thread for my fellow fire sign venus. Thought my venus in aries gets me into some trouble time to tim
by TaurusCap323 · 46 replies · updated 7/31/2015 11:40:36 AM
Tanya Jones
Mars in leo?
What does mars in leo mean? How does it effect a person?
by Tanya Jones · 6 replies · updated 7/31/2015 11:36:45 AM
Ugh Leo women are so rude and masculine
Burping, thinking it's funny, loud chewing, bad hygene... Just disturbing to me and my Geminiliciousness.
by exxtasyx · 9 replies · updated 7/31/2015 8:07:39 AM
Compatibility, can anybody help me?
Sooo I have been lurking, & reading up so much on this site. It's been very interesting & quite the eye opener. I just n
by scorpioinlust · 4 replies · updated 7/31/2015 7:16:05 AM
What is your favorite venus placement and why?
I haven't seriously dated many different guys so hard for me to say but so far in my experience I'd say my fellow Venus
by TaurusCap323 · 98 replies · updated 7/31/2015 3:30:08 AM
Blue Moon this Friday
A second full moon this month is about to happen, an actual blue moon y'all. With all the current astrology shenanigans,
by liya-b · 4 replies · updated 7/31/2015 2:17:37 AM