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How to tell an Aquarius woman that you're in love with her?
Hope this is not a redundant topic or anything, and I rarely resort to astrology for this advice but I'd be curious to know what people think. Some background: I've known this girl at work for about a year now who I think is in a long distance rel...
Most romantic text you ever received?
Please share some of the most romantic texts you've received (or sent).
Date night - who pays?
So yesterday I was studying while sharing a couple of sixpacks with two of my study partners - a Gemini and a Libra - when the issue of paying for dates came up. We were all fairly tipsy, so the conversation was a bit crazier than depicted here. Gem: "...

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Be you like your opposite sign or dislike it?
My opposite sign is Pisces. And I don't understand/can't relate to them most of the time.
Tiz, Ands and other astro experts....
...could you take a look at this chart please and see what jumps out at you thanks :) [IMG][/IMG]
Gemini mars have sexy ass eyes
sparkle motion why do you guys have to be so sexy and brilliant. My down fall. All the gemini mars men i know have this passionate, sensual look in their eyes that just makes me feel like i wanna swim in their soul...treetrunk.
What were you like as a child? > Enter your birth data > Ctrl+F or Command+F "The Child Report" > Scroll down Pretty interesting, huh? :)
Venus in Scorpio Vs Sun in scorpio
Pls guys do people who have Venus in scorpio have the same traits as people with sun in Scorpio.I have this Sag friend with Venus in scorpio,and she behaves exactly like a real scorpio(sun in scorpio).
What is going on?
I have been having the worst luck lately. Almost like Mercury retrograde but it isn't mercury retrograde now. Everything is falling apart, but work has been ok (knock on wood). Love, family, friendships have been beyond stressful and never able to sus...
weird fears? your sun?
the bottles next to me kept falling into the floor which was a bit creepy and I thought why not pretend nothing ever happened and make thread about weird fears which prove that im not pretending that nothing ever happened. anyway, state your fear slas...