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Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable???

— With which of the three, Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable are you the most sympatico? Please state your sun, moon and venus. I'm a Taurus sun, Aries Moon, Venus in Pisces and relate best to other fixed signs regardless of the element they represent. I believ...

My Future

— I am not hearing many positive things from professional astrologers about my future. Can anyone look at my chart and offer any insight? I'm very discouraged.

Generation of the capricorn stellium of saturn, neptune and uranus

— What is your opinion on this generation?

I love Taurus people but...

— Goddamn...aren't they the dumbest treetrunks ever?

People with as Uranus/Neptune conjunction

— Chat with me. Tell me: -which SIGNS ARE THE CONJUNCTION IN. -Which house(s) they in, in your chart. - Are they part of a stellium in your chart? How are you doing do far this year? For me: - Cap -10th -Yes I'm alive and pluto transiting...

Saturn-Uranus-Neptune conjunct in Capricorn generation

— What you guys think about? I found some interesting reading

Who should the above poster date? Based on their placements!

— Post your charts! I would like to see the actual chart instead of placements, so we can see the various aspects and pattern completion :-)

Uranus & Neptune in 3rd house vs 4th house

— What's the difference?

Rising sign

— Can you tell if I'm Pisces or Aquarius rising?, I have Saturn in Aries in my first house with mars in Libra in 7th