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Astrological Signs of Infidelity For a Man

— across this and curious as to if anyone has been cheated on, if their partner had any of these aspects? It gets pretty detailed. It says it's relating to men, but I wonder if it could apply to women.

Karmic Numbers

— Learning more and more about astrology and I never knew there was so much to it, its like literally a whole different world. I was up listening to music and stumbled upon karmic numbers. So before I decided to dig deeper, what do you guys think about it?...

Murder Mystery. Are you innocent?

— Ignore the fact this is all very cliche, but it's a thunderous dark night. A full moon is among us, wolves howling in the distance, and an invitation for the 12 zodiacs of both genders bring them together to a luxurious mansion. The floors creep, you feel...

Who are some celebrities you find physically appealing and what's their sun/rising(AC) signs?

— I want to test something. 1.) Drake (Scorpio sun/Leo rising) Nicki Minaj (Sagittarius sun/ Aquarius rising) Beyonce (Virgo sun/ Libra rising)

Men would you have sex with a girl while Auntie Flo was visiting? If so what are your signs?

— Ok tabo topic I know. I've had a Cancer man, Scorp Mars and Libra man with Virgo Mars both pull the oh well we can put a towel down business LOL and this was after not knowing them for very long. Do you think they were just desperate for sex or do you thi...
Cancer Lady

The ugly side of all the signs

— My friend sent me this email and I thought it was quite funny. ****Cardinal signs Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, and Libra. The like to compete and see any and everything as a threat and will do anything to steal the spotlight away from someone else. I...

Mutables worst from friends?

— Seem the type to either talk sheet about you behind your back or take your man! I think I'm chilling on mutables

Scorpio and Gemini / need advice / I can take anything

— So my Scorpio & I have been on & off for two years . He confuses the hell out of me . How after 2 years do you not know exactly what someone wants from you ?! I'll start at the beginning so everything is understood . We started off amazing (just talking)...