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The best and worst kind of astrology thread
let's start with the worst: 1. relationship threads 2. read my chart thread with no charts but instead have tables from cafe astrology 3. what is your dominant threads 4. meek mill vs. drake threads the best: 1. threads about other systems an...
What sign is the biggest butter disturber?
Like they genuinely enjoy stirring things up, but not in a mean or malicious way, but more like mischievous.. basically which sign annoys the ones they love, think of that way Example: they'll throw a piece of information at you that is a big deal but...
Calling those with fire Venus AND fire Mars
What do you look for in love? What are your overall goals in love? What is the type of person who could lasso your independent and fiery heart? Not confine you to a box type, but someone who you truly desire and are beginning to love and wouldn't mind bei...
Horoscope of life, help to do with this sth :-(
Hello World, I'm new. By "accident" I came to this .. (sorry for my English, but I have no other choice) He and she (file in attachment) is...
*~* Chiron *~*
The wounded healer Interesting info here ~~ where is yours? ~~ mine is in the 11th in Aquarius
Blood ft. Water
Fellow Pluto in Scorpio citizens...
How much further does the Western Civilization need to culturally decline?
How Sexy Are You? The Astrology of Sexual Power
What are your parents signs?
Do you get along with them? I asked my Aquarius mother today what she thought about me and she said she didn't like
Attraction and the Signs
Which signs are you attracted to? And what do you find intriguing about them? Which signs are attracted to you? And i
Synastry with the angles
My potential mate has a Moon (3 Libra) square Venus (0 Cancer) in his natal chart, I know this is an aspect that signifies never being satisfied or whatever but..... My ascendant is at 2 Libra conjunct his Moon and my midheaven is at 2 Cancer conjunct his...