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Have you ever dated an Asian/Vietnamese or Japanese person?

— I'm curious. I haven't. I generally feel more attracted to non white men but never did anything about it. A few days ago I asked my long time Asian (i think) if he wants to cuddle when we both get off work. We both work long days and love to sleep. Could...

For Scorpio Sun, Moon, and Ascendants..

— Click Link 3:) is the realist sign. They love and hate with all their hearts. They're deep creatures (that's when they're evolved) (This goes for the sign Scorpio in other plants too like Moon and Rising) Wise, Real, Sexy and Hypnotic)

least likely sign to care about money

— I will got with Pisces, yes their too spiritual to care about the materialistic things,another one Virgo, yes they are practical but they can survive with less, they need less and they use their resources for services,

I dont like this Taurus girl- is she affecting me really ? Or is it my imagination?

— Hello, I have been struggling with a weird feeling for this girl. We have known each other since 2008. She has been always a friend of guys that had crush on me. She was the one that mothers people, gives life advices and takes too much care of them, bei...

Cancer vs Scorpio. Get.Set.Fight!

— Both have their powerful pincers. Scorpio has its venomous stinging tail. But cancer has the impenetrable hard shell. Th

Saturn Transiting the 9th house

— Has anyone gone through this or experiencing it at the moment If so, how is it affecting you? Thanks x

the signs humor

— yes i copied this from tumblr, I find it accurate lol

Sex or food on Valentine's Day?

— Which would you pick on Valentine's Day Mind blowing sex or a good meal? **Please post your sun sign**

The most stubborn person you know

— What's their sign and what--specifically--makes them stubborn? (let's try not to go the cliche "I know a Taurus person who..." route) I'll start: My dad is a Leo and he's stubborn in the sense that he won't listen to advice. Like, he just doesn't belie...