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What do you think about the new album of Beyonce

— I think we've never seen beyonce like this is she going nuts ?

Sun in 12th House, bad placement?

— Who has the same placement? :'( So I just read about the meaning behind it and it was not all good. Of course there's a negative side to every placement but the description to this placement seem morbid to me. Like there's a tendency to be an alcoholic an...

Skeptic astrology?

— Is there anything in astrology that you're still skeptical on? Or do you believe everything 100%? It could be anything like compatibility, sign traits you disagree with, Chinese astrology, not everyone believes in cusps etc... I'd like to hear w...

Chiron and Mars

— How does Chiron in your chart aspect your mars? What signs are they placed in? How much do you relate to the descriptions of your aspect? I'm interested in hearing about hard aspects (especially opposition). Did you ever overcome the challe...

Dominant Signature(s)

— I like to point our the diffrences about people, we are all diffrent anyway. Since Dominance is a subject many times (the percentages from pullen report) I proppose you to get you dominant signatures :P Mine (the dominants): Planet: Neptune Sig...

Mercury retrograde...along with 5 other retrograding planets

— Why is this considered borerline-omen? I read that communication is inefficient, electronics/techs mess up, and so on...but in hindsight isn't that a good thing? I feel it breaks down already-weak foundations (I mean, seriously, if connections are going d...

Chart Placements for Mental Illness?

— Are there certain placements that hint to mental illness in someone's chart? What about placements that indicate abuse or othed childhood traumas?

Sun-Chiron and Venus-Chiron

— Does anyone have this? .lf so which house and sign are they in and what do you understand about these aspects? How do you think they affect you?


— Venus is the dominant planet in my birth chart. I was a bit surprised as i thought Pluto would be, be it comes second Is anyone Venus dominant and if so how do you feel about art, music, etc. Is it important in your life and it so, how does it manife...