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by firebunny
Pls return my fleshlight. KTHXBYE
by ToxicSlayers
(Edited/Summarized from the Book of Chetan D Narain which defines me) When you think of a Pisces male recall the Piscean symbol—two fishes. The fishes are moving in opposite directions much like the Piscean mind. This does not mean confusion…it is
by exxtasyx
Are you scared of getting into a relationship with a person who can't sexually satisfy you? I mean, I could always use my hand when they're gone...
by sunkisses26
I looked at this and I thought no way...but I checked a bunch of different website and they all say the same thing.... According to the website of FBI, Cancers are the most dangerous criminals of all signs , followed by Tauruses in the second po
by K_1018
No matter how many times you say "treetrunk off", "leave me alone", "stop bugging", they'll only stop for a short period, then pick back up the next week. Why doesn't "No" mean no?
by iguessthatslife
alt topic: i used to have a windows 8 laptop. so I'm laying there taking a nap. i kinda daze back into reality, and take a look at my laptop screen and see "Upgrading Windows" and i'm not that concerned. because i'm trying to nap. i say "treetrunk it" and
by DMV
Gettin turnt all the way up for Beyonce concert in chicago! Twirl all over these haters!
by Tashibaby
Hi I'm a pisces, Pisces rising, and Pisces moon. who else is a Pisces moon on this site?

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they say thinking out loud is more dangerous than blood sucking leeches
well folks it's time for me to check back to heaven. god is calling. it's been nice. see you all tomorrow.
@dollyluxe treetrunking just like me talking about 'where' ? lmaoo
Good times. ...
the best aspect of touch technology is that mistakes lead you to amazing music
Damn! There's lots of middle east men around. I'm drooling
pre my nigga drake throwing up yg'z
nobody makes it from my ends