Aquarius Men- Detached or Just not Interested?

Okay, so I understand that aquarius men can be detached and aloof, but how can you identify when they are actually not interested?
I've been involved with an aquarius man for a few months. We started off as friends, were hooking up for a short period, but it was cut short over the summer. Now we are back in the same place and I don't know how he feels about going back to what we were beginning to start. He was in a relationship over the summer but has since then ended it. Since we've been back we've been hanging out but there are times when I don't hear from him for few days to a week. I always feel like I'm the one that has to make the effort to hang out, even though he does every once in awhile as well. I tried to talk to him, and asked if everything was cool between us, in a casual way trying to get out how he feels but all he really said, was that yes everything's fine, and that he didn't really know what to say. I feel like I've been chasing this boy for too long and I just need to know if he's just not that interested or is waiting for the right time.
What are sure signs that he's interested, and what's the best way to take things back to the next level if he is in fact interested? I'm a Cancer with a Leo Cusp by the way!
It kind of sounds like he is trying to be your friend like he was before you guys hooked least from this perspective. Plus I have done something like that before had a great friendship that sort of turned into a bit more after words I realized it was fun but I would much rather keep them as a friend. stopped hanging out so much and tried to show them with out telling them in so many words how we would be better off as friends all while hoping it doesn't hurt them. I am not a guy or an aquarius but I have done it.
archipelago- my advice is to stop chasing him!!! just let him do his thing and you do yours and let him come to you. let him make the decisions and let him be the one that allows things to move forward between the two of you. he is still around, so he is clearly interested. and if he says everything is fine, you must trust that.

i am in a very similar situation, however i have been with my aqua for quite some time now and our relationship is a bit more developed. but, regardless of that i am still in the same spot that you are and i am paying for it now. so, i think you need to just take a step back and relax and just *know* that everything will be fine with you two! and start focusing more on yourself and less on him...he will come around.

p.s. i am also a cancer with leo in my chart...
Yes, I suppose I will stop chasing him. It's just so confusing when he acts one way, and then an instant later he acts completely different. I wish I could just know straight out what he feels so I could either move on with my life, or be patient for a while longer. Damn it he fits aquarius in every sense.
i found this on a website about aquas so i thought i would share it will you.

Friendship is so important to him
that you may feel his pals are more
important to him than you are. This
isn`t the case, but can be hard to
cope with at times. Loving an
Aquarius is often frustrating
because they often act aloof and
hard to catch. But as the French
say, the one who suffers greatest
loves the most. You`ll need to
position yourself inside his circle,
and not be on the outside looking
yeah...that's where i have gone wrong. i was way too passive and never spoke up for myself and kept a lot of what i felt inside until i got so drained, please don't do what i did. i am in a really bad place with my aqua right now because of it
oooh yes, how do you think I stay in business ...

*cracks whip*
Over and over and over again, I've probably "walked over" all my lovers - in the NAME of being "different", "special", "Unique" (which I know I am:-)!!) and over and over and over again, I've come back to the core of me which is...rightly or wrongly....I only respect those who have put their foot down immediately, said that's no way me treat me....your behaviour is unacceptable!!!...they set their boundaries and don't move from them....this I have found so most true in the capricorns....every other sign I can wrap them round my little finger!!!.....oooooh you capis:-) - you have got me sussed!!!!....

A x
Alana's back!

I concur wholeheartedly with Alana's post. I tend to do it too...of course in the name of Independence and all that jazz! Its those that I cant control all that easily that get the best of me...but bear in mind they always succumb

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You make it seem as if its all your fault, is it?

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Well the texts must be suspicious then if you dont believe him.
This has been a long arduous relationship, will you be able to walk away if need be?

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