Be careful with Aquarian Men. Please

>>>>>>>>>>>>I've posted and lurked here for years, watching many women come here with their aqua man problems. Wondering whether he is using you, is he as cold as he appears, etc. Unfortunately, Ive dealt with this myself.

>>>>>>>>>>>>This is what an adult aquarius male posted on another site (which has nothing to do with astrology).....

On Manipulating Women"

I know of several young women who are at times desperate for male attention. I've seen these girls go crazy over a guy, put themselves in crappy situations over a guy, and push all of their abandonment issues, daddy issues, and or Electra complexes on to a guy. And because of this I've discovered that it is exceptionally easy to f'k with a girl who is desperate for male attention, not to mention girls with low self-esteem, body image issues, etc.

Now I'm not condoning this type of behavior. It's f'ked up to purposefully use someone's psychological issues as a means to take advantage of them. And what's truly sad is that getting in to a girls head seems like an incredibly easy thing to do, and because of this a lot of guys do it.

So, I kind of want to discuss this issue. Where's the line between manipulation and upping your odds? Have you ever intentionally exploited someone's emotional/mental/etc. problems in such a way? I mean come on...a lot of you are/were dogs or at least your fake azz internet persona is.

So yeah, lets get to it...

>>>>>>>>>>>>>Anyways, he later posted this, after saying above he didn't condone this type of behavior.....

Re: On Manipulating Women..."

Remember how I said I know a bunch of girls with daddy issues...

Yeah I'm in ol' girl's bed right now...she's asleep...

I'm a horrible f'king person...

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ya got that right. Ugh. I mean everyone has issues. You are a liar and are delusional if you think not. But for someone to willfully exploit another person's weaknesses for thier own use is E V I L. And people say scorpios are evil? I have NEVER even considered mind-f*king another person in this manner. Horrible, whether it really is aqua men (Which i think it is, sometimes gemini) or just men in general (Im a man, and im not like this). It's a shame how many unsuspecting people get pulled further into their issues because someone is sitting by smiling and intellectually(upping your odds) orchestrating it.

Cold Hearted.

"I have NEVER even considered mind-f*king another person in this manner" so does that mean you still considered mind-f*ucking another person? Doesn't seem like your any better if your still mind-f*ucking somebody but just not in that matter.
oh sorry, carry on
My version of mindtreetr*nkin is called seduction. And both parties come out on top. Well, not simultaneously.

Anyway, I would never intentionally hurt someone just because I can.
Well, can you read? I did start this off by saying that this was written by an Aquarius. Astrologically speakind, dont Aquarian men also have a reputation for being cold and a tad unfeeling? Using a person's weakness for pleasure is as cold as it gets.
Apology accepted!
While it is true that Aquarius males do have an upper hand when it comes to intellectual prowess and emotional control. it is not true that we use these powers to purposely hurt someone, most times we let the other party know our intentions and simply convince them to join in willingly.

we are a live and let live society

I could speak on Scorpios and how they treat people. like how they manipulate people with their secretive nature trying to keep everything between just the 2 parties " no one has to Know". Scorpios can be trusted with a secret they just don't ever completely trust anyone and think whoever doesn't agree with them is against them.

If I was a complete cynic I would suggest that this Aquarius guy might have been in the bed of someone you are trying to court but since you are being ignored for the Aquarius who understands this persons scars and demons and can speak to them in an intelligent and logical manner regarding these subjects you must now lash out at whatever group this person belongs to just so you feel justified.

but like I said live and let live.

*whistles away to the Sade song*
smooth operator.........
Hey airbender, I'm gay. So no, an aqua didnt take my girl. An aqua was actually my mans. So maybe I'm a little biased.

I do agree with you on that for the most part he was pretty straightforward about what his intentions, with me. However, I don't think he was as straightforward with his childs mother about his relationship with me.

And u say scorpios keep secrets?
LOL well no accounting for gender preferences when speaking about relationships.

so do you still feel mind effed by this guy or do you have a little more insight?

I guess we all keep secrets you guys are just the grand masters at it, hey not mad at you I have a good friend who is a Scorpio and that is one of the qualities i enjoy most about them.
Airbender, I definitely have much more insight. A person can only do what you allow them to. However, love can sometimes be illogical. It took a while for me to see that he was the only person benefitting from this. Everyone else involved was being used IMO.

Star, but do you think downlow always equals selfish just like me?

IMO, a person can be private about their sexuality(downlow) and STILL be monogamous. If your with a woman, be only with that woman, and vice versa with a man. Or, let ALL parties know what their dealing with. But my friend's viewpoint was that because he liked both, he should have one of each. That, I cannot agree with.

Cappy, the reason I said this about aqua men was because of my own, and friends' personal experiences with them, and also, their astrological reputation as cold. What that guy wrote just kind of fit into all that. I only wanted to open discussion and maybe give a heads up to this type of thing.
funny, the forum changed "w h * r e" to "just like me". I'm not DL I would never ruin a woman or kids life.
Dang, what is your problem just like me? See just like me? Turn your language filter off silly just like me?
Your man mustve been one of my he-btches. Maybe that's why u tryna come for me.
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