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Just curious.. are you afraid of showing public display of affection? Eg holding hands, stroking, kissing, being playful, hugging.. you know, all that cutesy stuff? Do you find it uncomfortable? Enjoy it? >>
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There might just be times where I can't keep my hands off you. Especially if you seduce me subconsciously even in public!
It depends on the frame of mind. If I am into you, nothing can stop the affection from flowing. Too difficult to contain.
My guy doesn't seem to mind holding hands or walking arm in arm as long as its not too much. I mean, he doesn't want someone clinging on him for hours at a time. He also doesn't mind a quick hug and peck of a kiss in public, but I don't think he'd appreciate a big wet sloppy kiss - that's what the bedroom is for!
In my experience, Aqua men, if they have a real interest in you, they are surprisingly affectionate- many hugs (cuddling too), sitting on their lap, arm on your back to guide you, intertwining their hands with yours, kiss on forehead etc. It takes me a back, as a Scorpio that is, unexpected but nice.
Posted by TheLadyScorpio
arm on your back to guide you

I love that! It feels so protective.
Posted by truecap
Posted by TheLadyScorpio
arm on your back to guide you

I love that! It feels so protective.

Me too. They are affectionate but not so much so like the typical water sign, there is a slight sense of possessiveness in the Aqua that I knew. It is adorable though, they might seem rather awkward and not 100% comfortable in expressing the emotions within said actions but you can sense the sincerity in it, damn sexy I say!
my aqua seems to be pretty darn affectionate from the get-go, private or public.. strangely especially more-so in certain cases in public, like waiting in lines or at cashiers (lots of back rubbing, but lots of kissing on the head and lips and all that), which makes me feel a tad uncomfortable considering I'm not used to a very showy amount of PDA..
Love the affection and touchiness though but I just feel awkward when getting tons of stares when taken up a couple notches
absolutely NO PDA!!! annoys the butter out of me being around ppl who wanna suck face and do the cute flirty thing....its not cute it just gets on everyones frikkin nerves and is rude and inconsiderate...I'm a smoker and I dont situate myself in government buildings or shopping malls or affect everyone with my habit. People who show PDA are totally blind sighted to the world around them. what if someone was to trip on a couple making out in park?? only then may they even consider taking it back to their place.....I would not be so against it if half the ppl who PDA weren't just showing off how amazing their relationship is ....or feel the need to let everyone know how into each other they are by making out in public and making a big treetrunking spectacle of it.......I work with two old married ppl and two young married ppl.....I have never met the spouses of the older married couple......but the two younger married peoples i work with....their husband/wife comes into work to see them without fail ever day....the guy, his wife comes in like a mum checking up on a kid from preschool.....the girl , her husband comes in like a love sick puppy dog....and its treetrunking annoying when they have to kiss each other or go to the other side of the shop where no one thinks they are there so they can make out and do the cute thing....its so unprofessional, and I find it weak and superfluous to do it........its better to go throughout the day without touching each other and let it build up till when u get into bed......there u go theres some aquarian wisdom right there
I love being affectionate in public
Hated PDA when I was with my Aries ex for six years. I thought I was just not an affectionate person in general. That was also the reason why we broke at the end. I was tired of his complaints and he was tired of begging for my affection like a puppy. I also hated that he tried to do PDA all the time. But now I'm with my taurus bf. I always want to hold hands (nothing more though, maybe a peck on the cheek occasionally). I think that's why they say playing hard to get can catch aqua's attention and interests. My bf is quite quiet with a poker face. I like making him smile, that's like a new wonder of the world.
Holding hands and peck on cheek, in public, I mean. Passionate when we're in bedroom :-)
No PDA here. Holding hands, little kisses are ok but anything else is for behind closed doors. I like having my 3 foot invisible bubble around me

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