The BEST way to Piss an Aquarian Woman off

1. They hate being smothered. They hate it when their partners can't keep their hands off of them. Yes, Aquarians are affectionate just like everyone else, but feel that it is uncessecary for their partners to over-do things on the affection tip.

2. THEY HATE IT WHEN SOMEONE CAN'T HOLD A CONVERSATION WITH THEM. When talking to an Aquarious woman, ask questions about them, show them that you are trying to get to know them. Don't just sit there & allow the Aquarian woman to dominate the conversation because in the end, an Aquarian woman will feel like you can't keep up with her & she will drop you very quickly.

3. DO NOT GIVE AN AQUARIAN WOMAN ANY REASON TO NOT TRUST YOU OR BELIEVE YOU. Aquarian women are already hard to break open. Once they've allowed you inside of their heart it is ESSENTIAL that you continue to be sincere & honest with them. They rarely give their heart to anyone & when they actually do, you better make sure you do the right thing with it because if you don't, and they find out, they'll never forgive you & will always feel foolish for letting you in (which will cause a never-ending resentment towards you).

4. NEVER TRY TO FORCE YOUR OPINION ON AN AQUARIAN WOMAN. Aquarious are known for being very stubborn, and with fixed opinions. They love to talk & share ideas but for the most part, with most matters they've already got their minds made up. If you clearly show you are in disaggreance with an Aquarian woman, that's ok, but the minute you try to put them down or force your opinions on them, you're playing with fire!
1,3 and 4 is dead on...2 pisses me off only because if I like the person and they have the mind of Homer Simpson he's then forced me to make the decision to leave him alone and dayum he was so fine but dumb as rocks and that jus pisses me off lol.

You're absolutely right. We, Aquarians love to talk & immediately express our opinions. It drives us freakin CRAZY when our new interest is too quiet or acts like you're asking them for a million dollars instead of holding a conversation. Communication is EVERYTHING to an Aquarious. We are mostly turned on by INTELLECTUAL compatibility more than physical chemistry.
Right on, Tiki. Right on. HATE THAT!
I went through that with another aqua...He has some intelligence, but not much. He's also not very open-minded, which is an automatic NO NO. Fine, he is though
Funny I met an Aqua thru a friend, we all had a light lunch, I hear women on DXP talk about Aqua man's looks but honestly I never meet many Aqua men lemme tell ya this man (caucasion) this guy put the F in Fine, my blood pressure went up, I swear I was sweating beads on forhead LOL! The light bulb went on, this is why women love Aqua men, he had thick curly hair, nice body, tall whoooooooooooo, that was a really nice lunch although I didn't get any food in my mouth...woweeeeee.

He wasn't dumb as rocks thank God, my friend pulled a nice one, I had to give her kudos lol
Tell them they have big heads.
Oh, and tell them they smell like sweaty feet. Not the good kind but the bad kind. The Athlete's foot and foot fungus kind not the pedicure kind.
Why is everyone trying to piss off Aqua women? :p
Aqua women dont get much love5 round these here parts.

I have yet to meet an ugly aqua. I know they exist, I also know ALOT of aquas.
Alot of people think Aquarian women are detached & unemotional but that is not true. If anything we are the MOST SENSITIVE. It's just that we express our pain inwardly, and not outwardly for everyone to see. When I get my heart broken by a guy, I cry in the dark & still smile when I'm around everyone else so they always say, "Man, you are so cold-hearted. You have no emotions. Why are you not crying out loud like the rest of us?" And it's like Oh trust me, I cry, I still feel pain & I still feel what everybody else is feeling, it's just that we have a way of living through intellect, not emotions which others can't sometimes confuse with being unemotional.
Wow...okay, that was so true for me. Maybe I am more Aquarian than I previously thought! I dismissed most descriptions, because I am anything BUT detached- super sensitive, superproud, can always put up a solid front when I'm hurt.
And I hate it when people cannot hold a conversation with me, and I really hate it even more when they don't listen or pretend to- I can ALWAYS tell!
And I agree- intellectual compatibility always leads to fireworks for Aquarian women. Its my number precursor to sex, hands down. Foreplay is...deep conversation, real communication.
Mamaquilla...You are so RIGHT about the sexual aspect of it!!! I love to cuddle & feel loved when it's time to feel loved, but during a regular & random day, it's like Geesh, don't touch me. I love sex more than most Aquarians I know, but I think it's twice as pleasurable when someone can stimulate my brain & my mind. That type of mental attraction will keep my flame for that other person alive more than the actual act of sex will!
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