When are Aqua's ready to settle down...

9/22/2008 1:41:28 AM
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So we had a little argument about something last week Friday, so anyway that evening before some friends came over for dinner we discussed it. Fortunately neither of us rant and rave and have therefore never had a fight per se, we sit and debate, discuss etc. So during this discussion he told me that he doesn't want to mess things up between us (it wasn't that serious a fight actually), that he considers me his girlfriend and respects me as such and that he was so scared of loving me in the beginning because it hurts so much for him when a girl he loves leaves him. I think it was his way of saying give me a chance at this, and please don't just up and go it'll hurt a lot.
So anyway the frieinds get there and as usual they start their banter about the two of us being a perfect couple and marriage etc. etc.
So he repeats to them a little convo we'd had earlier about me earing the money and him being the house man, but starts it off by saying, "so as you guys know LA and I are settling down now, so we've decided she'll go out to work every morning....". Later on in the evening, he even mentioned something about when LA has my kids...(shyte he NEVER speaks about marriage, kids or settling down unless he's way past the half-way mark on the Tequila bottle!! and this time he was sober!!). So I go inside to make salads etc. and the guys are outside having a little discussion, but I know it's about Aqua and myself because the two friends are like little (one of the two men, we met through my Aqua, and I are pretty close of late and fond of each other). So the one I'm closer to comes inside and says LA I think your Aqua will marry you and smiles.
Now this is strange, because I've been married before (no kids fortunately and it was short lived) and they all know I'm a little against getting married in a hurry again. I will in time but I'm not that keen on talking about it and stuff.

Could this be that my Aqua is starting to settle down in his life??? And that perhaps he sees a future for us??? Our way of living is sometimes like a married old couple and could it be that he likes this?
9/22/2008 1:45:48 AM
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Oh and just for fun....
I have a Cap girl friend who is looking for the perfect man (she's nuts but anyway), my Aqua and I are talking about it and he says welll what exactly is it she wants, so I start counting off, she wants a man who cooks for her, helps clean the house, runs her a bath, puts her clothes next to the fire in winter, brings her a drink whenever she needs one, earns more than her....so he sits there, smiles at me says, "well then LA you have the perfect man".
And it dawned on me, that she wants exactly what I've got. He does all of that and more. And me being so wrapped up in my own world I sometimes take him for granted.
9/22/2008 1:46:12 AM
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Sorry just thinking out loud and wanting to share my happiness.
9/22/2008 9:35:30 AM
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gemini stars

from Miami, FL  

Well, from my understanding, Aquarians (and men in general) don't seem to talk much about marriage unless they're serious about it. Not that it seems he wants to marry you tomorrow, but it does seem like he is looking towards a future with you. That's amazing. =) There are times when men talk about marriage way too soon, and it always makes me skeptical. For example, my best friend has been seeing this guy for only a month and he's already told her he loves her and wants to marry her. I don't know, but for some reason it raises a red flag with me and makes me wonder if he's trying to trap her. Plus, she's also using him as a rebound and I'm not sure she completely realizes it.

However, if you have a good man, try to never take him for granted. I know it may be easy to do if you've been together for quite some time, but if you notice yourself taking him for granted, think of how wonderful he can be and how you enjoy being with him. I know that strategy works for me at times...coming from someone who once had an amazing boyfriend and completely took him for granted.
9/23/2008 3:20:31 AM
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Yeah I get you Gemini Stars.....I do need to show some appreciation - especially since I'm so quick to point out when he's taken me for granted and he's so quick to then apologise.
Two sides to every story I suppose....