Aries cheaters?

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On the outside I'm rather strong, resist

Why does everyone assume that Aries cheat?

I'm in a relationship and it always seems that Im either in a relationship or dating. I am a completly faithful women but there have been moments in my life where my courage and strength was weak and I did stray from the men I was seeing but only twice and I'm proud of the fact that I didn't lie about it, I actually came forward myself and admited to it right after my slip up.

I've known so many people who've all said "Aries are cheaters" as if lol its just our thing and we're prone to cheating or being unfaithful in one way or another.

I know Aries love attention, love being seen, specially heard but does that get the better of them. Is one persons love not enough for an Aries male or female?

WHO is prone to cheating more Aries Female or Aries Male?

Personally, I've known some pretty scummy Aries men and not once did I ever fall for their romantic trickery but I have watched them and they sure do know how to hussle.

As for Aries women I think they are too possesive to every allow a man to cheat or for themselves to cheat. THey are too busy keep tabs on the man lol
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just because there are bad apples in every basket it does not mean that all apples are bad!
i for one have never cheated on the woman that im with...have i been tempted? heck yeah!
but never acted on it, its just seems so wrong and low and back stabbing that person
i like to live my with this philosophy "do to others like you want done to you"
but im not innocent too, ive placed more than friendly kisses on the lips with other women than my own but it was always in a play full manner and it always stopped there ( no they were not long passionate kisses just quick lip to lip but hot nonetheless )
i actually told my ex when i was breaking up with her (virgo) that im not happy and am afraid to be tempted to cheat and being able to stop my self since i dont feel the love thats why is better if we split up....honest? yes.......blunt and cold? yes but true
now if some one wants to cheat on their lover with me i have little less hang ups about that but do try to stay away from this kind of situations since once i got involved with a married woman and got walked in on by my MOTHER! butter! lol
than she gives me a tearful speech how her husband (my dad) was cheating on her........that was a major turning point in my life as far as getting involved with the wrong women, but since i like to live on the edge...who knows could happen again but ill be more careful this time, lol
hey its not me cheating,its the other person so im in the clear and my continence is clean
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Since this is all about Zodiac Junk, her

Eh I know my ex is a disgusting cheater. Its not necessarily that she means too. SHe's addicted to love, and doesn't care who will love her long as someone does. Her smug attitude about cheating makes me want to snap her neck. Damn anti-violence laws. Although I know an aries male, and he seems to be fairly loyal, i'm very good friends with his wife and he himself.
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Since this is all about Zodiac Junk, her

o forgot to mention my ex is an aries. a monkey/aries.
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