Aries in Bed?

just curious as to what aries are like in bed?

So far I've had two it starts off like it's going to be amazing, and then just as we're getting started they're done real fast! (lots of talk and they usually dont recover quick or at all!)
Is this a pattern with all of them? I've heard great reviews about the women but none about the men.

LoL so its not just my two its most of them aughhh they seem like they got so much potential but they never stay long enough!! LOL
This surprises me - I would have thought they would be the type to want take as long as possible to extensively treetrunk your brains out.

Maybe you have just struck a couple of duds?
It all seems most un-Arian. Sex is one of our special subjects.
My Aries lover is the most intense and passionate man i
ever had sex with...

He is very masculine, very urgent and keeps it going for
a very long time, this may be due to his moon in Scorpio

My 5 planets in Scorpio :O and Aries rising appreciates
him very much. After 2.5 years of our love affair i am
still "nervous and excited" to see him :O

*gets down on knees and gives thanks to the heavens"

He is so HOT!

x x
Aries in bed are hot hot hot! You just got a dud. It happens with all men.
It definitely a timing thing from my point of view. When everything is right and relaxed it can be going on passionately and then if things be rushed like a definitely quicky kinda situation say the coat room at a party it can be fast and then over.

All in all, I hope every has good sexual experiences
I have never had such an intense sexual experience as i
do with my aries lover....he is the only one who has ever
"got"me sexually and otherwise. It is intense and profoundly
deep, somewhat on the edge and very loving. My other lovers
werent really able to tame me

Often i say to him "this feels like a scene from a Swedish
erotic film"


I am so enjoying him!

I had an aries boyfriend for 5 years. He was always animalistic. He went after my body like it was the most smoking thing on the planet. It was always passionate but a little too hard for me. He was fast more times then not. We would go maybe 2-3 rounds but it was always super fast and short-lived. He used to even reach climax by me licking his nipples only! He got VERY excited easily. If I had to do it all again, I wouldn't. He was too quick and too determined.
It is great! be open to anything and let your sexual inhibitions go!
The Aries man I know is in no way quick..maybe because he is venus in taurus but anyhow..they can put it on you if you want it.
Venus in Taurus is very sensual isnt it?

The guy i am with is venus in aries, but has lots of scorpio stuff which
probably sloooooows him down. he moves very quickly, but takes his time
when making love. he is generally speaking very restless and somewhat

The popular view seems to be Wham Bam Thank You Mam.

Of course, now that i started this post, i've realised that my Venus in Aries may not do me any favours.

Oh well.
Posted by PeriThePiscesKing
I have Aries Venus.

Ever get that 'agggggggh i want what's mine NOW!' feeling?
Posted by gem0609
Aries in bed are hot hot hot! You just got a dud. It happens with all men.

in that case i think i got two Lol. this is the second one its happened with o.O

one was moon in Pisces
Second was moon in Libra o.O
though my ex virgo (aquarius moon) with Aries Rising was quite amazing.

I did notice i get the best when their moon is in aquarius.
though my actual aquarius did top the others slightly.
buuut then gemini came along and just beat them all.
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