Aries man; Scorpio woman

My experience so far (over the course of a few months)...

He is absolutely the most masculine man I've ever been with, totally unafraid of anything or anyone, very chivalrous, almost to the extreme (old-fashioned, almost)...extremely talented at anything he likes doing, incredibly sexual (not even a scorpio I was with could match my drive or truly satisfy me like my aries!) - in fact I would say the sex is a kind of sex I've always wanted and never thought's unbelievable....anyway, he's very intelligent, always keeps things interesting, and many other wonderful things. The only slight trouble we've come across would be jealousy (his and mine, but mainly mine)...we've only had one big fight since we began dating, and we always work things out super fast, so that's good. But it's definitely hard, each one preferring to control the other (lol) and whatnot. It takes a lot of maturity from each of us to keep a handle on that. I have noticed that also he'll say or do things "in the heat of the moment" (and I don't just mean sexually, sometimes if we're drunk, or after sex, or what have you) that he later analyzes and feels the need to modify, which slightly annoys me...Im like, just say what you mean and leave it the way you said it, I liked it the first time. lol. He has recently hinted that he thinks I'm "the one", and then always follows it up with, "so I'm ready. But I'm also scared".'s the one area of life he will actually admit being scared about.

I wonder what that really means...he did once tell me that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. He hasn't said it since, but, can those words be trusted, do you think?

Does anyone have any insight into this astrological pairing? It's wonderful, in so many ways, but so on fire it could easily combust, I definitely am aware of that. But, god, is it firey!!!
Hi Phoenix!

Well....looks like you and Mr. Aries finally made it together! Awesome! (I sorta knew ya would )

As you know, I am an Aries woman and I suppose my thinking is a bit different. If you desire for can make it work. Yes, if an Aries man says you are "the one" he means it. We do NOT say words unless we mean them and I think deep in your heart, you know that to be true. However, if you are doubting him...hmmm....perhaps there is a reason for it?

Control issues - I think this is common between the two signs ....nothing that cannot be worked out by communicating. You guys are a "work in progress" enjoy the journey - grow, learn, laugh, grow some more, change, be, do it ALL If both people in the relationship are willing to grow and work together, and make it FUN - then how much more exciting can ya get? I give this relationship a 10 out of a 10 (I'm in a passionate mood!)

Try not to compare your relationship with two are the same - you are "unique"

I was just thinking....I have a girlfriend who is a Scorp..yeah, I know it is in her nature to want to be in control...she has learned to compromise with me - now with her husband? (Libra)let's just say, she rules that roost!
My parents are Aries and Scorp, male and female respectively. They have these tales of a great start but in later years are quite incompatible. My father is a genius. He went to college at 14. Like all Aries had an ability to rise in roles, but lacked a certain quality to achieve goals requiring more than hard work. I think the failure to live up to their own legend and mutual stubborn qualities led to further stress. My parents did create good minded/intelligent children w/good values (sometimes "by reverse example"). They stayed together for us and because in the end they only had each other. Advice. If you want it to work you'll have to communicate. Learn to shrug and say that's okay when things are much less than perfect. Always play on the same team. Strive for mutual benefit and betterment. Lastly, accept one another. Personal experience says give yourselves time to go through the bad stuff now and learn the lessons. You won't repeat your mistakes and it won't be a stain on 'the deeper relationship.'
I am a Scorpio female with Aries male..have been talking for 4 months, dating for a month...Its brilliant so far..he's everything I want in a man and he gives that kind of feeling where you glow from the inside..that warm fuzzy feeling. Its been a while since anyone made me feel that way..(I am cringing as i write this cos its soooo not like me) but I know he's defo the one for me..and he's said those words too "I could see myself spending the rest of my life with you"..etc etc...I don't think he would say that unless he meant it..come to think of it, he doesn't say anything he doesn't mean..waaaaay too blunt, direct, straightforward for that..what you see is DEFO what you get.

He has 0 tolerance levels for stupidity (same as me), quick to lose his temper (same as me), quick to forgive (similar..I tend to hold grudges for a a minute longer)...if I feel anything he says is wrong, I would tell him and we discuss the issue and its pretty much dealt with...if he gets annoyed at something, I just laugh it off, lifes too short to take it seriously...He loves my chilled out, laid back attitude towards things..Has never really given me a reason to be jealous, I trust him (which is very rare for me so early on) its looking pretty damn good..

Roxi knows another Scorp/Aries couple that have been together for a long time and she herself was with an Aries for 20 years..

So all I can say to the astrologers if BIG FU!
If you are both mature, thick-skinned, ambitious, fun, communicative, its the next big thing to heaven..
It's always good to have a bit of humour on the Aries board - thanks for stopping by Branh

You Virgo's just have this off the wall sense of humour that is so darn attractive!

thumbs up to you "B"

We are over. He has totally destroyed me and broken my heart. If I recover someday I will post more about it.

It's awful.

We are over. He has totally destroyed me and broken my heart. If I recover someday I will post more about it.

It's awful.
Oh dear..Sorry to hear that
Thanks you guys.

Yeah it's been the week from hell...honestly I am too upset and heartbroken and furious and crazy right now to even post about it, it's just going to put me in a darker place than I already am and the less thought I give to him right now the better. But I will absolutely post about this soon, because it's the most shocking, painful end I've ever experienced...and he didn't even cheat on me, he just decided...he didn't really love me.

You will emerge from it win some you lose him....just don't lose your self worth over it..nobody is worth that...
Thank you! I will, I will, I will emerge stronger...another inspiring mantra I will rely on every day to make it through this.
Now now...hun..I hate those mantras as well..but you just do get over it..well I do anyway..not sure about anyone else..most scorpios I know weep for years, I just don't understand that..why waste so much energy over someone..

my one (aries) has gone to join the US military..we'd only been together 4 months..was in a perfect career as do you think i feel?...but have to keep going...I miss him like crazy but the selfish bastard has to do that, so be it..can't do anything about it..
so if i act like a selfish bastard.........women will miss me??
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