Aries do they act?

7/6/2011 2:26:43 PM
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my aries ex wants to hang out with me this weekend...we broke up 5 months ago...we left off on good terms but i havent seen him ever since we've broken up...what i should i expect from hanging out with an aries ex? how do they act when they are with their ex? do they act friendly, flirty, cold etc...thanks! im a libra by the way.
7/6/2011 2:48:34 PM
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Strangely connected Scorpio

Why dont you just ask him what he wants...rather than speculating?

Honesty and clarity are the most important things, or else you might end up playing a guessing game and who wants that?

Good luck!
7/6/2011 2:56:13 PM
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Ok but before I ask him, I would like to know how do they act??
7/6/2011 2:57:51 PM
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We broke up because he's going to medical school in the Caribbean for 6 yrs starting September. I live in NY. We both decided that its best to end things bc we both cant do long distance relationships.
7/6/2011 10:07:38 PM
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Dumpy Old Fart

I would guess he will be friendly and as nice as he can be. It is unclear to me why you two are getting together, but I do think that if he were not more or less pleased with the prospect of spending some time with you he would have been making excuses to not be there.
7/6/2011 10:33:02 PM
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tall dark and aries

29 years old male from the rusty planet."I can be soft spoken, but I carry a big stick and find honor in such, balancing

He'll act the way that he acts. I wouldn't worry too much about it if you guys really broke up on good terms, I doubt he'd be any different from last time.