Aries men vs.Self Centeredness

I get so worn out sometimes over the world revolving around my Ram. I mean don't get me wrong he pays the house note and the bills, but when it comes to providing for me emotionally, I feel empty sometimes. We share conversation all the time but it seems like they never touch on the relationship. We talk alot but it feels like we never touch the core. Is it common for the Ram to whisk pass the emotional depth of a relationship? I love the way he is with me like when he jumps on top of me and begins to give me a 101 crazy kisses all over my face, but sometimes I just want him to give me one soft gentle one. I know he is playful and I'd never want to take that away from him because that's what makes me losen up.... but do the Ram men show their affection through ruff love most of the time?

For example...he always wants me to oraly please him..and i don't mind but it's always him first then me or sometimes not me just him. I told him no last night when he asked me because i haven't had my turn yet. He always wants to be first in all matters and most situations. SOmetimes I get a little upset with having to be on the back burner or to step aside while he takes the lead. I love him to death and I know he loves me, but i want to be pampered sometimes too.
Sorry ....CORRECTION... it should be "Aries men vs. Self Centerdness"
Yes Roxi that's me
Naked waiting for him??? Yep that sounds like my Ram. When he is ready you'd better be ready too. I don't mind the oral sex at all it's just that when you give and give and give... (and I give because i show how much I care) then I want the same back in return. I have no boundaries in the bedroom so he gets full pleasure of whatever...but I think i might have spoiled him....
Yes, they are self-centered and very selfish. They dont give, you must demand and take from them.
thank you sweets. and yes its is.
Damn .. nice arse

** stands in line behind Roxi **
Yes, damn fine bag....
"Yes, they are self-centered and very selfish. They dont give, you must demand and take from them."

Lady M thatz not exactly the case but yes, U have rightly nailed the symptoms. Itz just that we don't understand and U have to speak it out. Nonetheless people shudn't be allowed to get away with this excuse of being ignorant ( because thatz selfish ) - there has to be an effort to assimilate.
I do believe the Aries men have good intentions. I know my hubby is always helping out and fixing things that are broken around the house. His heart is good and in the right place it's just that I don't quite understand how to get what I need....

There is no doubt in my mind that he loves me.
I don't know your Aries hubby, but what seems to work with a lot of men in general is to tell them how "GREAT" they are at whatever it is that you want. I know it's hard to do when you're tired & frustrated and just want them to do something for *YOU* for once, but it seems to work better than anything else.

IE: I love it when you give back rubs! You give the BEST massages in the world!
In the bedroom - I love it when you get me off first! It makes me want you even more.

It seems like most guys tune out when you complain or nag. Sometimes even when you're asking for something for yourself. But they usually tune in if you're talking about them. Especially if you're saying something about them that they want to hear....
Don't always give in to what they ask for. Why should you? Does your Aries man? No, didn't think so. So, to capture his attention, be mysterious. Pull away from him for a bit, wait for him to come to you. And he will, like the little puppy he is
Are you sure your sign is not 90 degrees square to his. If its not , there's still hope. But if it is, you have a difficult relationship aspect. And if you are born in the first decan of Capricorn, its even harder,becuase thats the purest type.
like my sister is a first decan type Cap and I find her to be like a rock.
no i was born in the third decan. and i'll have to check the degree. I've always been told by everyone that they can't believe i'm a Cap because I'm so different from the normal Cap. But I have a Sag rising too. I hate to be in the house doing nothing, I always have to be on the go and there are other things that I don't do or do that are not in line with the norm of a Cap.
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