Aries men, when hurt . ignore you?

Do they give
1)the silent treatment? (to punish/lick his wound/expecting you to do whatever it takes to get them back)
2)Tell you they're angry / hate you & tell you to stop contacting them?
3)or just disappear for good?

Had first argument with bf last saturday (2-3days back).(or was it just MY first argument with him). Happened in the car & at his place before we were about to leave. I was fuming inside, but he was fine & still wanted to hold my hand...but I pulled my hand, I looked at his face & he was surprised+hurt).I was the one who went emo. but I did hurt his feelings with what I'd said.. at his place and in the car. He spoke calmly and got even more calm when I wasn't calm. Then when I interrupted him & didn't let him speak, he just kept quiet & let me speak (wowwwww! hello I was expecting a reaction! but nothing! I'm still learning about him, so this is something new).

I looked at his face when he was driving & he looked hurt(but tried to look fine). When we've reached and I was about to leave, I asked if he was ok.
He answered softly 'yes...I just don't see why you should turn aggressive..that was rude'
me : cos I wanted to be rude
him : why?
me : I looked into his eyes and said "cos I dont care about u"
He looked hurt (arghh I feel so bad now)

Took my bag & quickly got out of the car. He said "thank u". I stopped and said thank u for sending me home..without looking at him. I didn't kiss & hug him (like we usually did, that was the first time I did that). He drove off slowly.

Now before you think Im crazy & a drama queen, I didn't argue for nothing. & I didn't argue like a crazy woman yelling and all. Perhaps raised my voice a little at some point. I was hurt about something & I can't tell you what it is.

So I sms-ed him last night apologizing & explained why I reacted that way(cos he didnt know why I was angry). He's been quiet till now. He always respond to my messages, but since this is the first argument, I don't know how he handles it. I haven't called him (afraid that he'll reject the call - that hurts!) & thinking if I call one day & he rejects it perhaps I should go to his office or home to apologize. Is that a good idea or will that scare him off? should I leave him alone for now?
when i'm hurt i don't usually show it. i don't see the point of making a huge display of my hurt feelings or anger over trivial sh$t (and most things that people get upset about on a day to day basis are trivial lol).

your bf probably felt the need to stay calm because you were doing the exact opposite. cuz when women are being hysterical the last thing you wanna do is add more fuel to the us aries dudes we don't really deal with hysterical women lol we'll try to make the effort to understand why you're upset but if it becomes over the top, we'll just stand there and be like ".............." lol and not know what to do lol

i dont know what happened that made you so upset and you said you won't tell us so i guess we'll never find out but i think your bf knows that you obviously didn't mean those things you said to him. he's probably just trying to give you some space. i think he'll really appreciate your effort to apologize to him for the meltdown lol but i don't think he's that bothered by it. we don't get butthurt over nothing and i don't think this was a big deal. i wouldn't be hurt.
Depends on whose fault it was. If my man knows he was in the wrong he will apologize quickly. He'll try anything to get on my good side again (buy me flowers, take me out to dinner, call and text me all day long telling me how sorry he is and that he'll make it up to me ect)

But if he is so convinced that the fight wasn't his fault, he will act like I'm the crazy cookiemonster for being upset over nothing.

I also agree with what the dude above me said. Aries men don't do hysterical cookiemonsteres and the way you handled your anger was sort of immature.
You said you don't care about him. Obviously you do if you are here asking questions and said you were sorry to him. Aries are straightforward guys. If you said that just because you wanted to get a reaction out of him then you're messing with the wrong sign. Also that tells him you don't know what you want because you say one thing and act another way. No wonder he's gone silent.
I havent had many relationships and even in my pseudo relationships I wouldnt even tell someone I care about that I dont care about them, i think thats taking it too far. Had someone said that to me I would be thinking in the back of my mind that you really dont care and im not sure how I would handle that, id prolly go silent to, until you prove you actually do care.
If the person I was dating looked me in the eyes and told me pointblank 'I don't care about you', I would be sooooo hurt. I don't think I would ever talk to that person You shouldn't say things like that even as a joke... But then again I have Cancer moon and Pisces Mars so I'm really sensitive lol

Hmmm, looks like the perfect trifecta of Aries no no??s.

1) You freak out on him, and refuse his touch (Think don't touch me you pathetic piece of crap here)
2) You tell him you were rude just to be rude (Think I am being as hurtful as I can be here)
3) You told him you didn??t care for him (Think get out of my life, I never want to see you again here)

You did all of these things within what seems to have been a very short time. You were absolutely devastating. He will not trust you any more, nor should he. All he wants from your right now is lots and lots of space. You have probably come as close to actually destroying this one human being without actually shooting them as you could have possibly come.

You intended your abuse to be as hurtful as possible, and you seem to have succeeded, now pay the price.
LOL...WOW. Someone only have ONE time to tell me they don't care. I am done.
Thank you for the response all.
Couldn't update earlier. The day after I posted this I messaged him again & was so sure that he won't reply.
He did reply promptly! but he was soooo distant + no terms of endearment. 2 days after when I called him (I thought he won't pick up) & told him that I wanted to meet him last weekend he got surprised, & asked if I was sure about wanting to see him again, because he thought I didn't want to meet him anymore ( ha? hello)

To make it short, we met..went for a movie(he kept on kissing my head while were watching aww),lovely dinner,told me he missed me so much, went back to his place and....well it was the best night. He apologized if I was hurt/upset & later that night told me that he loves me more & I apologized too(again). What, was I dreaming?! I said hurtful things that night(not cursing ok) but he still loves me? hmmp

jesse: Thx I thought Aries don't stay calm...first time being with an Aries heh
crimeofpassion :thx, but I wasn't screaming or acted in a hysterical manner =)
happykit : When I said I did not care about him at that moment, I really meant it..thx
bkbella: Agreed. I would too...I was surprised he replied when I contacted him & still wanted to see me.
loner : I meant what I said, but I know...I shouldn't have said that. ergh the mars in scorpio - but I did not tell you guys what made me do that,I was hurt about somethg.
dofacc : so right! I thought he will ignore me for at least a month...or dump me? but he did not!! something is not right lol.
Love: =)
glad things worked out

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