Calling all Aries Males...

Tell what qualities, characteristics, and attributes you look for in an ideal mate. What are some turn-ons and turn-offs?
something i'm searching for:

A girl who can keep up with me. Someone who i can adore and give some body-massage from time to time. A girl who isn't scared to dominate at some times. A girl who have a rough personality.

Turn- ons: Red clothes .Caring character. Red hair. Charming.
Turn offs: haven't experienced turn-offs
Good looking, cooperative, easy going yet adventurous, and not a cookiemonster.
Do you Aries guys stare a lot?
Smoking is a major turnoff! Most everything else is a turnon
Well, if Aries guys are somewhat like solitas777, I understand the Aries guy in my case. I fit everything minus the long hair.


"not at scorpio women if they know what's good for them."

LOL. Or maybe they know it's good for them to stare at scorpio women.
I love it how you all like red clothes. I have to remember that if I ever want to snag an Aries guy.
"Turn- ons: Red clothes .Caring character. Red hair. Charming."

My aries wants me to dye my hair red ((lol)) and when I ask him what I should wear, he always replies "something red".

Oh yes he loves long hair as well.
" sexy underwear"like what? thongs for men?
spare me, for pities sake!
"Yes,aries guys love thong underware on a woman!"

I can attest to that

Turn ons: Great smile, confident but not arrogant,spontaneous, good-hearted, easygoing, fun, not too high-matinence, feminine but not too "girly"

Turn-offs: Manipulative, irresponsible, disrespectful, pretentious, attention just like me, too introverted
Not coming down on Aries but they do like most of the attention. So, of their mate likes attention too, well, let's just say the mate is most likely the loser.
"A girl who isn't scared to dominate at some times". I find this interesting Boyfromutrecht. I do wonder if many Aries men secretly like to be dominated. I know they do like fantasy and role play. They are very physical and need many outlets to burn of energy, besides sex that is. Not talking complete submissive here but would like to hear more of what you mean

"turn off's :
1. Being a loose tramp" if that's meant as in dressing like a bum ..nope..not really a turn off...or maybe that's just cos i'm a gem bum =)
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