Confusing/Shy Aries Man?

I began working with an Aries man almost an entire year ago. We spoke to each other probably 3 times the entire year. We even played Scrabble together, sat next to each other, and never even spoke a single word. I'm a Scorpio and I never seem to get nervous, but something about him makes me so shy and apparently I do the same thing to him because after almost 8 months of working with each other, another worker told me that he has had a crush on me since I started, which he then confirmed through text messages. Both of us had been in relationships at the time, but are single now. He started pursuing me, so I spent the night at his house twice during our vacation time. Now work has started back up and he still texts me and flirts with me, but when I ask him if he wants to hang out, I never get a definite answer and it usually doesn't happen. And we still barely talk at work since we're both so shy only to each other for some reason. We just look at each other and smile. No talking. What does this mean? What should I do?
Yeah no ovi's right forget about him. He's just not that into you. You will know if an Aries man is into you, shy or not.
yup. i third that. go with ovi. he'll be around if he wants to be around. that goes with any man and not just aries.
OP -
That's some strange behaviour...I don't know what to tell you. If it were me I'd be turned off right about now.

Thanks for all the replies so far. Even when I had stayed at his house, there was a lot of shyness there. According to everyone else, they say he likes me and he does tell me how good I look and stuff in text messages. It's just that I don't get why we're not hanging out more often then.
Thanks Miss Aries! It sounds like you have a great understanding of Scorpios lol
Oh boy, if a man likes you, it doesn't matter if he's shy or not he WILL make it happen. Now we Aries are pretty damn imaptient (unless he's tempered with some Earth) and too damn honest so we're not going to miss opportunities, such as a date, pass us by. Especially if we really like them.

Now you said you spent the night. Did anything happen?

Lol I'm sorry LMA the ball is no longer in her court, because if it were she wouldn't be here asking about him. She asked him out, he didn't give her a definitive answer (and if he likes her why should he not answer? I'll tell you why men don't like to be chased they're the hunters remember?), now she's waiting for him - the ball is in his court.

You know, it's as simple as this. There is a guy at work, I use to have the biggest crush on him, I'm friends with his friends so I know he knows I did. Hung out with him one night, we played pool. The next day I completely lost interest in him. He doesn't know I haven't told him, but I still flirt with him, I still treat him as I did before.

We Aries can fall in and out of infatuation easily.

I know this is NOT what you want to hear, of course not, I can see it in your replies. But you are still going to do what you believe is best. But don't say I didn't warn you.
I promise if you move on you might reignite the passion, even if not, you really have nothing to lose.

Good Luck.
Thanks Xtina! I think your advice is helpful as well. I just think its so weird how he acts so much more different around me and so mnay people tell me how he acts like he can't even talk around me. It's strange though cus I'm never nervous around anyone, but I can barely speak around him either. Lol we're impossible! And yes stuff did happen when I stayed the night, but he was the one who kept in contact with me while he was out of state for a month and he told me that he didn't want to just stop talking to me cus he loves the conversations we have. However... the only time we are comfortable enough to have a conversation is through text lol.

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