Does this ARIES MAN want me to move on, REALL?

SO I know this will sound so simple but.... I went on a great date with an Aries man in the middle of April and even he said he had a good time. But then things changed...

...I want to know...

If an Aries man tells you to not call him.... does he really mean it or is it his way of trying to see just how far you will go?
Dumpy Old Fart
You don't tell us what "changed," so only you and he know the facts.

However, if he is saying don't call him, he means don't call him. Don't look for subtly in him. I truly doubt it exists. know... I'm thinking he feels like I ma have came on strongly.

How it began was he took me on a date and watched the knicks v. celtics game at one of my favorite places. We were comparing life stories, he asked me if I have ever been in love, we talked honestly about life and a wide array of topics, laughed joked and all that. There was a little heated discussion that left me feeling emotionally drained but he apologized at my door step when he also told me that he still feels like h had a great time.... and then he couldn't resist but kiss me... that was the best kiss that I've experienced in a long time....

THEN... he needs to use the bathroom... so I let him in... and he uses the bathroom but takes some serious notes about the brand of paint I used in my livingroom, my food/ workout regimen on my fridge, the magazines I read and even my wooden floors....

How I felt was that he had been judging me and expecting me to be some pompous person that I wasn't at all.... and just kept projecting that onto me.... It was even that way before we met and were simply texting...

Then he's flying back into town and had made plans with me.... but stood me up. When I confronted him about it... he says I'm too pushy, keep a messy home and am too chickeny...

Really, I feel like he didn't even get to know me but instead placed/ projected his expectations of me into the whole interaction and didn't really get to know me. I'm actually none of those things. It was like he was afraid that he might actually really get to know someone he could care about deeper than sex.

At this point, my real question is.... can I let time remove this stigma and maybe reach out to him again? Do yall think he will simply tell me to move on or that he may consider seeing me again?
Dumpy Old Fart
From what you describe, the dude is a total jerk. Really, your first meeting and he is critiquing your floors and wall paint. This to me is shouting "Trouble" for you. Run, and run as fast as you can away from this person.
25 years old male •
"I'M a very athletic person, 2nd degree black belts in BJJ love to go fast so i
guys a jackass ditch him while u got the chance sweetheart then you come find me my number is.1-800-sexy
25 years old male •
"I'M a very athletic person, 2nd degree black belts in BJJ love to go fast so i
Posted by ImpressMe
Posted by BloodofAries
guys a jackass ditch him while u got the chance sweetheart then you come find me my number is.1-800-sexy

Whowww! You are a trip.

uhhhhh....ummm i meant 1-800-dontcallme? lol
Dumpy Old Fart
Now, now, ImpressMe, you wouldn't have slapped him in the face. A knee to the groin, ah yes, now we are talking Aries!!!
seems he may have felt me out... but I'm pretty sure he still likes me and is just being difficult. Time will tell but I'm thinking he's probably going to try and call me out the blue or something.... thing I've learned about ALL men, especially in dealing with ME, is they always get frustrated with my directness- probably because they're used to being manipulated, lied to and deceived- which may take them off guard. THEN they realize damn, she is actually one of the realist girls I know and ALWAYS come back. The sad part is... usually by the time they come back into my life, I'm entranced with someone else.

....I am still dating other people. I did like this ARIES but he seems to get into thing quickly and them OUT OF THINGS QUICKLY TOO. don't believe me... he's 29 with 4 kids... had 1 at 18, another like around 23 and a set of twins like 2/3 years ago. 3 different mothers. The funny thing is... when were on my stoop after that date he said" I had a really great time, even if you didn't. I'm really feeling you, probably more than I'm feeling you." then I told him I liked him at a 65% level and he said "I remember HS, that's BARELY passing." and we laughed....but after than he asked to use the bathroom that's when my apt critiquing started but we sat on the couch and kissed a bit and we decided t wait to have sex. We were even gonna go to a movie a couple days later... which when he called 2 days later I had borderline pneumonia and h was flying back to Orlando (he works for Jet blue b/w nyc and orlando).

He told me a lot about himself... and even down to where he purchased his home and and all that. He was very open... so yea... I'm surprised. Sadly, as a Scorpio its so hard to move on and just get over it. I've always had that problem. I don't move fast like he does, even though I'm dating a couple others.

...I'm a mess!

Amethyst is right...what would we all think about a woman that had four kids with three men??!!
Jeez Louise....stay away...
I just made an effort to not make any judgments about him based on the kids and baby momma thing.

So the latest news is we spent hours yesterday texting back and forth. He keeps saying things he thinks will push me away. Nothing rude but he volunteered his whereabouts and told me he had company over.

My thing is, I figured if he was really done he wouldn't engage in text war. It's like he always has to have the last word. I really feel like he has some other agenda... like he is trying to figure out if I really want him.

I am seeing a couple other men... but really... I'm having fun here.... I was thinking talk butter with him over text message and when he comes in town and tries to seek me out (probably to confront me), ignore the hell out of him.
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He is testing you. If u want him, stick w him.

You can akso ask him direct what he wants frm you.

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