How do you know if aries man is still hurt?

How do they act? Do they forgive quickly I mean inside not just saying they do or hold the grudge for a long?
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Far to many possibilities for an actual answer here. How did you hurt me, why, how much, with who. Things like how much of my trust did you violate comes into play.

If I feel that you have done something that hurt, and hurt a lot, but not maliciously, I will tend to be rather forgiving. It may take a bit for me to get past my anger, but I have done so many times.

If I think you are just screwing with me, could be a very long time before anything approaching forgiveness will be seen.

I don't know if "grudge" is how I would describe what keeps me from thinking of you with anything approaching care. Trust is more close to what I am thinking and feeling. Can I trust you again, or are you just going to screw with me again. I have been hurt very deeply by some people for whatever reason, but if they did so in a way that did not violate my need for trust, I was much more able to forgive and move on than if I have felt betrayed. Betrayal is an absolute deal buster!!!!
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few days 2-3 could be a week
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they are always hurt, cant you feel their aggression?
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is it different between aries men and women?

sorry didnt read all the posts, just the initial post. i should say my comment was re: initial post
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I am an Aries with a lot of Sagittarius rising/planets influences. I think astr
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Yes i think it is!

Aries women seem a lot tougher and the men more sensitive i have found! Two aries men in my life are with the attitude "poor me"although they could be the exception, or rather to the extreme of the aries energy


I find Aries women rock-solid and my personal heroes in life. I hope they are as emotionally okay with bad situations as they seem to be.

I tend to always be an emotional mess after a breakup with someone I cared about.

To the original question, how do you know if they are still hurt?

Probably only way to know for sure is to see them completely moved on from that subject. For me to stop whining about the best job ever in my life being destroyed by my new boss, it took until I found something just as good to busy myself with.

Love, depends on the lover they broke up with. Were they close in his eyes? Does he have any hatred for that person for being a bad person, because that would help him be over the hurt easy. Also it could be the Aries man is out of the dating scene, and has a ton of time to dwell on the break up. If that is the case then he will still seem hurting, cuz he hasn't found something he can move on with.

If an Aries Man is excited or interested in something new that is a very good sign he is moving on from other things and not hurt about those past experiences. If he isn't up and about taking care of things in his life, it very well could be him trying to be alone to work out his hurt.
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Posted by starlover
Yes i think it is!

Aries women seem a lot tougher and the men more sensitive i have found! Two aries men in my life are with the attitude "poor me"although they could be the exception, or rather to the extreme of the aries energy

Hmmm, yeah, well, I have to admit that I have known more than one Aries male with the "Poor Me" attitude. Not sure why, but there is it. I suppose I can exhibit such a thing myself, though I am currently denying it. Imagine that, denial from an Aries....

And yes, a hurt Aries can show some real defensiveness and be overly sensitive. That is if you are close enough that you aren't totally shut out. If you aren't so close, you will be shut out, or as shut out as possible. This would be a clear indication of anger.
I haven't been here in weeks! Thanks guys for kind responses. I was just being curious and this helped me to learn more about them baby aries
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Aries appear tough outside but actually they r also like us, very sensitive. It is just that they dont show it. My ex aries is way more sensitive n sulking than me.

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