How to get an aries man back esp. if he cares??

how do you get an aries man back? I'm still cool with my ex aries guy...we broke up bc the timing was wrong...he has to decide if hes going back to school or work. anyway when we broke up he kissed me on the forehead and told me how much he cares about me...i would like to know how do you get an aries man back? I read that aries men like their space which i have been giving much longer should i wait to contact him? or should i let him contact me first? Help, any advice would be much appreciated. Im a libra if that helps.
LOL. Good grief these aries men are rockin. Im a libra and head over heels for my aries man. Everytime I give him space, but according to the threads I read Libra's may give aries a little too much space. Which drives them to think we may not care as much as they do, which is not good at all. But I think it's only like that between the two in the beginning, if the libra gal is unsure if the aries what she even wants completely. Of course you know libra's have to weigh all pros and cons about everything and everyone, especially our love relationships since those are the ones that are most important to us. I would spend every waking moment with my aries if I could, and If I didn't think he'd get bord and jump ship, and sense I hate rejection I sort of play tugga war with him. I believe with this sign a little tug and pull is nessasary to keep the aries on their heels. If they never know what to expect, then they cant get bord. I think??_lol. Aries feel free to jump in
Dumpy Old Fart
Tugga of war is pretty much the way to go. Sometimes we like being very close. Sometimes we need a good deal of space. Hard to predict which and when, but with just a little practice you will figure it out.

If your Aries guy says he is really into you, he is really into you. Let him know that you are still into him, and see where that takes you.

bob and weave is the name of the Aries game!!!! We aren't dishonest, as in bobbing and weaving to deceive. It is bob and weave cause we are bouncing off the walls!!!
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Keep giving him space ... if he loves you, he'll come running back

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