Making Up With Aries

Don't beat around the bush with forthright Aries. Ask for their forgiveness, admit your wrongdoing, and promise to never commit the same mistake again. Stick to your word, because Aries has no tolerance for broken promises. Don't wait for a ?good time? to apologize, because the Ram will jump right back into the dating pool. A public apology may be in order if you've wounded this lover's ego.
True ...that may cut us up from inside. But we fear that a quick pardon may expose our weakness.
"and you enjoy the sadism too!!!!"

I personally dont enjoy that...I would say it injures all equally.
Hmmm...Frankly I normally have only a few specific issues am sensitive about. If someone is causing injury on those dimensions then I would expect them to alter their actions completely. Words dont count much ...and a recidivist would be chucked out soon.
GF ....Trust is the key here.

Ur guy shud learn to trust.
"He can't see why,although he really tries and he has some confidence,he's been
burned alot by past relationships. "

I can understand. Perhaps he would be lucky if he can find a loyal and caring partner in U.
"........the hurt has been caused...the damage done..."

Innocence lost. Growing up is painful.

"so what about aries do they apologise....and how quickly is it sposed to be accepted?"
As an Aries female (with a Gemini ascendent), sometimes we are a bit thoughtless and we simply don't even recognise when we have done/said something rude or inconsiderate - but this can be unintentional and feel very bad when it realised. If I am truly sorry about something I will say so quickly and simply and mean it. However, I also like it to be quickly accepted and forgiven (I don't hold a grudge, and don't like it when someone else does - if a person forgives you that should be the end of it).

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