The good thing about Aries

Hell yeah you guys are head strong, blunt, insensitive little creatures. guys have a lot of "heart" & that's the 1 thing no one can ever knock you for or take away from you.

You guys go into everything with passion too, it's just that people stop understanding the minute your competitiveness enters the picture. Others don't seem to understand why winning is so important to you guys, BUT what you guys can't seem to understand is why others consider wanting to win to be such a freakin' bad thing!

It's NOT that you guys are like 15 year old high schoolers who can't stand losing. No, it's moreso that You guys are go-getters. When you see something/someone you like, you put your eye on the prize & go for it. Since when is that a bad thing?!!?

I've never had to question the honesty of an Aries. Sure, your "delivery" of the truth may sound brash, harsh & insensitive, BUT atleast you guys are truth-seekers & truth tellers. You'd rather go down knowing that you kept it real rather than cowar up just for the sake of stroking/saving someone's ego. After all, you know deep down that others wouldn't even respect you had you sugar-coated everything anyways.

You guys have short attention spans, BUT when you're actually tuned into someone/something, you're all the way IN & you don't allow anyone to distract you or mislead you away from your target. You guys have incredible focus & have amazing memories. Again, these are all GOOD things.

Another thing, you guys may come off as bullies to some people b/c of your strong assertiveness, BUT the irony there is that you guys ALWAYS stick up for the underdog. You can't stand it when someone is unfairly judged or treated wrongly. Just b/c you're in it for yourself & care about your own well-being doesn't mean that you don't have the ability to have empathy, sympathy or feelings for others.

To some people you guys have bad tempers. To others, you guys have "passion." There's never any doubt when it comes to what you guys love or are passionate about. When you like/love someone/something, EVERYBODY knows it! You guys have no shame in admitting OR showing mad loyalty/love to what & who you consider to be important. More signs oughta be this way.

I love that you guys don't apologize for being...well, you!
The "Love it or keep it F'ing moving!" signs you guys have on your foreheads turn me on every time =)
no idea why anyone would say we are insensitive....maybe you have gotten us mixed up with the people who crap on us for no reason???

surprised to learn we "come off as bullies" (refer above)

Correct that we don't appreciate people being judged unfairly or treated wrongly....this includes when we are treated unfairly - if we can't work out why people do this to us we feel entitled to fire up. Perhaps this is why people think we are "bad tempered"??? These people need to look a bit below the surface - maybe that is too much trouble for them?

An Aries friend is a friend for life. Consider yourself blessed if you have one.
Oh,it says "Love it or keep it F'ing moving!" on my forehead. People keep telling me it says butter head.

Thank you for your kind words. It is good to have someone who takes you as you are, allows if not actually encourages you to be you. Life if better for everyone, that way.
don't put yourself down dofacc

headbutt headbutt
I super dee duper LOVE my Aries moon.
Dam krysrenee7 your so right about us thank you
Posted by ReallyNiceAriesPerson
don't put yourself down dofacc

headbutt headbutt

Ow, ouch, arrrgggg, enough already!!!! I get it, I get it!!!
Posted by SassyVirgo
Aries friends are amazing. They give u suppprt like a sports bra, close to ur heart n really suppprtive.

I seem to be having a little trouble catching my breath, all of a sudden....
Posted by SassyVirgo
Aries friends are amazing. They give u suppprt like a sports bra, close to ur heart n really suppprtive.

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