aries and cheating

How can you tell by sign who's a cheater? Any sing can be...Personally I would have never ever cheat someone I care about beacause I'm really strightforward and honest and I would feel very bad being false. We usually hate every false thing. I'd rather tell the person I'm in a relationship with what's wrong and that e.g I don't feel good with this situation and if there would be nothing to fix I'd left. But maybe it's all because I'm aries girl with scorpio ascendant.
I know an Aries,he in love with his (ex) gf since 2003 and still...even they broke up in 2007. Aries when they love someone ,they love deeply and faithful.
Lol....I don't hate anyone....that is a mugs game

I was irritated by his lack of maurity more than anything....

As far as you go, I only see you jumping into most threads to be you even came into one just to say that I was making it up that I was happy .... although I think you are improving of late and making the effort to be more positive

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lol ram, I don't back peddle, even with random ambiguous internet remarks. Venus in aries does not automatically mean one said they were lmao.

Yes cap moon, no one in THIS THREAD said it. The point of this thread is whether or not ARIES cheat, not Venus in Aries. I was trying to interpret 2drinks' comments based on what I've seen in other threads when people generalise a particular placement.

It's the same with "ALL Scorps are backstabbing, manipulative mothertreetrunkers." or "Sags are selfish, narcissistic pricks." That pisses me off as well.

we're cheaters. point blank period

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lol ram, I don't back peddle, even with random ambiguous internet remarks. Venus in aries does not automatically mean one said they were lmao.
I've tried being tolerant on this site, but I love how these random ass treetrunkers like to use their damn internet muscles lmaoo
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Hey all you cookiemonsteres talking butter about venus aries...Ive never cheated either so shove it up your ass
no one was talking butter about venus in aries, having an opinion doesn't mean talking butter. Calm down and get your panties out of a twist. And in terms of any of us being a cookiemonster, if you wanna go there, come at me brah. I aint no punk ass cookiemonster let the games begin ass hat
Aries don't cheat... We are very loyal but we have very childish ways to let you know we can have options if we chose to.

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I doubt you have any clue what I think about anything....go read what I wrote, I said he never cheated on me, but then again no man ever did that,
You seem to have a liking for being negative. Surprise us all and post something positive or interesting for a change

Boo hoo

no not really. I would say Venus in Aries is different than the sun sign Aries.
Bullbutter. There's rule about cheating? What are they? You guys dont realize what women go through to keep you guys treetrunking happy. Even if we lower our own standards to accommodate you. I am a Taurus my ex was an april 9 arian male. Let me tell you he was a dog from the beginning. And I thought since I am the loyal honest caring lover type. Then why would you want to stray. But he was bad news and once you break my heart and trust. Its over. And the red flags definitely show. So trust your instincts..
I'm co-signing with Flavia.
Cheating is not sign specific. There's always an exception to the rule.

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I still say they dont cheat when they are 100% tototally committed to a person. If your the one you have nothing to worry about. If your not, you will know it by them doing dumb shyt like the stuff listed above, and if thats the case i'd keep my options open if i were you

I do. It's her I feel for! Oh well!
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