best sign for longterm/ marriage for Aries woman?

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"I've never really felt like a total Arian and was pleased to find out that Im
Just got out of my longest r/ship which was with a Gemini guy. He wasn't my first Gemini. The first one was a true Gemini who's moods would swing from elation to down in the dumps quite quickly....he also wanted to pursue a career in acting and live in London. So our passionate r/ship was short but we still remain good friends who talk once or twice a year. After him I was a bit skeptical of Geminis but then met my last Gemini (was together 2 yrs) who was very consistent in his mood and affection towards me which I loved. I always knew how he felt about me and where I stood with him. I really thought he was the one I would spend many years with despite us coming from opposite backgrounds, and opposites in many ways. His love for me was geniune and it was mutual....I pictured us getting a house and settling in a few years....but when it came to it...he wants to move abroad (traveller blood in him) and work antisocial shifts. I have to be honest with myself and say I want/need someone who will be around to spend time with (not working evenings & weekends) and I have a good career path here so I dont want to move abroad for at least 5-10 yrs!

Anyways, I am trying to adjust to single life again and not really looking to jump in to another r/ship for a while....want to work on a few things in my own life (qualification, hobbies, get on property ladder!)

I am just thinking of who my next love could be? I am not a girl for having fun with lots of guys, thats not me....I don't see the point in a r/ship that isnt going anywhere...I am 26 and want to find the guy I will marry and have kids with and be my forever sweetheart.

What sign is the best for marriage and long term commitment to an Aries woman?
What works best about this r/ship?
What aries decan are you?

My previous r/ships have been Scorpio (just sexual boyfriends/girlfriend....didnt really stimulate me intellectually)
Pisces - love like a brother, not really turn me on
Aries - great banter but not sure I fancy them sexually, like fancying a boy version of myself?
I get on fab with capricorns but dont feel sexual towards them.
Leos are a bit too arrogant (the ones I've met)
Cancer's are too quiet

I click with geminis soooo well...mentally and physically...but I am scared that I dont have this feeling towards other signs I am worried that only geminis do it for me and that I will fall for another one who in the end will want to go off and chase their own dream.
29 years old female •
"I've never really felt like a total Arian and was pleased to find out that Im
my mum says I just need to find a gemini guy who has a similar outlook on life as me....maybe 3rd time lucky lol.

Im 21st march so first decan
One that isn't a douche
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" ??? Jizzin out in love ???
Going by Sun sign, the best match for Aries is Gemini.
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its really hard to say...havent had luck with any signs
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Posted by BlueSandCacoon
Going by Sun sign, the best match for Aries is Gemini.

don't forget the REAL life marriage statistics thing. I don't recall what Aries women's top three is. (generally speaking)
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my favourite real life celebrities couple for aries women is Pisces man.

I love Buffy! and Freddie Prince Jr. is such a very sweet and kind man.

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my other fave is Aries woman/Cappy man (Orlando Bloom)
It really depends what you want from a marriage. Everyone wants something different. A lot of people want first marriage material where it's based on love, passion and discovery. Some want second marriage material (even in their first marriage) where they want discovery but security of knowing they are with someone who sees things largely the way they do.

For the second type, possibly Gemini might be the best for Aries.
Posted by feb16aqua
Morning /afternoon Tizi.
Do you really think people go into a marriage thinking about first and second marriage material?

Good morning feb16 Good afternoon over here!

I certainly don't think people use those labels but it is common to debate with yourself what you want from being with someone from time to time. A lot of people do go into marriages looking for someone who doesn't remind them of their ex or how they hurt them, and that is effectively looking for a second marriage.

But I think the bigger point is once you fall in love, all the theory just goes out the window You're screwed either way haha. What do you think?
That's cool though. That means you're not looking for control and remain open-minded, and also pretty generous as to how you are willing to let your partner express themselves. Incidentally, generosity is a quality that makes you well matched with an Aries.

I'm sure it does have it's drawbacks as you're saying, nothing is perfect. But I think I would like to end up wanting love more than I do control. You have to give up on for the other.

And I've never been married so I don't have the experience to comment on the rest. I do agree with what you're saying about the implications of someone committing to someone because they remind them of a breath of fresh air from their ex. But I've seen people do this and make a successful marriage of it (so far) in my own family. It is amazing what people can achieve and the feelings they can build when their mind is put to it.
Indeed, I have the same thing. I think due to my Cancer rising. People start telling me all manner of things. Sometimes they get all self-conscious and I'm thinking "honestly, there's no kind of shocking thing you could tell me that someone hasn't already told me previously" haha. And it isn't a big deal. But I did develop one rule to keep the craziness at bay in myself and not be too altered by what anyone tells me, I tell them "if this is something you feel you can't tell your parents but you want to tell me, think hard. And if you still want to tell me, go ahead".

As for what I want feb16, honestly I wasted enough time thinking that I have a type. I used to think I had one, then it kept changing. I don't think I have a type anymore.

I think as long as I found a woman that was just better than me, and inspired me to be better on most days then I would be privileged enough with that. There's no way I couldn't fall in love with that, and I'd make it work around that. I think I'd like the type of relationship where she makes me feel like I'm the marker of the partnership, and I spend the rest of my days making it up to her for being with me haha. And we'd both have some laughs and good times.
Posted by feb16aqua
LOL! yes! haha. At least you know what dynamic works for you

I also have a cancer know I have not said to anyone ever "if you wouldn't tell your parents..." lol that's funny! For me, if you said that to me I would immediately stop telling you things and be like hmmmm
People just tell me about their lives. I see their relationships from the beginning and try to help them overcome obstacles in their relationships. Women who are malicious in that aspect are despicable imo.
I guess it has to do with being a trainer, you can become more like a therapist. But really all I do is just guide them in working out and through their troubles. Like a sounding board as well.

Yep, that's the exact reaction I want them to have. I want them to think about it. I would never tell anyone but I do it because first I only really respect people with integrity. And to me integrity is doing things that you know you would never have to apologize to your mother if she found out. But I have the luxury of having a very liberal mother so I suppose I biased. And second, one time I did have a meltdown where people's secrets just piled up one by one in my mental filing cabinet. I didn't betray anyone's trust other than one person (my ex) who was busy trying to throw me under the bus with lies, so I threw her under the bus with the truth. But I realise I'd cracked under the pressure of it all. So I do think it's important to keep certain boundaries for your own sanity, if you're going to be everyone's one-on-one confidential therapist as we both are.
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Posted by xxnightbynight

Although I get along with Geminis I don't like them the way they like me. THey usually tend to want to get to know me and I tend to... not care enough. They bore me, tbh. - Romantic wise at least...

I enjoy water signs although they're exteamely manipulative - but thank God I have enough water in my chart to call out a bullbutterter. - You can't bullbutter a bullbutterter.

I like Capricorn men... I had a fling with one. He was so much fun. - Not very romantic... but a blast in a glass.

Fellow fire signs (Leo, Aries, Sag) are amazing. - I'd say they're the best for us... I've had a fling with a Leo and we were inseparable. - But I could never imagine being with HIM my entire life.

but for ME personally... I can't seem to get enough of my water signs. I love them. - Cancers can be a bit quiet... but they're so sweet, romantic, loving, and caring... you just have to be patient with them.

2nd decan Aries.

Id have to agree with you. i attracted a gemini before. we were GREAT friends but he wanted me on a more romantic level. he just didnt strike my interest. now when we get together its usually for school, we attend the same college. we've been friends for a year now and though i turned him down several times he always tells me "you can say you dont want me all you want, for now. we'll be together sooner or later" little does he know comments like that turn me completely off. Caps are my favorite ! i've been in love with a Cap for 6 years. I guess i like them because im so used to them, i know them, and they interest me. dated a Leo bt he was too self centered for me.. cant hanve that lol. Tried dating a cancer & he was just too much for me. his emotions were EVERYWHERE & i cant deal with a man who cries more than me & over little things. If i had to chose id stick with Capricorn, possibly Leo, and Sag
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Posted by tiziani
It really depends what you want from a marriage. Everyone wants something different. A lot of people want first marriage material where it's based on love, passion and discovery. Some want second marriage material (even in their first marriage) where they want discovery but security of knowing they are with someone who sees things largely the way they do.

For the second type, possibly Gemini might be the best for Aries.

I want both in one marriage
30 years old female from BK, NY •
Gems are too wishy washy for me...and they play a ton of games...and they lie too much. not gonna work
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