6 masculine signs, which are the most aggressive

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Ferocity Dravidian


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You writing a book too?
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Ferocity Dravidian


C and V are feminine ones; I don't mean aggressive - violent, found it difficult to rephrase the topic and resorted to using 'aggressive' - something along the lines of the most masculine of masculine signs. and still sounding vague no?
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from Nєρтυηє & Nιяναηα  

Mαяѕ $ingleton ^ LΣO

Well i would say Aries for sure, that's a given. Very inwardly and outwardly masculine and proud of it.

Then i would say Sagittarius - much like Aries, very strong of body and agility. These are the athletes, the protectors, the generals and dare-devils.. *they play big, they eat big, they live life large, and are very ambitious go-getters ..'they take the bull by the horns, so no moss growing under their feet..LOL

i find aqua can be quite masculine in a more mental sense. That independant, sometimes rebellious mode of thought and stance which then can eventually find its way to the outer causes or selective fringes of life..

Leo tends to show their masculinity through great pride and self-esteem. They like to strut and have high self-confidence in themselves. ..just, my 2 sense .. =)

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Leo, Sag, Gemini, Caps, Virgo, Aquarius

I agree with this but Id replace Virgo with Aries
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31 years old male from Arizona  

I think for this question to be answered properly both masculinity and aggressiveness need to be defined universally.

But they won't be so.....I dunno.

Of the masculine signs I can't really decide which is "most". Libras objectivity and emotional nutrality defines masculine very well for me. The go with the flow, take things as they come while still being aware of what is comming down the road part about us comes across as masculine. Also the fact that Libras refuse to be domminated, and would rather not have to dominate is masculine to me as well, like the lack of constant agressiveness but using it when needed is what I am trying to describe I think.

Aquas also seem very masculine, in the same kind of subdued way. I think the air signs are the most, followed by fire. The emotional outbursts of the fire signs kind of goes against the masculinity for me. Leos the most, their masculinity and self assuredness comes across as a facad to me, like a mask for insecurity and a need to be seen as masculine and agressive. Those who don't need others to validate it are the ones who truely are. Not to pick on Leos or anything.

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male from q8  

my sun in aries the hero

"I don't mean aggressive - violent "

ok you want the most masculine


aries + leo
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"I don't mean aggressive - violent "

ok you want the most masculine


aries + leo

mmmm I think I agree and Sagittarians. Hey HIII did you know there was an H in wimp? I didn't LOL....
6/7/2009 8:34:23 AM | More

I know Leo men are kitties deep inside.
6/7/2009 4:52:48 PM | More

female from New Jersey  USA  

Sun - Sagittarius Ascendant - Sagitta

Posted by Ike
The most masculine element however is earth not fire or air . Its not air because i know for a fact that detached nonsense is just a coverup of fear and getting hurt . Its not fire because despite our courage and pride we can be rather emotional and soft a bit . Earth sign men seem to be emotionally strong , not stirred by much .

I agree
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。*☆∴★ ∵★。☆∵。

Posted by Lady_M
You writing a book too?

Lolz. So funny.

I was writing a book, but I've never thought of such an ingenious topic as masculine signs being aggressive.
Well for the most part, there's only one god of war. Aries. Followed by Leo, then Sag.
First you have the dominant sign, then the fixed, then the mutable. First fire, then air.
WHY? Because FIRE is action. Actin is masculine. CASE closed.


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Fire signs!!!

coming from a lioness
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27 years old male from virgo land  

Well fleo fire and air R expresive sign.. men are said to go out and take control not be afraid to talk to anyone. fire and air u always know there in the room there the first talking. but astrology say earth and water get energy from them selfs why thats why wd are so quiet. well air and fire get energy from others. earth being the most who get energy from them self.. that why virgo can stay by them self for so long and its no big deal to us atleast.
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Robin Goodfellow

115 years old from $$$ATL$$$, Georgia  USA  30083

II Puck's Legions of Gangbanging Trolls

WOW! just realized that I created this topic, saw my old user and was like damn!!
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Arm a Gettin


Arm-a-gettin: The action of fingering a

From my experience...

For men: Aries
For women: Leo

As most aggressive in terms of the masculine signs.

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