How do Libras feel when they are ignored?

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Just wondering how do Libras feel when they are ignored. Some of you know that I'm going thru a breakup after seeing an incredible libra man for five months. Leo woman. He asked for space, I'm giving it to him but he's contacting me after he's asked for the space. Do I ignore or give him the attention. Me, typical leo want to give him all the attention in the world. I do want him back.

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32 years old female

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been there! leo woman that was with a libra man for years. i tried breaking up with him once and he came crawling back after only 2 days. in fact, 2 years after the break up he still comes back every now and then! from what i know they are kinda like leos in the sense that if they are ignored, their pride/ego will be hurt. they move on more quickly though. he won't push it.
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so should I close the door on this guy? we have just the intense chemestry both with friendship and intimacy. I just don't get it when he calls after he says we need a break.
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female from Florida  

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He just doesn't know what he wants. If you get back together, he will definately do this again. So get used to it.
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NZ born Kiwi living and loving life in A

I absolutely HATE being ignored, it's almost the worst thing you can do especially if you should have been polite enough to acknowledge something. I get my back up and become as stubborn as treetrunk!!!

Your circumstances are different but if I have texted or called and you dont return that I will think you are ignoring me and try at least one other time or get my back up!!
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Go back to him. We suck at commitment but that special person will always be in the back of our heads. Let him chase you around a bit. Talk to him and get the fire going again. Don't ignore though, we hate that A LOT. It just tells us you disrespect us in someway or you don't like us. Just respond but make him chase; it's really fun.

I loved my leo woman very much. We had to part. If it's meant to be it's meant to be so all I can do is wait and hope for the best. So if I were you don't worry. Libra men love leo women a lot

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do libra men love aquarius ladies? I have just split up with mine as he dumped me two days ago told me he thinks he might have made the wrong decision but doesnt know?? I have told him to leave me alone but love him completely I am tottally regretting it what is the best way to make him want me for good xx
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31 years old male from Califorinia,Louisiana  

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if a libra guy is into you, he will stick to you like glue but them hesitated ones, you should ignore them cause i used to be like that too lol don't know what to do with her.. it selfish but that how we are.
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31 years old male from Califorinia,Louisiana  

The Libra/Pig Talk about devotion! The

Ctm, yes as for me i find aqua women quite attractive but yet i never dated one lol.
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lol @ ofa

oooh libras are the best with aqua. U just gotta love 'em, although that indecisive trait is reeeallllyyyyy annoying.

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