How do you deal with an Aquarius Man!!!!!

Aqua men are day they love you, the next day they don't know who you are, uggghhhh. Can't take it anymore, these 2 months dating an Aqua feel like 2 freaking centuries, enough.
Hey, Im a Leo woman dating an aqua man and let me tell you...i tired of the roller coaster ride. The sex is great and one day he treats me like a queen, the next, he doesn't know who I am. As a Leo woman, I require lots of attention all the time. I have given my all to him. I'm done. I don't deserve this. I'm not chasing him anymore with text messages inquiring why I'm getting the cold shoulder. He even blocked my number this time. We were together Weds. nite and had an awesome time together...Thursday morning, I'm the enemy...really??? I'm so done with aqua men. Bipolar, bipolar, bipolar!!!
omg Im so glad I found this. now everything makes a little more sense.
damn, who knew aquas were so crazy haha
"But yeah its really hard to argue with them even if it wasnt your fault like if you tell him things that he did that you did not like he will get mad and make it look like it was your fault and this is something that i need to know how to deal with also, i dont wanna be just sitting there and just nod on everything that he says or ignore the things that he does even if it hurts me... but what can i do i don't wanna argue with him he will never give way nor accept that he is wrong..."

It's like being with a mental patient. Just do what Libras do. Put a blanky around them, pat them while looking at something shiny in the grass, and say, "There, there.... distractedly"
One of my good male friends is an Aqua. He is my movie & coffee buddy. We go to coffee shops and have philisophical conversations. OR we go to the movies and watch a few and go somewhere after for a drink and discuss. He is kind of a "I Know it all tyvm" type. So i dont hang out with him alot, he is better in small doses. LOL.. Not sure what to tell you, but good luck!
based on the stories here i think they all are the same at first ,will do the nicest things and be there when you needed someone the most till you fall in love with them and once you do , yo will start to try to spend more time with him like call or send him messages which he finds annoying... Based on experience , i let him be and started acting just a like a friend, would even tell him im dating someone and he ended up being crazy about me....

But yeah its really hard to argue with them even if it wasnt your fault like if you tell him things that he did that you did not like he will get mad and make it look like it was your fault and this is something that i need to know how to deal with also, i dont wanna be just sitting there and just nod on everything that he says or ignore the things that he does even if it hurts me... but what can i do i don't wanna argue with him he will never give way nor accept that he is wrong...
I'm a sag and i had been dating my foreign aqua man for a year now. We first became friends, i thought he was the sweetest
guy on earth. He would always listen to me stories of the day, give me advice etc. he was like a best friend then... Then having
the characteristic of falling in love easily, i fell so deeply in love with him especially when he did not attempt to have make love
with me until i insisted lol. (i like guys that don't ask for it, i tend to be the one to insist but i run away from guys that are
obviously just after sex), so moving on, him being able to control himself with that really turned me on.
Just like any relationship everything was so so good at first, he was so sweet and he tells me all the sweetest words
in the world. Until one i was in his apartment, when i went home i did not hear from him in a week and when i would text
him he was just so cold.He became started becoming a totally different man. There are times that he's very sweet before
we go to sleep and when we wake up he becomes so rude and would ask me to go and wouldn't even kiss me good bye.
And same things kept on happening over and over ... hot and cold... then i finally started forgetting about him
and dated other guys but we never really lost contacts. After few months he started calling, and texting and i just kept on
ignoring ( not intentionally tho). And so he started saying how much he misses me and admitted that he dated some other girls
and i did not show any anger nor jealousy because i wasn't really feeling that way probably because i fell outta love but we
started dating again and i was actually surprised that he was even the one who demanded us being exclusive and serious bf/gf.
So i thought hhmmm why not lets give it a try..
I told him the things that i dont like about him and he promised he'll try to change for the better and luckily i can really
feel his efforts now, like before he wouldn't really text much nor tell me he's plans, but now he does and when im busy he
demands for my time. I think what made him like me more now is because im not so clingy with him.And yes they love socializing.
He now introduces me his friends which he doesn't really do before he actually wanna meet my family and he wants me to meet his fam.
as well.
Patience and lots of understanding is what it takes to make him fall for you, and oh they are great in bed too
I'm a cap woman who was married to an aqua, then lived another 10 years with another aqua, then dated another aqua for a year.....all my serious relationships have been with aquas. They are very stubborn to say the least. They are possessive and will argue from dust till dawn. The one thing I found common and really liked was that they aren't the lazy type. They are always on the go, thus giving me time for myself. BUT, on their return (home, in my case) after they have spent enough time away from you, they'll suffocate the hell out of you. How did I manage in the relationships? I stayed true to myself, while allowing them to be themselves, with little compromise. I like partnership in a relationship, that is knowing everything my partner is doing with him having the same interest, however with these guys, there is no such thing. With them it's like "ok, I'll do my thing and you do yours, but when I want some OUR time, then you'd better be there to give me LOTS of it." For me it was like "ok, if my schedule allows, then bingo, but if not, you're screwed." LOL.
how my god why me i regret the day i meet my aquarius man we were friends at first but he was sweet an nice loving caring respect me in the begining i fall for is charm now am stuck loving an wanting what we had togehter i love him because he was there for me when i need someone the most thats why its hard to jus forget him indeed aquarius is crazy he do stuff to make me upset especial when i ignore him plus he always lie about simple stuff like i am dumd or something worst thing is he constantly upset me an when i rebel an speak my mind he turn cold ignore my call so i call him from work he answer an reply oh stop calling me an hang up in my ears he is wrong but yet still he act like i started the drama am a scorpio so revenge is on my mind i want to mess with his mind like he did mines lol pray for me aquarius man is the worst of all man
A Leo complaining about arrogance. The very thought.
Please help here> I have read your posts and they are all so enlightining, thank you for contributing to this aqua forum! here is my story. MY ex and I dated for 8 months until roughly a month ago, when he exploded and broke up with me for the sole reason of me asking him what was wrong with him and he just was stressed out and bang he broke up... confusingly enough when we started talking on the phone he said he did not want to break up but at the end of the conversation he did. The following days he was silent then he called to pick up his stuff at my place, but he never actually made it to pick it up, so the stuff is still there. Last time we talked it sounded like he was convincing himself and try to convince me that the relationship is a rollercoaster andhe cannot deal with it right now, but as YOU ALL know by now HE IS THE AQUA creating the rollercoaster
Anyway I decided to send a text 10 days ago saying that as this was his decision (to be away) to please take his stuff as I would be pleased to give it to him, no anger no regret, I am too rational to beg or tell him anything more regarding teh relationship, and I did even offer my friendship.
I received no reply to my text, his stuff is still at my place, 10 days later still silence and almost a month from the break up... How crazy is this? I mean, if you want to move on, you should pick up your pieces first, correct?
I want to add it is not the first time he breaks up. and he does it right when we get closer, and when his family puts pressure on him to do things or to be with them and blabla (yeah they are pretty obsessive and he feels obliged all the time, like a martyr).
I am a very patient person, the past times he came back pretty easily, but I also helped the communciation a lot, this time round I would like to keep my silence and see what happens.... do you think he will realize sooner or later that I m not communicating?
what is the best way to deal with a silent aqua, call? ignore? wait?

Please share with me
(( It always going o be the woman bending 'a little'. In any pairing/sign relationship ))

air with air - both bends
air with fire - air bends more than fire
air with water - obviously air bends
air with earth - air has once again no choice than to bend.

it doesn't change for man or women.
It always going o be the woman bending 'a little'. In any pairing/sign relationship.
I didnt said they can understand an aqua women. They understand around 20-30% may be. Compared to the 0-10% of cappy womens idea of aqua men. Bcoz they get to understand this 30%, they end up assuming they know aqua women 100%. They have this hope that if aqua can bend a little towards his dimension of thinking, he can get a better grip at her... thats why i mentioned "whole different story".
Intellectual arrogance with some of them .

can u tell me a better way of explaining that situation Kris? To me its the simplest explanation. Bcoz Aqua brain is an upgraded not so balanced version of libra brain.

(( You can explain all day and most people just won't get it. ))

I have explained to some people for months and still no good. I have warned people not to get into something and they were quite stubborn and didn't cared and got into something and got burned. Then once its all messed up, we have to sit back and listen to all the sob stories and cookiemonstering. At times we get more accurate explanations after things get worse. And once things go worse, they just dont want to see the other person in question as a normal sensible human being who just failed to look and sound sensible in front of a wrong match. So they label them a loser, idiot and whatever they please and I will end up defending them and go on explaining what went wrong and why it went wrong. Doesnt it look way stupid doing those explanations.

Simplest advise is always the truth if they like it or not. She shouldn't be chasing an aqua man. After 3 months, she might call him a loser and this poor dude might end up becoming homosexual thinking he is incapable for a relationship with women. If it was a cappy man chasing an aqua girl, it would have been a different story.
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