How do you get a Capricorn man to give in?

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"Im Crazy, Sexy, and Cool!!! Im a single attractive woman who has been single f
Once a Capricorn man is extremely mad can they ever give in to a woman if she is persistent? How do you get them to give in? Do they like playing mind games with woman?
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you can't we won't not even for sex
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no. you can't. no.

heh this doesn't sound like it's going anywhere good. id leave the fella alone if he's mad and stop trying to mess with his head, it will only make him more angry. capricorns are very strong willed
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Posted by faith$golphin
Once a Capricorn man is extremely mad can they ever give in to a woman if she is persistent? How do you get them to give in? Do they like playing mind games with woman?

Id say you have to be persistent and very kind and very charming. Also sincere. I think the combo of charm, kindness and sincerity will melt his heart (unless he is james tate and very hard hearted! )
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the greatest weakness of the capricorn is probably the weakness of others. if you upset a capricorn, you were wrong. you are stupid. you are weak. you couldn't help yourself. they are so much better than you, so much stronger.

capricorn men tend to have a misogynistic side. but misogynists tend to love the women who prove them right about the moral, spiritual, intellectual, psychological, logical, and physical failings of women. so if you're willing to always be inferior to him and to seem like a downright butterty person all the time, you can probably get quite a lot out of him. he'll just control your entire life for you though. and probably be emotionally neglectful.

they don't like strong women. they don't like independent women. if you can take care of yourself, don't bother. if you want to be treated as an equal, don't bother. if you want to be treated as a human being, don't bother.

if he's got a really great mom that he loves and respects (respect being the key word here), he won't be all that bad. but he'll still have the misogynistic streak deep down, and he'll still have a weakness for your weakness.
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you better off payin him or saying yes sir, just act like a slave, all capps love slaves
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James Tate hard hearted HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I am just an easy going CAP. I'M a softey except when she needs a hardeeeeeee. I can give her a little help in that department. just let the poor treetrunk get over it he will in time might be awhile 10 , 15 years but some time he will get over it.
49 years old male from Llandrindod wells, Powys, Wales •

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