How people act when they are drunk (& their signs)

LOL Ok, this might have very little to do with astrology but I'm still curious. I know that alcohol has the ability to alter people's moods and behaviors. Since I don't drink alcohol, I have no idea how I would act under the influence. lol
But for those drinkers out there, are you ever aware of how you act when you've had a bit too much to drink? Do people tell you that you act differently than usual?
Are you a happy drunk or a grumpy drunk? lol

This is just a few of my personal observations:

Capricorn (my mom)-When she gets drunk, her reserved, timid nature disappears and she becomes more goofy and laid-back. She'll bring out pictures of when she was a little girl and start telling funny stories about her childhood in Switzerland (that's where she's from orginally) Apparently she used to run around and play in the fields with the lambs lol

Aries (my friend)- When she gets drunk, she turns into this guru and starts dishing out unsolicited yet well-meaning advice to people (sometimes even to strangers lol) and then in the middle of her speech, she'll stop and check her cell phone for missed calls and when she's done with that she goes, "So as I was saying.........wait, what was I talking about??". And then we have to remind her about the topic LOL

Sagittarius (my boyfriend)-Well, let's just say him and alcohol do not mix well. He has a tendency to turn snarky and aggressive. His jealousy and insecurities come out. He is normally a laid-back, cheerful dude.

Leo (my friend) When he gets drunk. he becomes downright jolly and cracks a lot of jokes and he doesn't care if nobody is laughing because HE is in a good mood and that's what matters lol He is normally a shy guy.

Aquarius (my friend)-When she's drunk, she becomes flirty lol Guys usually call her "ice princess" because she won't even smile at men, let alone flirt when sober. lol
Crazy/excited drunk

My aqua sun makes me attracted to anything that looks interesting and I mean anything.
My Sag moon probably is what makes me want to dance and no I am not that person that is just doing the two step in the corner and thinking that everybody else is dancing. I actually know how to lol.
Aries venus well I think you all know what that can do.
My mars cancer have not really thought of how that comes out maybe it balances me out lol I have no idea.
Posted by exoskeleton
i'm a chill/laid-back, pleasant drunk. i just dance and dance and dance, smile a bit more, talk a bit more, and everyone wants to be my best friend. i never get out of control. and no one can really tell when i'm hammered.

I am similar to you-but if I over indulge I can be overly emotional, I can cry and my nature becomes more sensitive.
Leo - I get louder. And funnier, well I think i do anyway
Cap - I hide hammered well. Only really good friends suspect my true drunkenness. Suspect.

That said my humor does get even more bawdy and wine/spirits drunk is different from beer drunk.
My Pisces ex would go from fun drunk to angry drunk in a flash.

My Aqua ex didn't really drink so I can't add anything on them either.

Agreed about the Sags. Fun and sometimes surprisingly philosophical. But they also hafta watch for people taking them the wrong way as they can border on obnoxious.
i only have two friends that really gets DRUNK drunk..a taurus and a gemini

the taurus becomes extra talkative and tends to ramble..and depending on the situation, will get violent..mainly towards his gf, but he will fight anybody..he's had more street fights then anybody i know

the gem becomes loud and very funny thou

Im a happy and horny drunk.

Drinking simply intensifies whatever mood I am in... happy, angry, horny, whatever. That is the reason rule #1 with drinking is not to start when you are in a bad mood, it just spirals and goes poorly. I am usually happy and upbeat so having a few drinks simply takes away my self-conciousness. I no longer care what people are thinking or how I am perceived. I am a happy, silly drunk.
I remember a DXP discussion similar to this one time.. during the course of the conversation, it came up over and over enough for me to submit an observation: Drinking tends to bring out a man's Venus, and a woman's Moon. The results were interesting, and several people's experiences verified and backed it.

My own examples:

Me, Pisces Sun (barely) with an Aries Venus.. I'm normally very open, charming, friendly, sociable. Fearless and unselfconscious. Get a drink or two in me - I become quieter, still friendly but more observant and mellow. My wide-open smile becomes more of an amused, gentle grin. I become more like my Taurus Moon and less like my Aries Venus.

My Libra.. Libra Sun, Virgo Moon. He's a typical Libra.. sociable, friendly with everyone, lots of fun to be around, but a little reserved. A couple drinks and he becomes more Fiery, outgoing, gregarious.. MORE flirty, MORE showy and over-the-top (esp in regards to me and PDA's and open affection).. more like his Leo Venus. He's a very friendly, fun, HAPPY drunk -- and OMG that's a whole lot nicer than the angry, mean, cruel drunks I've known!

Posted by Nefer
My Libra.. Libra Sun, Virgo Moon. He's a typical Libra.. sociable, friendly with everyone, lots of fun to be around, but a little reserved. A couple drinks and he becomes more Fiery, outgoing, gregarious.. MORE flirty, MORE showy and over-the-top (esp in regards to me and PDA's and open affection).. more like his Leo Venus. He's a very friendly, fun, HAPPY drunk -- and OMG that's a whole lot nicer than the angry, mean, cruel drunks I've known!

I have an Aries moon, not Virgo. But yeah my Leo Venus shows when I drink.
lets see,
Scorpio (my dad): he would want to talk to everyone and tell family secrets. when he got sober he wondered why everyone at the party was mad at him.

Aquarius(not me, my brother): he was a lets drink some more kind of guy and he would act silly. my brother is the most serious aquarius i know.

Aquarius (friend): she loves everyone and goes around kissing guys she don't know.

Libra (my bf): he is flirty, funny, makes everyone laugh and feel welcomed. and he will go around the room, "hey i know you" give hugs, shake hands etc... then he will come to me,"Hey your my gf, lets get naked. arent you hot, yea your hot" i would be like, "we are at a party" him:"get out! i want to be alone with my gf" hilarious. Then when everyone finally leaves he falls face down and goes to sleep.

Libra (friends): she gets really loud and goes around telling people whats wrong with them. When they look at her like she crazy she will laugh and say, "ha, your mad".

Gemini (friend): loves everyone and wants to take her clothes off. the one time we didnt get to her in time she was in her underwear. she was like, "look at my boobs..i need implants....dont you think i need implants..i got all this ass and no boobs." she googled boobs on her phone..she went around showing people pics of other women's boobs. "how you think these will look on me?"

Capricorn (friend): she talks way more than she usually does. she will go on these rants and tell everybody off. "remember you won that 7th grade spelling bee, i know you cheated you cookiemonster".

well none of my friends need to drink.

I dont drink so i dont know how i act when im drunk.

Taurus, I get more touchy feely. Everything has a roseate glow, is funnier. I'm very mellow and lovey. Unless a good song comes on, then get out of my way. I'll sing along happily too.
Posted by TasteOfChaosss
I'm a Libra. I'm a jolly drunk

My Gem moon makes me talk and socialize with EVERYONE
My Leo mars generally gets me all the attention
My Sag venus makes everyone laugh at my jokes

Yup. I'm awesome at parties, I always walk away with at least one new friend

Which in turn gets me invited to more parties

Actually, for you TOC, we want to know how you act when your sober??
I know, I know, what's sober? you ask....

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