If a gemini man truly loves a woman...

If a gemini man truly loves a woman...will he still cheat on her?

I'm just curious. I have gemini guy friends that have cheated on their long time girlfriends. Do gemini's automatically cheat no matter what?
i say no!

but then again my boyfriend is a gemini and i think he's the bees knees

Ofcourse not, that is completely ridiculous ("Do gemini's automatically cheat no matter what?")...A man is either the loyal type or he's not, and I don't think sun sign has THAT much to do with it.
I think if a Gemini guy reallyreally likes you he won't cheat. But for a Gemini to feel that way you have to be something pretty amazing to them. One of my best friends is a Gemini male and he has been messing around with everyone for the past few months, often going out with three girls at the same time! But now he's found someone he thinks he's in love with, and has become quite 'settled'. Well, as settled as a Gemini male can be! They are odd creatures, but to those that truly understand them, it somehow makes sense.
ofcourse they will not cheat ....if its really true love..but if boredom sets in or he starts to hesitate on her feelings..well out he goes to treetrunk,,,LOL
silly nnerBeauty, everyone knows the only a person a gemini man can truly love is himself.
True they are self obsessed. But when in love, and properly so (without fickleness) they can become quite smitten.
It is rare mind you.
Of course not. For every 500,000 Gems or people that say YES, there is another 500,000 Gems or people that say NO. Yes, it's true that generally Gems are flirts, can get bored very easily & generally have a natural curiosity in everything they involve themselves in BUT this doesn't make them all cheaters.

Whether or not someone cheats depends more on self-respect and/or respect for your partner, more than it does your sign. Gems. are likely to cheat in the beginning of relationships when they are the MOST unwilling & unlikely to change their ways for anyone. And hey, usually if the respect for that person never becomes equal to respect for self, then it IS very likely for the cheating to continue even after the commitment has become serious.

Gemini before a commitment and Gemini AFTER the commitment can be 2 completely different people. Literally. Gems. before they love you or consider the commitment serious enough might not be the most faithful. But once a Gem. has made the decision to commit & to lay down some of their old ways, it's very unlikely for them to step out UNLESS they sense the relationship is nearing it's end anyways OR if they sense that their partners are cheating too. There is no doubt that alot of Gems. often think about stepping out on their partners, but some Gems have high self-control/discipline while others don't. How high/low their self-discipline is really the deciding factor for if they'll cheat or not.
I don't think they will cheat when they are truly in love as long as you keep the mans interest, but I think that goes for any sign as long as they have respect for you and are truly in love. Maybe that's just my Sag optimistic opinion though. lol

Bring it on! I wonder how an internet punch would feel? Oh it wouldn't hurt at all! Proceed to punch as many times as you'd like!lol

Whats annoying about being optimistic? I'd rather be that than always think the sky is falling!

The title of this thread made me laugh...gemini man love A woman..gemini man loves many women for a short time..

But we all speak from our experiences so don't let that stop you...you do what you have to do at the end of the day it is your choice alone..

The charming buggers are hard to resist, gotta give them that..basteeeds!
mr nice...that is not true at all.....aries is the only sign that understands the gem....period
Posted by dward417
mr nice...that is not true at all.....aries is the only sign that understands the gem....period

Not quite D. But, they are pretty close. I would give the edge to the Aqua and Libra. A gem man is the most loyal of all signs. Just be true, real, and appreciative. Only the fools say otherwise.

"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance." ~Albert Einstein
The only person that understands a Gemini is themselves! Certainly not Virgo. They think they know. In my experience anyway.
i guess when i said that i meant my gemini...i understand him thoroughly...i guess thats all that matters

hes a sweetheart and does not fall into the category of these negative traits of gemini men

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