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Hi Reconstructiong_a_Leo. Not all the charts are draconic. I've included regular (tropical) natals, progressed, composite, and synastry charts. I've never done a davison chart, I don't know about them much yet. Did you get the chance to see the other types of charts that have been shared?
I can understand why it drives you crazy. there's the Vertex conj Descendant, there are all kinds of fated signs, although I'm usually very reluctant in using this term. I haven't studied draconic charts, you had me start watching some videos tonight cause I really want to understand. Question: why do you only use draconic? Synastry, draconic or not, only shows where the souls are at, not how the relationship is going to play, that's for composite and Davison?
Relationships come with the purpose of having the soul learn and to subsequently pay karmic debts should there be any. I can relate to what you must be feeling since I've been through that for the last 2 years and the grip is only lessening a bit, but I feel that the question we should ask ourselves is: what am I supposed to learn and how can I get the best of myself given the hardest circumstances available?
I wish I knew more draconic to help you out , *going back to 2nd draconic video*
Here are the correct links!!!!

X and Y Tropical and Draconic Synastry (natal and progressed)

X and Y Tropical and Draconic Composite (natal and progressed)

X [HIM] Tropical and Draconic Natal and Progressed

Y [ME] Tropical and Draconic Natal and Progressed

X and Y First Meeting [the day him and I met](tropical and draconic)
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I'm not into draconic charts, have only briefly studied them. maybe post a composite or Davison?
Hello All!
This is my first post. I??m a female and I??ve been studying astrology since 2009. It has become an obsession??_especially the charts that have been shared with you. About 1.5 years ago I ???fell in love?? with a man that I worked with at the time. Even though we no longer work for the same company, I??m still absolutely mad about him. I even dream of him often. Just so you all know, I??m not someone who gets infatuated with people. I don??t go around crushing on just anyone. I basically feel crazy and confused about this all. No one has ever made me feel like this before, and I??ve had my share of loves??_.
Anyway, to cut to the chase, I??m in a bit of a complex situation and I cannot make my feelings known to this person without causing much upheaval. I need to know if these feelings that have come to infect me are purposeful ??? meaning, will they lead to something? Or, is it just a schoolgirl crush? I need to know if these feelings and attractions are only one sided or mutual. I need to know if maybe these feelings are just the remnants of a past life??_I need to know the lesson I??m supposed to learn from all this/from knowing him.
Basically I really need your help with this??_I don??t want to delude myself into thinking things that aren??t true. I need some fresh and objective eyes to take a peek at these charts and let me know what??s up.
Since I have to be on the DL about this all, my name in the charts is ???Y?? and his name is ???X??. In the progressed charts, I??ve set the date to the day him and I first met ??? the same goes for the transits. To make it easier on everyone, I??ve included charts with and without extra asteroids. The first meeting charts are of the day we met. You??ll also notice that in the charts with extra asteroids, I??ve included some name asteroids: Gabriella and the other starts with a ???G?? and ends in ???S?? that is his asteroid ???name.??
As you can tell by the links below, I??ve looked at all the the possible chart combinations except natal to draconic synastry ??? does anyone know a site enables me for example to compare my draconic to his natal chart synastrically?
I??m anxious to hear back from everyone! Thank you in advance!

Here are the links to the charts:
X and Y Tropical and Draconic Synastry (natal and progressed)

X and Y Tropical and Draconic Composite (natal and progressed)

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