The FREAKIEST in the Zodiac

Which sign do you consider to be the BIGGEST Freaks in the bedroom??? (Consider oral sex, foreplay, endurance, stamina, creativity etc.)

And which sign do you consider to be the MOST DULL & boring in the bedroom??? And why?

The Freakiest (considering Creativity & energy): SCORPIOS!!! And they say GEMINIS but I'm pretty sure Scorpios are the most INTENSE!

The Most Dull or boring: CAPRICORNS...There's hardly ever any energy or creativity there. They like sex (no doubt about that) but actually being able to "blow the mind"
Well there is a book that I have called black love signs and in that book is says that
Aqua,Pisces,Scorps are freaks of the show..

THANK YOU! Everybody thinks that just because Aquas can be so uptight when dating that when we actually get to the bedroom we are the SAME way & WE ARE COMPLETELY THE OPPOSITE! I am probably the FREAKIEST person I know. I think Aquas have MASTERED the "Woman in public/during the day & Freak at night" philosophy.
"To consider this question fairly you'd have to sleep with every sign which Im sad to tell you I havent done "

Well, I'd hope not lol. But I mean, even though I haven't slept with a guy from all the signs, I still happen to know alot about them personality wise AND sexual wise. It's all about aggressive, stamina & energy (things that are present & seen through other things---). I've never had sex with a Gemini male but I know that Geminis are FULL of energy & always appear to be lively, thus I can kind of conclude that in the bedroom, I'm sure they don't lose any of that energy when the lights turn off!
"I think Aquas have MASTERED the "Woman in public/during the day & Freak at night" philosophy."

Virgo ladies are like this too in my experience..
Ha. It's always the people you LEAST expect that are the BIGGEST freaks in the bedroom. I think when you meet someone who comes off as sexually arrogant about themselves, the sex may still be good, but there's no surpise or excitement to it. But it's ANOTHER THING when you meet someone who you LEAST expected to be the BOMB-DIGGITY in bed & when they "Blow your mind" the experience & memory becomes 10Xs better & more memorable!
But the signs that I have dated..

Most boring in bed: Sagittarius and Taurus

Freakiest: Pisces and Cancer

Yeah, Taurus' can be very routine (do the same ole things every time, which eventually makes the total experience with them as just "okay")

And hell, I've noticed Cancers to be quite freaky too. I give them their credit because they like to experiment alot & will try almost anything (definetely more points on the FREAKy-deeky scale)
That is rather misleading, Geminis may be full of energy (nervous energy) but that is no guarantee for stamina, I think femenine signs have better stamina than masculine ones.

True, true. And I think that's an interesting point. Some people are so used to calling the Scorpios, Aquas, & Pisces the immediate freaks because they're the ones talked about in all the songs on the radio BUT, sometimes the people that you LEAST expect to be the bigger freaks actually end up having you SPRUNG with a Capital S! And I did hear that Gemini women were pretty spontaneous (which is in indicator of freakiness versus just an indicator that their 'performance' is good)
"oh yeah..Gem women are (hope this doesnt sound offensive) the most willing to go to bed real fast "

You know what, Alot of my Aries & Sagg. friends are quick to hop in the bed with someone & not to be offensive, but I hear alot of "bad" things about them after the sex. Hell, I'd rather make a man wait for 6 months before giving it up & then finally BLOW HIS MIND rather than take him home with me after 2 days & him forget my name the next day
hehe..Cancer ladies have an amazing amount of sexual energy going for them and they last real long in bed ----------
Just from being good friends with alot of Cancers, yeah I can tell...The things they say about their sexual experiences has my jaw open during the WHOLE conversation. Cancers will have the most spontaneous & freakiest encounters! And Cancers aren't content with having great sex just once for the night...oh no! They want to go to as many rounds as both of them can handle!
Here's MY opinion about each of the signs (sexual wise)----some from Experience & some from HEAR-say.....

Pisces: Will F the living daylights out of you! Sex is normally filled with lots of touching, foreplay & emotion...Have that "sweaty" kind of sex. Is like a scene straight out of a movie

Aquarius: Will rock your world with their creativity & willingness to try things you never thought we'd try. Like to try those types of sexual positions most people never even thought of!

Scorpios: Like it passionate (not necessarily rough), but they go to great heights to make sure they please you FIRST! Lost of hair pulling, lots of moans, & lots of energy! Seems like Scorpios have that ability to make em say "HARDER!" LOL!

Cancers: Will try ANYTHING atleast once. They like it the way they do things in the pornos! Lots of affection & eye-to-eye contact during the encounter (spices things up)...And cancers are KNOWN for using FOOD!!!!

Leo: Love sex (no doubt) but if they're not confident enough that they will do something 100% right & pleasing, they'd rather just not do it at all. They are so concerned with pleasing HER or HIM more than pleasing themselves! Their Ego makes them focus on & worry strickly about how the other person "likes" it

Gemini: Oh they are the "let's have a Quicky" masters! Have lots of energy & stamina...Are go with the flow type of people. Geminis aren't satisfied with sex just once a day...Oh, no they want it WHEN they want it! They are those "4-5 times a day" types of people!
"very open to things that will make this particular sex creative, memorable or stand out from the rest of the pack"

BINGO! I always make sure I leave my "Mark"...Make sure I do something that stands out from the rest of em. I love dirty talk too----hell we talk so much during the day, we might as well use our "verball skills" at NIGHT!
Sagg: .........Hmmm, I'll let you guys fill in the blanks to that one!

Capricorn: .....(Blank look)

Aries: ............(Someone fill in the blanks for me)

Taurus: These people like regular routines. They normally like things a certain way & usually like to stick to it being that way. Normally do the same ole positions & the same ole foreplay. Oh, they're good at what they do, but it's just that I wish they were more willing to "step outside of the box" a little bit!

Libra: Oh they rock my world! Libras put ALOTT of effort into pleasing the other person. They're usually experienced at what they do! Hell, I'm REALLY disappointed when I hear about a Libra who's horrible in bed!
"I'm a sucker for tasteful individuality "

Aren't we all (Well Aquas at least)? LOL. I can normally tell through body language or through the events & behaviors leading up to the sex if the other person even has any clue that I'm about to rock their world. And If I can see they are lusting over me hard because they KNOW, then I always step my game up X 2. But if I can sense that the other person just expects for it to be "sex", (nothing exciting but then again, nothing boring) then I step my game up X 5!
"I think libra and aries make the best bed partners for us. That's my experience."

I've never had an Aries experience, but LIBRAS (blushing) always bring something NEW to the table. The sex with them gets better & more exciting each time! As far as sexual compatibility, Libras know exactly what WE want & HOW we want it. I think it's just the "swagger" they have...It's like, THEY KNOW they're good in bed & have it written all over their foreheads before & during the sex. And it seems like afterwards, they walk around with that "Yeah, I know I rocked your world" look on their faces! Ugh! I LOVE EM!
U R Wrong about Taurus --- not sure where you all got your info
I've had great sex with a CAP male --- wrong about him too.

I mean hey, MY experience may not be the same experience YOU had. Some of what I said about each sign was from actual experience & some of it was from hear-say of my closest friends who have had sexual encounters with them...Either way, what I experienced is how I see it & what they tell me about their own experiences is something I don't doubt them on. One person's trash might be another person's treasure....And then you have to consider things from a male & female perspective. I've actually heard that CAP males tend to leave more of a mark then Cap females do & I'm sure there are differences between the 2 genders in other signs as well
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