The Shyest Zodiac Sign

Which Zodiac Sign do you think is the shyest in the matters of love & sex ?
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Aries, EVERYTHING was fast.
Posted by WaterCup
Aries, EVERYTHING was fast.

Posted by aishid

1. Aries: The Minute Man
This fire sign is known for being a pretty straight shooter. Aries will have no compunction at all about sharing his or her raunchiest ideas about what to do in the sack. The problem with straight shooters, though, is that they always like to get right to the point. So count on an Aries to take charge and get you where you want to go???in a hurry.>The Good, the Bad, the Slutty: The Sexiest Zodiac Signs
female from Lifepath #3 Soul urge #5 Personality #8 •
Lmao & thanks for the link
female from Lifepath #3 Soul urge #5 Personality #8 •
For some reason I read the topic as 'shytiest' & its now that I realise that its 'shyest'. I've never been with any shy person, so I retract my previous statement.
female from Lifepath #3 Soul urge #5 Personality #8 •
Posted by feby16aqua
Posted by WaterCup
For some reason I read the topic as 'shytiest' & its now that I realise that its 'shyest'. I've never been with any shy person, so I retract my previous statement.

lol shytiest how are you WC?

I'd say the shyest I have met are Taurus.

its all good & you?

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