The Stellium ~ {do you have one?}

The Stellium
A Stellium is a configuration that occurs when three or more planets are in the same sign or are in the same house. This configuration is based on the conjunction. But instead of the usual 2 planets within 12 degrees of each other, you have 3 or more planets. A stellium often brings great power and focus upon the affairs ruled by the house and the tendencies shown by the sign involved. Strong will power, self-awareness, and a direct stimulation to action will be shown in the affairs of both the sign and house. The house in which the stellium resides, is often considered the 'power house' of the birthchart. It is a focal point of energy, whereby an individual takes on the many of the characteristics of the sign the stellium is in. When the planets are in very close conjunction, the orb aspect is tightened; and the stellium becomes like a 'super planet'.

The key issue with Stelliums is one of balance. When three or more planets are in the same Sign, the energy and lessons of that Sign become extremely significant to the individual. Individuals with a Stellium often find that they tend to devote a large percentage of their time and energy towards the types of activities that stimulate and allow them to express their Stellium, by both Sign and House. What is important, then, is for these individuals to make a conscious effort to find some balance and perspective in their lives, which they can do by choosing to explore the energy and activities represented by the opposite sign and house from their Stellium. This will tend to be easiest when there are planets transiting opposite the Stellium, although it can obviously be done at any time.

{Mars being our most activated planet, will give much added strength and influence to the house and sign it is in, as well. Mars activates both sign and house into action! So, although Mars in Leo in my 5th is oppositional in aspect across from my Aqua stellium; so too, this is where i also find balance; that constant back and forth synergy between both the Aqua & Leo energies.}

So for me:
11th House Aquarian Stellium {the 11th being aqua's natural house cusp ruler}
MOON in Aqua
SATURN in Aqua

Early SUN in Pisces also resides in the 11th

Anyone else born with a stellium??
Yes, you do DK: i quickly checked your planetary positions:

1st House Sagittarian Stellium
MARS: Sagittarius 21.12
SATURN: Sagittarius 29.35
URANUS: Sagittarius 29.45

Btw, you have a very tight saturn-uranus orb, DK! ..a whole 10 minute difference!
I have a 3 planet stellium in Sagittarius (Mercury, Mars, and Neptune), but not all of the planets fall in the same house. I also have 3 planets in Scorpio, but they do not form a stellium.
"I have a 3 planet stellium in Sagittarius (Mercury, Mars, and Neptune)"

So, apparently I can find more balance and perspective by exploring my Gemini Moon?
Saturn is in 10 Degrees Capricorn.

Uranus is in 03 Degrees Capricorn.

Neptune is in 10 Degrees Capricorn.

so what does this mean
No problem DK, here's a little more info for You..! =)

"Whats the tight saturn uranus orb mean?"

The tighter and closer the Degree of 2 Planets the stronger and more intense the influence. This is called the orb of influence or aspect. The orb of separation for your saturn and uranus is only (0 deg. 10 min.)

A few words about your saturn - uranus conjunction:
Great self-reliance, and determination. Indicates a masterful manner with others, an original personality..*top that off with your other 2 original aqua placements..LOL*

DK, i take it you're sag rising; therefore a first house stellium; the house of self and image; your drive, your aura, what you project to others.. Mars Uranus and Saturn in the! This 1st House Stellium gives you 'Great' strength of character, and a bigger than life image to others. Any house in a person's chart that has one or more planets in it (especially the stellium) is emphasized and strengthened by their presence.

MARS in the First:
You are impulsive and independant, and dislike taking advice from others. You approach new projects with energy and confidence, and are capable of hard work. You have strong sex desires and are passionate in lovemaking. Good points: Strong body, self-assertive, and couragous. Bad points: can be inconsiderate, pushy, domineering and accident prone. Watch that head, DK!! =) (You make take on certain Arian characteristics, whether it be in looks or manner.)

URANUS in the First:
You have an inventive mind, and may take up unusual interests or hobbies. Your life is often marked by sudden unexpected beginnings. You have a high-strung personality and an independant way of looking at things. You can be strong-willed about getting your own way. Good points: original, creative, intuitive. Bad points: inconsiderate, stubborn, erractic. (Uranus in the first will strengthen your aqua personality even more!)

SATURN in the First:
You are persistant, have organizing ability, and are capable of self-discipline. You are patient and want your talents and work to be recognized. Good points: industrious, good powers of endurance, a keen sense of responsibility. Bad points: stubborn and set in ways, overly cautious at times, secretive. (You may take on certain cappy characteristic.)
sure bluestar, coming right up!
"I have SUN, MARS, and PLUTO all in Scorpio; is this a stellium?"
Yes, bluestar, this is certainly a stellium.

Since your Ascendant is in Libra, i'm assuming you have Scorpio on your second house cusp.
Therefore, you would have a:
2nd House Scorpio Stellium
SUN: Scorpio 14.55
MARS: Scorpio 15.05
PLUTO: Scorpio 20.07

You also have (very) powerful, assertive planets bluestar in this stellium; all in the equally powerful sign of Scorpio! Very interesting combination! And in the house of money and possessions too..LOL* =)

Sun conjunct Mars: (tight orb) Hard worker. Adventurous. Restless. Enthusiastic.
Mars conjunct Pluto: High emotional level. Quick tempered.

You will definately have to look closer at ALL the conjunctions, these three planets have with each other, bluestar!! You have a very intense stellium!

-The Second House deals with a person's finances, or the area in life that pertains to assets and personal worth in terms of worldly goods; shows gain or loss according to conditions affecting this house. Denotes ears and throat.
-The sign of Scorpio deals with legacies, wills, inheritances, etc -the endings of. So i find this scorp stellium a good fit for the second house.

{Here's a run-down of these three planets in your second house stellium.}
SUN in the Second: You tend to attract money, but it comes into and goes out of your life rather quickly. You like to spend on luxuries, and many of your possessions increase in value over time. You often gain through influential people. Good points: generous, great reserves of strength, persistant, creative in finacial matters. Bad points: possessive, greedy, ostentatious, money and possessions become status symbols.

MARS in the Second: You have good earning power and make gains through your own effort and competativeness. Money is important to you, and you aggressively go after it. You tend to have frequent finacial crisis, but you recover quickly. Good points: efficient, enterprising about new profit-making ideas, often have your own bussiness. Bad points: impulsive spender, lavish, careless, vulnerable to losses because of fire, haste or rashness. (Mars being the planet of fire.) Be extra careful about protecting and keeping your money and possessions safe, bluestar.

PLUTO in the Second: You are adventurous about money, and not afraid of taking risks. You like to diversify, and during your lifetime there may be several changes in your source of income.
continued: Pluto in the second (bluestar)

You tend to become obessed with possessions and finances. Good points: unique fiscal talent, resourceful, ability to win high return on your effort. Bad points: squanderer, selfish, tendency to by cunning.

(there yah go!)

Hey, no problem, bluestars, it was my pleasure! ..btw* continued success in your writing..!
'Saturn is in 10 Degrees Capricorn.
Uranus is in 03 Degrees Capricorn.
Neptune is in 10 Degrees Capricorn.'
"so what does this mean"

You do indeed have a Stellium, SilverNitrate
11th House Capricorn Stellium
SATURN: Capricorn 10.00
URANUS: Capricorn 03.00
NEPTUNE: Capricorn 10.00

Since your Rising Sign is in Pisces, and unless you have interrcepted houses; this would put your 3 Stellium planets into the 11th. (The house position is very important, so double check yourself sometime, that these planets are indeed in the 11th house.)

The tighter and closer the Degree of 2 Planets the stronger and more intense the influence. (You have a very tight zero degree orb of influence between Saturn and Neptune, SilverNitrate.)

Also, any house in a person's chart that has one or more planets in it (especially the stellium) is emphasized and strengthened by their presence.

Saturn conjunct Neptune: (tight orb) Hard-working and authoritative. An excellent aspect that combines idealism with practicality.

Saturn conjunct Uranus: Great self-reliance and determination. Indicates a masterful manner with others, an original personality.

(Of course, you'll want to look deeper into ALL possible aspects between these 3 Stellium planets, SilverNitrate.)

-The 11th House is associated with friends, companions, hopes and wishes. Pertains to the ankles.
-Capricorn is the sign governing reputation, career, standing in the community. It's natives seek honor, praise, and approval in the world at large.

A Capricorn Stellium gives you a great work ethic, an earthy stability, much determination and discipline, and an air of authority. Capricorn uses cunning instead of force to seize the opportunity.

(Remember, the key issue with Stelliums is one of balance. What is important, then, is for individuals to make a conscious effort to find some balance and perspective in their lives, which they can do by choosing to explore the energy and activities represented by the opposite sign and house from their Stellium. So for you, that would be your Cancer planets, most likely in your 5th house.)
continued, cap stellium

{SN, Here's a run-down of these three planets in your 11th house stellium.}
SATURN in the Eleventh: You prefer to form a few true and lasting friendships, rather than cultivate many superficial aquaintances. You have high aspirations, but must often cope with mundane delays and obstacles. The discipline you learn early in life brings freedom later on. Good point: determination to reach objectives. Bad point: may be victimized by unscrupulous or selfish motives on the part of others.

URANUS in the Eleventh: Your attachments and friendships often form suddenly. You are attracted to people with unusual interests and from different walks of life; you may be involved with the occult, and most likely have a deep interest in astrology and the esoteric. Your ideals and ambitions are not run-of-the-mill, and you are often thought of as a unique personality. Good point: lively and inventive attitude toward achieving goals. Bad point: may suffer enstrangements with friends, and consequent emotional upsets. (Curiously, many famous astrologers have Uranus in the 11th house; there is a natural affinity and talent.)

NEPTUNE in the Eleventh: You are drawn to artistic, sensitive people, and are likely to form friendships, because of goals you share in common. You are inclined to be an idealistic, compassionate person, concerned with giving help to others. You may join a humanitarian organization or a group with visionary aims. Good point: intuitive to the needs of others. Bad point: you may suffer because of unreliable and treacherous friends.

i also want to point out that a person generally is not astrologically mature until about the age of about 21. You are still growing into your planets. Your outer planets may take even longer, which happens to be the 3 planets in your stellium. So in time, you will gradually feel the strengthening influence and force of this Stellium, as you get older.

*SilverNitrate; besides your cap stellium;.*Your Mars in Leo is a *very* strong positon to have in your Birthchart..*same as moi, btw! Not only that, you also have Mars and Venus conjunct in Leo, as! ..okay, hope this info helps you some.. =)
"Hey Mystic, what is your opinion on the triple threats? My mother, for instance, is a SUN, MOON and RISING Piscean (yikes! hehe).. I love her to death, but she isn't the greatest force to be reckoned with (personality-wise I mean, obviously cos Pisceans are peace lovers)"

Wow! That's alot of Pisces, bluestars! She is a *Triple Piscean* ..kind of rare indeed. Now i think what you mean is..*she is very introspective, and peace-loving? Where maybe you want a little more fire and movement. hmmmmm, i'm guessing maybe her passions may lie more in the world of subtly, feelings and the inner mind. Perhaps her passions may activate to a higher octave in the world of art, music, the esoteric. 'sort of like if you put a paint brush in her hand, look out! wow, i mysefl have never met a triple piscean before, and with you as a scorpio, that is alot of water!
i have my MARS,PLUTO and SATURN in scorpio,in first house.
does that count?
ok,here is the astrological mumbo jumbo of my chart.haahaa

Sun Aquarius 28?20'34 in house 5
Moon Virgo 9?47'45 in house 11
Mercury Aquarius 13?23'44 in house 4
Venus Capricorn 28?18'15 in house 4
Mars Scorpio 17?27'24 in house 1
Jupiter Capricorn 5?47'02 in house 3
Saturn Scorpio 16?20'41 in house 1
Uranus Sagittarius 13?10'47 in house 2
Neptune Capricorn 0?52'34 in house 3
Pluto Scorpio 2?04'51 in house 1
True Node Gemini 12?38'01 in house 8
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