Which Sign(s) Do You Attract The Most?

I have a tendency to attract a lot of gemini and libra guys. I have no idea. I'm a double cancer, so they're horrible for me! I think its because I have four planets of Leo in me. So they think that I'm more emotionally independent than I actually am.

+Explain why you think those particular signs are attracted to you. Maybe you have a lot of pisces in you and you attract rams because you seem easy to dominate?


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unfortunately i have not attracted any one in my whole life
Scorpio, Leo, Taurus, Gemini. But probably all of them LOL!
and I dont have an explanation, other than being hot lol
Mostly Cancers, Scorpios and lately Capricorns. No idea why - maybe it's my ascendant, I look like a scorp, but I'm a Leo sun / moon.
Water and earth signs


Pisces Cancers and Taurus 's
Libra, Sags, Gemini, and I run from the Gems.

Always water signs, a few air are thrown in every so often.

Mostly in this order:


A few Gemini's & Leo's (rarely wish they would come around more) and yeah that's about it.
Water signs REALLY like me.
Scorps with Venus in libra
Libras with sco energy
Aquarius (?)
Sagi moons

Virgo sun Leo Moon.

Earth Signs as of late. Lots of them.

LOTS of Caps! They either annoy the butter outta me or are hilarious to be around.
Virgos we end up being best friends.
Taurus we just never work out, its hard to connect w/ them.

Geminis too. Theyre too abstract tho and usually really stupid.
Then the Aries. Aries love me. But I do not love them back. They have the attention span of a gold fish.
For some reason many Pisces and Cancers come to me for help with emotional matters (when they need encouragement). I am an Aries.
only know their sun signs...

all Fire Signs & Libra & Gemini & Cancer & Taurus
Lately I seem to attract nothing but Pisces and Scorpio...usually doesn't last long though, since I unknowingly hurt their feelings rather easily.
Almost exclusively I attract Aquarians. My last 4 out of 5 girlfriends have been Aquarians, while the other was Libra, and that one didn't last long. I'd love to find a water sign :/
I'm a Virgo.
Also Virgo and Capricorn :-)

But usually I can estimate how long a "relationship" will last with someone and if it doesn't fit what I have in mind, I wont even consider it.
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