Why Don't People Like Capricorns?

because they are whiners and unsure of themselves and weak in that sense and that is why they tend to gossip in a bad way about people...and they always feel threatened by them..
Message posted by: sb on 7/11/2006 3:11:12 PM ip: xxx.xxx.xxx.139
That coming from you undergrad is a laugh.

Ok sure because you know me THAT well!!! You are one hell of a mind reader!! LOL
Because they are the idiots of the Zodiac.


I love cappies, my brothers a cappy ^^
Message posted by: sb on 7/11/2006 10:30:28 PM ip: xxx.xxx.xxx.139
No undergrad , I just need to read your posts to know what kind of a flake job you are.

Message posted by: sb on 7/11/2006 10:35:34 PM ip: xxx.xxx.xxx.139
And besides, you won't find any of the Caps on here whining. If there has been anyone whining on here and showing their indecisiveness it has been YOU. Read your own posts again , whiner. Its so stupid, its laughable.

typical cap....lol!! Keep on the good job! And be careful before trying to insult people personally... it is another thing to say sth generally about a sign and another to attack a person personally... OH and good job...now that you've read my posts you know what kind of person i am.... i bet you know everybody on these boards....ANyway you just confirmed my opinion about caps..and be sure that i am not the only one who holds that opionion.....YOu won't make me change my mind just because you chose to criticise me...
why don;t you read your first post...it might help you out figuring out that maybe you need the consensus otherwise why would you go into so much trouble and start all this on dxp just because sb you don;t know said sth about your sign? THat's ridiculous but whatever... it is a free world!!
Message posted by: sb on 7/11/2006 2:58:58 PM ip: xxx.xxx.xxx.139
Does it matter? Do you like yourself? That's more important. Those who don't like you are usually the ones with the problem. Be happy with that. capricorns have more serious things to worry about rather than a general consensus from their peers.

it was a general opinion... i didn't pick up on anybody in particular....or insulted other dxp users
I like Capricorns. It's a lot easier to know where you stand with a Capricorn that other signs.
Does it really matter?
There is no good or bad sign really in astrology.
It's only our environment that we live in that triggers us to act a certain way around others.
Whoever said "Capricorns whine and gossip about others" isn't entire true since not EVERY possible Capricorn in existence whine alot.
That's just a simple pointless assumption made by some person who happens to dislike Capricorns.
So don't feel offended by what others say about your astrological signs, it's only a matter of opinion and judgement. :x
I have pretty much Capricorn Moon/Capricorn rising in me so I know how it feels to be a Capricorn or atleast some sides of being one anyway.

- Yoru
Personally, I love the capricorns no-butter attitude about everything. Direct approach..but I also love how deep down they can be incredibly emotional and extremely romantic.

Thank you so much. Well, that no "stuff" () attitude can get me in trouble sometimes However, there are people who like me the way I am and then there are those who wouldn't mind chasing me around with a huge stick! ^_^.

Yes, deep down I'm as soft as dough but not everyone knows that about me
I've known a lot of Capricorns in my life and for the most part, liked them all and some even became very close/best friends of mine. I think it is because they respected me, and this made me respect them. They don't usually blab secrets, and once you are their friend you will always be their friend. However...

...I nearly had a romantic relationship with one, and it never quite elevated beyond the physical plane...and the reason for that, I think, was that he (the Cap) was so unemotional, so ... *blah*...I'm almost glad it didn't become a real relationship because I never could have gotten used to that. I don't want to say they're boring, but the ones I've known, quite frankly, weren't all that lively. So I would have to echo what one of the other posters was saying about the fact that human beings like attention paid to them, affection shown to them, etc. And while Caps may feel a certain way, they can come off as much too icy.
tall dark and aries
My sis is a Capricorn and she's cool to me.
Personally, I LOVE CAPRICORNS! my insomnia is no match for them
Capricorns do like to whine, though they will never admit it.

Hahahahaha!!! Oh really!

@ Mr.B
Why NOT like a Capricorn???????
Hey Caps are mad cool. I have this Capricorn friend and she is gr8. Caps have this calm and collected personality that is always there for u. And that's one thing that really keeps the friendship goin. They r mad funny too.
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