best liars of the zodiac?

who can really work it and convincingly? i think libras and geminis...definitely the air signs. but aquarius is pretty honest in my experience. gemini is trying to juggle their duality so its purely selfish. while libra is just trying to be a people pleaser.
i'm an aquarius and i don't lie that much but when i do i never get caught because i can always think on my feet if someone tries to catch me in it.
hmmm... i don't know about this one. i don't notice a particular trend i guess. i can usually cut through anyone's bullbutter.

however, i know that i can lie VERY well. almost too well. it kinda freaks me out actually. it lets me know what i am truly capable of in a darker sense. it was something that i practiced often growing up in the home that i did. i can easily whip up a believable tale and rarely be questioned about its validity which makes it easier to get away with.

i'm a leo.
From experience I'm going to go with Aquarius. The worst I'd have to say though, Cancer without a doubt. Every single Cancer I know - both male and female - are terrible liars. Their faces are just a dead giveaway.
guess i was wrong about the aquarians

i am cancer with libra moon and gemini rising. i find myself in lies more than i would like...and well i am pretty good at it. sad to say.
Yes, we know ^^^^^^
Gemini could easily be the best at lying. They're the signs of communication so go figure. However I also feel like Scorios could be good at lying because they are so secretive to begin with.
Libras and Scorpios, in my opinion.
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pisces, cause pisces rules deception (self-deception too) and everything that is fake (TV, glamour, etc)

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The biggest liars I know are all female Pisces. sigh

Very true, and i'll agree with you.

The fish rules imagination and delusion, and a great amount of people have had bad experiences with those bastards...ESPECIALLY when it comes to playing the victim. WHen they are caught, they put on a face, start shedding tears and they convince everyone that it was "YOUR" fault not the little ol' fishy...They are so good at creating lies that their lives can become a lie.

Ah, I'm going to agree with you bro...bert!

Gemini's aren't liars they are plain manipulative, and people think they can't be manipulated but they always are hahaha.
Well there are different types of liars.
1. There are the liars that lie just for the hell of it (whether there is any gain or not): Gemini
2. Then there are the liars who are great at lying when they have to, to either prove a point or get away with murder: Aqua
3. There's also the liars that usually only lie when it comes to expressing their true feelings about someone/something that is most likely to gain disapproval from others if the truth be told: Libras/Scorpio
4. Last but not least, there's the liars that rarely lie, BUT yet when they lie, they are damn good liars: Capricorn
Always, for me has been not any order the biggest liars"


I've learned tha Aqua's are over exaggerating, and will evade confrontational truths.
I dont think anyone is a good liar. . i can always tell lol
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it's always the why, not the what. come on.

aries...generally awful liars. they'll sometimes "lie" by saying something they don't stick with, but that's about it.
taurus...if they lie, they believe it. they're stubborn like that
gemini...they don't "lie" because they have no grasp on the truth to begin with
cancer...they'll lie to protect themselves and to try to hide bad things about them that everyone would totally just forgive, but they want to be flawless so they can't just admit to flaws. otherwise, they're usually honest to a fault.
leos...usually way too honest. lying isn't dignified. someone as regal as leo should be able to tell the truth with impunity. this is why they usually just come off as pompous markers. unless we're talking about what the definition of "is" is. lol. but everybody knew clinton was full of butter, with that little grin of his, you could just tell that he was really saying 'hell yes i had sexual relations with her' but because he was president his handlers wouldn't let him just come right out with it. to tell lies for practical reasons or to protect their feeling of independence. not likely to lie, but when they do, they are great at it.
libras...amazing liars. they know it's a lie, but it depends how you frame it. i mean, in some other dimension, it could be true, or if circumstances were a bit different. besides, everyone gets along better this way.
scorpio...supposedly are good liars, but i've only ever seen them lie by omission. or they'll lie to make themselves look worse or more badass or dangerous or evil or mysterious or whatever. most likely sign to say they were having an orgy at a black mass instead of just admitting they spent friday night at home reading a chicken soup book. lol.
sagittarius...too brash to lie. they just let everything out. opinions. accounts of misdeeds. farts. everything.
capricorn...can be excellent liars. usually for the sake of status, seeming better than they are, more important, smarter, etc.
capriquarians (their own category) liars by far. they usually do it in a lawyerly way by getting you to question your own beliefs, asking you questions that lead you to a point of contradiction, etc. but mostly they are shameless and sociopathic.
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