most loyal sign ?

male from q8 •
"my sun in aries the hero
most loyal sign for who they love

for men : ?

for women : ?

female from New York •
Sun Sign: Passionate Pisces
Pisces of course
leo & sag HANDS DOWN
For men and women: No one offers faith, Loyalty, and love like a Taurus
Once Again Anicia, we're here >
Leos are DEFINITELY loyal...why are you such the leo hater Mr. Nice? I get along with scorpios pretty well....for the most part...we have alot in common
" Maybe...someday.
lol mr. nice already showed his ass to the new comers.
female •
" Scorpio"
I've never cheated on a partner of mine...and the temptation to was GOOD temptation. But it was never good enough for me.

I'm a Scorpion.
male from q8 •
"my sun in aries the hero
yes i think cancer (women) are loyal thump up of the most

and leo girls

and aries all

male from q8 •
"my sun in aries the hero
yes saggitaruis women sooo loyal

but not to any kind of men

she need a true aries or leo

some one understand her

I dont think Sag women are loyal...maybe when paired with who Hii said but from what ive seen, no.

Leo women are very loyal...but not the men
female •
Sun: Cancer Moon: Pisces Rising: Aries Mars: Cancer
I think Cancer, Scorpio & Taurus are the most loyal signs
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