I mean, it's just a terrible match in my opinion. My descendant is Capricorn, and descendant predicts romance, right? But I was reading a thing about cap partners... I'm not that ambitious in terms of business, as long as it's fun and comfortable and ethi


Written by one of the world's most popular contemporary astrologers, and filled with magnificent illustrations, it covers both traditional and modern forms in a way that beginners can easily understand. 
Why do you take it for granted as soon as someone shows you they care and then toy with their emotions?? Come and go as you please but as soon as someone gets fed up with your butter then you come back like "oh man I got you so worked up..." Baby calm down
Hi. I have a full square (as in, an actual square) in my astrological chart and I'm wondering if it means anything. I can't find anything about it through googling aspects, aside from it being a set of T squares. Can someone please help me interpret this?
Why do we atrract the same placements/energies into our life over and over again? I've been trying to figure this out because I notice a pattern. Is it chance? Is their a scientific explanation?
We have almost the same house placement with the exception of 12th house. All other houses are the same. Anybody had have an experience with this? No luck searching the net.
Makes no sense to only complain, so thanks ! It's much easier to throw a like :)
So my Venus is in 12 house. I attract a lot of men, but usually men who only want sex and that are taken. What's up with that? They say Venus in 12 is mysterious. Anyone has this or knows more?
Why does it seem like a lot of Gemini are attracted to me? Its both men and woman.. I am cancer rising so their sun usually falls in my 12 house. Does the 12 house synastry draw them in? I am now with a Gemini guy, he says he likes me and there is s
Did the private messages go away on here or have they been relocated.
I'm trying to understand this Cancer woman that I am head over heals for... No idea if she cares or is interested in me in any way ... trying to understand this scene.. We were sitting next to each other.. she barely talked to me.. was up in her phone the
When you were a kid, did you gets lots of physical affection (hugs, head pats, etc) from people? When you grew older, did you miss how much affection you used to get compared to affectionate gestures, if any, you revived as a teen/adult? Does physical
It seems like the Geminis I've known in my life have been pure evil all except for one girl who, even though did betray me, wasn't as bad as the men. It seems like they can switch up on anybody at any given moment but put so much effort into putting a mas
youtube videos about your zodiac sign?
So I have a Libra rising, Cancer sun, and moon in Pisces... I don't know if I look like a Cancer, a Libra, or a Pisces lol
Who would be considered more aggressive, an Aries sun and moon person or a person with Aries Mars
I honestly feel it doesn't really have much of an impact in anything as we see it in life all the time with various signs with each other compatible or not. be honest, how many of you zodiac discriminate when dating? Lol dont even lie now
I'm a Virgo and I was/still is in love with a Scorpio guy. A few years ago we met and we instantly clicked. We had so much chemistry that other people felt it. He would say I love you to me everyday hug me and even touched me in a good way. (Not like that
What do you guys think of getting bit or biting people during make out sessions/sex? What's your Mars and Venus? I like it a lot on both sides. But since I have a huge issue with the side of my neck, I prefer it lower on the neck. Aries Venus Scorpi
If you had to give this pair a compatibility rate of 1-10, what would it be? Female: Sag Rising Gem sun Gem moon Aries venus Gemini mars Taurus Mercury Male: Aqua rising Virgo sun Pisces moon Scorpio venus Scorpio mars Virgo mercury
About an astrologer before you asked them a question or paid them for chart reading services?

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Recently installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on a 2nd hand laptop and just wanted to know if anyone else uses Ubuntu and if you have any tips/tricks or applications suggestions for Ubuntu? What are the long term advantages/disadvantages? If all goes well, I
What kinds of things should i ask him in order to get to know him better? I want to have meaningful conversations with him. Because the quality of our conversations so far has been butter. Because it's been small talk and silly things and so far I just do
Fellow Pisceans, WTF is up with all the bad energy in the air right now? I keep going from one bad energy situation right into another. This semester, I have a professor straight out of hell. My military unit that I am trying to separate from
I'm done with mine. I'm not going into details but I feel like I was a forgotten orphan. I did well enough in school my parents were both troubled. My father was abusive verbally i grew to large to physically hit and he knew it didn't matter to me. I can
I don't want to read any deep sheet about being yourself blah blah What's normal? In a general sense. Curious Cause I think abnormal people see themselves as normal And normal people as boring
Off to New York. I'm about head to head to Sea-tac Airport to fly to New York. I had fun in Seattle man Bellevue is beautiful, the Bellevue square mall. I will come near future off to New York now
physical strength. Taurus is perhaps the most gifted when it comes physical strength, I know that. Taurus are natural bullies and it is due to the fact that they are naturally stronger them everybody. It is easy to bully people when you are the biggest st
Virgo are not physically gifted when it comes to physical straight. Their bony and skinny. Short arms and legs. very fragile. Now I know many Virgos who can fight because they have trained. This is due to the fact that they were getting their asses kicked
Good: 2nd - money! :) 5th - arts 6th - passion for service and health 10th - career Bad: 4th - family or someone in the family you need to take care of 7th - relationships @_@ 8th - death @_@
Can I please get some more input on these two types of people? They've been appearing in my life A LOT over the years. Thanks :*
Had a dream that a guy I'm talking to went on a trip with my whole family and when he came back we was leaving and I looked into the sky & noticed that the sky was cloudy & it was a full moon but it was a helicopter with a flashlight peeking through so I
Hi so a bit about my chart: sun:scorpio rising:aries moon:aries venus:capricorn THE HISTORY Me and this sag guy went to high school together and had some classes together. I looked at him as an older brother and never really thought he had interes
http://www.answers.com/article/31013084/if-someones-does-this-after-a-breakup-science-says-they-may-be-a-psychopath :P
So I'm pretty sure that's what he did. Honestly I find it adorable and it opened a whole new door for us. A couple of nights ago, Scorpio and I were spending time together when he invited over one of his guy friends. I thought nothing of it and was fi
Feel free to share experiences!
I'm nervous about this day...
I flying back new York. Why, well since I live in the city I can rent the apartment for 500 a night. I pay 4500 a month on rents for it so that a 10 grand profit. I going back to fix things up and then rent it. They rent like crazy. Then I will go on a ro
Whether we want to admit it or not, we have these internal lists stored in our brains, formulated through time and experiences regarding what is sought in a romantic partner. As we are getting to know someone, boxes are being checked or we're making m