What sign/placements/aspects/whatever that treetrunk you want, are a good match for cancer men? Preferably something that won't treetrunk my butter up. http://a67.tinypic.com/vhvtiq.jpg I love these comics.😎
cancer sun and cancer venus male. I.e: use other girls to trigger jealousy in a girl he likes? -possibly from fear of rejection etc im a pisces sun and venus aries, and have done this a thousand times
So i was curious if im the only one.... Does anyone else find it hard to sleep or feel uneasy when its a full moon?
Hey I am dating a very crabby crab. He was totally fine when we first met, but as soon as he started to fall in love he got pretty defensive and began to push / pull and test. We're trapped in a cycle that's damaging us. The cycle is that if we ge
I feel like women don't like me .all my life its been this way.ever since I was in high school it was like this. I feel utterly useless and alone.if I could fade away I would because life just isn't for me anymore. And that's not an over exaggeration. I d
Hello. This is going to be a bit longer but bear with me. :) There is a great cancer lady at work and we understand each other really good. We're both cancers, both in mid thirties and we are actually only four days apart regarding age. We know each
Hello, I am here for an advise. I am a 26 year old Taurus lady who met a wonderful down to earth 28 year old Cancer sign man at work. We became good friends in the start and he was seeing someone at that time. But she broke his heart around January th
About Cancer females... This entire board is about Cancer men. What the treetrunk? I'd like to actually see something about Cancer women! Good or bad....
Ive known a cancer for a few years now and he has problem with marijuana. He works full time but almost any time off he tries to spend getting high, or around people who are high. He does this in phases though, some months he doesn't do it to often, then
Sun in Cancer Moon in Virgo Mercury in Cancer Venus&Mars in Gemini Pls describe . Thank you
Seems like cancers are all different but there are definitely some generalities among cancers with similar moons. I definitely see moons signs coming through with cancers more so than other signs, does anyone else notice this?
Hello. I just want to share what I have observed being and sharing with other Cancers. The biggest thing that leads to a Cancer's fulfillment of life, is their expression. How they express themselves. Some cancers are vocally expressive, some are phys
Just spent almost all weekend with him but I wanna see him tomorrow again, he did mention I could come over after he's back from work but he said that before we spent the next 2-3ish days together and I don't know if we were high when he said it. Do you r
When I landed on San Francisco airport earlier today. I saw a beautiful woman. Ma she is thick nice shape and nice booty. She is the perfect ten. Oh I could not believe how beautiful this woman is. Luckily I was wearing a suit and had my hair lined up. I
Cancers or anyone with the sun sign in the 4th house would do. Do you get a kick at taking care of someone when they are sick or physically hurt? Like if a loved one such as a husband, boyfriend, wife, girlfriend, mother, father or kids get sick or in
way too funny... way too big.. and way too real ..way too crazy ...sleep too late and lately we got no chill.... post what ever you want.... help...cookiemonster..amuse.. complain, plan, think...inspire...defend..dream... sooo here's the wine https://
Because I'm never going to listen. I'm perfectly capable of doing what's best for me & I don't need you telling me what to do in any circumstances. I DO WHAT I WANT. F what you say. Am I the only one that feels this way or are all cancers like this
I have a cancer guy friend who was feeling a little bit depressed lately. He wanted to go for a vacation at the beach to be alone for a few days but his parents surprised him & they tagged along to spend the vacation with him. It got him pretty upset as h
i'm a cancer, and i'm pretty bored now. So pls go ahead.
Give me his number please. I want to add to the Cancer Man Left Me thread... https://media4.giphy.com/media/10sLheRMTWGKGI/giphy.gif

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And he totally left the conversation πŸ˜‘ I shared with him my summer trip and some pics of it and I asked him about his hometown. I was being conversational and asked a simple question 'so there wasn't much to do there?' It shows me tht he saw the msg b
Im an aquarius and im not compatible to earth signs like virgo, been to one for 4yrs on and off stage I had a relationship with a scorpio for 10yrs again it ended because i cant handle the controlling thing and the possessiveness although we are still
What sign/placements/aspects/whatever that treetrunk you want, are a good match for cancer men? Preferably something that won't treetrunk my butter up. http://a67.tinypic.com/vhvtiq.jpg I love these comics.😎
Does it? Like example, 6th house in Libra says you're prone to digestive issues or 6th house in Sagittarius say you're prone to hip problems?
Hey all you scorpio males and females out there... I need your insights about my ex scorpio He recently just broke up with me Before that scenario happened, he was hospitalized because he had gallstones that needed to be removed he was hospitalized f
Why should I? I don't like ether presidential candidate. If it's between those two and you don't like them, there's always a third choice. Who else isn't voting?
She's been dating this guy for the last 3-4 months but she has been contacting me for the last year and a half to "hang out" with her. We have history together. Does her persistance mean shes trying just to reconnect with me as a "friend" or does she e
I know you goats are slow, but do you prefer to make the first move since you guys/gals like control, or prefer to be asked out/or the other to make the first move?
I still have dreams but I can't remember them in detail like the ones before, I feel slightly anxious going to bed because I don't want to dream about a certain person, the dreams are too vivid, strong but short, sweet and to the point. 98% of the time im
Women sitting alone together in a cafe would not give most observers pause, but in Russia, a group of women alone acts as a reminder of the country's deficiency in marriageable men. Lonely Russian women are commonplace in Moscow and other major Russian ci
So I'm dating a Capricorn man and he has a girlfriend. He doesn't know that I know that he has a girlfriend. It's strange because we are always talking and see each other on the weekends. We talk throughout and he always text me goodnight, it's as if we a
I found this super interesting and thought I would share...... There are days throughout the year that a planet appears to move backward and forward in orbit. Although this is a trick of the eye from our perspective on earth, the β€œstation” β€” or the mom
I am a sagittarius woman and i have been talking to a scorpio for about a year now we are both in high school and I really like this guy he is sweet ,kind and caring in so many ways. He is the only guy in the world that is special to me. When i told him i
Can anyone shed some insight into this rising sign? I have just recently discovered that I have a gemini rising sign and I would have NEVER thought that this would be my rising! I have lots of earth in my chart so this rising completely caught me off guar
what does this mean for pisces sun people? what would it mean for someone with Neptune in the 10th house
Having those things delivered to your EX-Wife's work for her birthday.. Inappropriate or not a big deal?? And why? He's a Taurus..he has a gf. I have a bf...
Tell me about Leo & Libra moon in a relationship...