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"Well lets see. I'm a very intense person. I have been described as a confident
Iv'e been posting these on all of the other sign forums but it's quite interesting how accurate this is. I got this from one of my fav sights to read everything about zodiac signs and im shocked about how accurate this is for my sign..
i got this from if anyone wanted to check it out..
read these and see if it fits you well or not..

Those who are born under the jurisdiction of Cancer will fall into one of two types: The Moon or The Crab. Moon natives are the easiest to recognize and will give every indication of a lunar appearance. The catchword for this subject is most assuredly "round." They will have large, round eyes, a round face, a round body and even rounded limbs. This classical Cancer type also possesses a somewhat wide-eyed impressionability. Crab natives are more difficult to discern but exemplify many physical characteristics of a crab. There will be will be a rather broad cranium, somewhat bony in appearance, for example, with a large, overhanging brow. Here, the eyes will usually be set far apart and somewhat smaller than those of the Moon native...still, the overall impression will be round. These Crab individuals have a large or wide mouth which seems to be set in a grin even when the face is totally relaxed. The jaw may be prominent in some manner...sometimes resembling the mandibles of the crab...and the teeth may appear loosely joined in the mouth or irregularly spaced. Both types are generally short with rather wide shoulders and there may well be a tendency toward a pleasant plumpness. The Crab native will usually have a more rugged appearance than the Moon subject, who will appear to be more delicate. The complexion of all Cancer natives is invariably smooth and free from blemishes and the arms may have a crab-like motion while the legs are prone to be short and stocky.
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"Well lets see. I'm a very intense person. I have been described as a confident
Natives of Cancer can be among the most attractive of the Zodiac when it comes to personal appearance. The males of this Sign are inclined to possess a full chest and there will be ample bust development in the female. In essence, the upper body is invariably larger in proportion to the lower, which may make for a rather clumsy or top-heavy bodily appearance at times. It is interesting to note that many dwarfs are born with Cancer as their governing Sign. A certain amount of plumpness in build is typical of Cancer natives. Typically, the hands are plump with short fingers, which are likely to curl inwards when idle, the thumbs being tucked tightly into the palms. The profile is frequently dish-shaped with a well-rounded chin which has a tendency to "double." The mouth tends to be rather large with teeth which are often chalky in color. There is also a tendency for the teeth of a Cancer individual to be somewhat poor in appearance due to the unfortunate habit of grinding attributed to this Sign's rather nervous disposition. The complexion is usually either pale or tawny in character with the eyes normally being light or greyish in color. The eyebrows of a Cancer native appear to constantly be raised in a questioning manner. The hair of a Cancer female is frequently light to golden brown. Her face is typically round with pale eyes and a placid or serene expression. The Cancer female is exudes a very feminine aura. The hair of the Cancer male is customarily dark in color. With the advancement of age, a prominent abdomen can become apparent with this Sign, due chiefly to a tendency toward overeating. Many Cancer individuals walk with something of a "rolling" or "nautical" gait. There is often an inherent tendency to clasp the stomach area when resting or if perplexed. The voice tone of Cancer subjects is often low with a slow and deliberate speech rate. It should be noted that the constitution of a Cancer native is rarely as robust as it seems to be and it is important that those born under the jurisdiction of this Sign never over-estimate or over-extend their limits of endurance. Many Cancer subjects are not easily distinguishable from natives of other Zodiac Signs. However, one possible indentifiable trait may manifest itself in a dreaminess or preoccupation of manner...perhaps even an air of shyness which would typify the individual as a Cancer.

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"Well lets see. I'm a very intense person. I have been described as a confident
To some extent, the above descriptions are influenced and affected by the qualities associated with the Decan into which the Cancer individual falls. (To read more about the qualities associated with the Decans of Cancer, please click on the link given below.)
A subject born within the First Decan (June 22 to July 2...also known as the Cancer Decante of Cancer) is likely to be quite tall and very robust in build. The nose is customarily long and straight. The eyebrows are usually heavy and may also be rather bushy in character. The overall facial effect is that of an owl. If the coloring of this type is light, then the eyebrows will also be light. It is not unusual for men of this type to be well over six feet in height, with the women reaching a height of up to five feet ten inches.
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"Well lets see. I'm a very intense person. I have been described as a confident
A subject born within the Second Decan (July 3 to July 12...also known as the Scorpio Decante of Cancer) is likely to be medium to tall in height and slim...or even downright "skinny" build. The eyes of this type tend to be very round with the nose being straight and pointed. Despite the overall slimness, the cheeks of the face are prone toward plumpness. The body of the Second Decan of Cancer is relatively long in comparison to the length of the legs.
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"Well lets see. I'm a very intense person. I have been described as a confident
A subject born within the Third Decan (July 13 to July 22...also known as the Pisces Decante of Cancer) is likely to carry the broad and heavy frame which is typically associated with the Sign of Pisces. The face will be broad and the height will be medium or average. Although plumpness is not necessarily inherent to this Decan of Cancer, it certainly is considered extremely commonplace. Both males and females customarily possess round faces, pale complexions and relatively large eyes.
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I fit more my Rising sign then my sun sign appearance. sagittarius rising ftw!
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"Cancer Rising Sign is in 03 Degrees Sagittarius You are known for being ope
Very little of this fits me. The smiling even when I don't notice I do it (check my passport or drivers license for proof. I look like I'm about to laugh but I wasn't). I have quite broad shoulers, pale skin, proportionally quite a large chest and I'm short but the rest is usually the opposite.
I match my ascendant, saggitarius, and moon, gemini, much better. High forehead, strong legs, big teeth, pale skin, long fingers and I'm sure there's more.

In fact my boyfriend, who's time of birth I don't know, matches the cancer description better. Especially the top heavy part and the crablike way he holds his hands.
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Shut the treetrunk up, Tasha69. Or take a pill. Or 42.
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damn near every cancer woman i know have very nice sized or big TITTIES..except for a couple that i know with bdays in june
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and i would appreciate if all you cancer women post your tits..just for verification purposes of course
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i don't fit this description at all... not even the boobies part :s
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"Vide cor Meum... Vi et Animo My Opus Decan Compa
Posted by cancergem
i don't fit this description at all... not even the boobies part :s

Too much Gemini influence, but your head is quite round.

Look at moon_eyes, I think she encapsulates the description well.
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Posted by Tasha69
damen your posts crack me up!!!!!!

i wear a D bra

ha but i'm NOT round. sorry if crabby is offended but i'm not

wow..d huh? judging from your pic you look slim too..i bet them thangs put a lot of stress on your back
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Cancer's Body Parts: Chest, Breasts and Stomach.

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i loathe these descriptions about what signs are supposed to look like. pretty sure genetics play a huger role as to how one's appearance turns out to be. also, these descriptions were obviously made to be about white ppl with the whole pale and light eyes thing.

my cancer guy has sun and moon in cancer. he is 2nd decan. he is pale, shorter, blondish hair, blue eyes, broad all over. his parents are both on the shorter side and he took his light features from his very irish mother.
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