Cancer men don't make the first move...?

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All I've read, and from my experiences, Cancer men do not make the first move. They subtly take initiative and let you know they're interested but won't make a direct move.

However, if the man has Moon in Aries, Venus in Leo, and Mars in Scorpio, is it safe to assume that he would be capable of making a a direct move?
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female from July 11  

He may need more time to make a move. Perhaps he is watching and waiting........
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30 years old male

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30 years old male

I've never made the first move.
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female from July 11  

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23 years old male from San Diego, CA  USA  

I'm a cancer, through and through. Fo

I can't say how his other signs will affect things, but I can tell you that I am a Cancer, through and through, and I almost never make the first move. But I HAVE made the first move before. My first GF, I approached her after school and gave her my phone number. My second, she flirted first but again I made the first real move by giving my number and asking her on a date.

Cancers are fully capable of making the first move; we just HATE doing it. Rejection sucks; it makes you feel like butter and causes even the most confident person a moment of depression. Cancers are VERY sensitive; more so than any other sign, even Pisces, and at least Pisces are malleable enough to let their emotions flow on to the next mood in short order. Cancers hold on to their feelings and brood over them for a LONG time.

Don't expect him to make the first move without at least giving some hints that you like him; and by hints I don't mean whatever subtle thing you usually do. Men don't see the hints women drop because you're thinking like a woman when you drop them; consider his perspective and do something obvious. My second GF flirted with me openly before I made a move; in front of everyone she said something along the lines of "I can take him (me) all night long!" Blatant innuendo works well, and you don't have to do it in front of other people. Make an effort to be alone with him, then drop your hint.

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46 years old male

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115 years old from the Wine Country, California  

Posted by Claro de Luna
They have done so every time my experience. Though they prefer the interest shown between you to be mutual and fairly equal after that, they don't really chase without reciprocation on your part.

This has been the case for me aswell.
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22 years old male

♋ sun, ♈ moon, ♊ rising

Cancer sun Aries moon here, I've made the first move before, but only when I was actually sure the other person liked me as well. Otherwise, probably not.
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Thanks everyone - you pretty much reinforced what I was thinking all along. I'll make sure to let it be known I'm interested; I was just weary to be too obvious in the fear that he might not be as interested if I were to make the chase too short or easy (considering his Moon in Aries, and Aries' notorious love for the chase)

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