Do Cancerian Men Cause Women to Become Psychotic?

i am a cancer and so was the man i was married to for 14 years. i divorced him because he could make me so angry i could have snapped. didn't like the idea of going
not saying all cancer men are like this..but my was a total button pusher..still is..
we are still good friends, but he still knows how to push my buttons.
Cancer Men are the absolute worse as far as mind games go. They are loving and affectionate but they could use a tune-up in the pyschological area.
lol...i am a cancer female and i have dated 3 cancer men in the past and all 3 of them caused me to be psychotic!!! no joke...
Not only am I on the brink of insanity, but my moods suck! I am always cookiemonstery. Why, because I am frustrated. Too many mixed signals, hesitation and clamming up.
You just have to let them be, they come around soon enough with no pressure.
Wow, does this describe my relationship with the Cancer guy. He's hot, cold, all over the place all the time. And yes, good at manipulation, good at showing he cares - when he wants to care.

Have to say, though, I'm really getting to the point in life where the Taurus guys seem to pull me in more. After all that Cancer wackiness, the earthy, sensual, solid as a rock Taurus style really grew on me.
"Karima27 on 12/27/2006 7:15:03 AM ip:
Cancer Men are the absolute worse as far as mind games go. They are loving and affectionate but they could use a tune-up in the pyschological area."

agreed. I was with one for over a year. really glad it's over now...phew. he had too many issues with the girls in his past that he stayed friends with all of them and tried to maintain that emotional connection that they had when he was dating them. i think we ended up together because he was lonely from the girl that moved to a different state a couple months before i met him.

way too immature for me.
i am still trying to recover from all the mind games
My sister was with a Cancer male who was so indirect and sent many mixed messages, who would be clingy but then avoid her... Mum suggested they break up but comething kept drawing them together. I really hope this won't happen when I am with my Cancer
lol "something" not comething
Cancers are aware of their affect on people...thought they'll pretend they aren't...and very often they turn on the charm and the love, then turn it off quick to see how much you are affected. Then they can gauge (yes, it's a strong word) how they can manipulate you...

Yes, this is harsh, but I've actually had a Cancer rising woman tell me this was her technique. The manipulativeness comes from insecurity, but also is just a way of operating for them that works. They crave the security that comes from controlling others..and often the control replaces the love. Sad.

P-Angel, master manipulator, has moon in Cancer. And I'm afraid I know a lot of devious Cancers.
Oh, and totally irrational, vengeful anger is also a favorite tool.

As you can tell, my second husband won't be Cancer. Give me a nice, rational Virguy or protective Leo anytime.
Yeah..mY cancer Ex is something crazy...Me and my sis seen him out and when he saw my sisiter, he was asking her where I was at, like he wanted 2 see me,,,then when I seen him he acted funny, I guess cause his gf had showed his gf ran in the bathroom askingme ?..and I told her that I siply did not want him nemore and there was nothing going on...neways,,he starts texting me telling me how much he hates me and all this,,which I thought was last night he was texing me as if he wanted to see me and all this...I just dont understand
Cancer men do make you go crazy ass hell. I don't necessarily have one but I have met one. Let me tell you how to get his ass out of that shell. Please have a good job when doing this. They love playing mind games with you. Period. If you read there zodiac signs. We are talking about slow moving people here. Ordinary women just don't keep them attracted to them for long. They don't FEED off ordinary women. So just doesn't do it for them. Look up other signs that he is attracted to. Scorpio woman, pisces woman, and cancer woman. All of these are emotionally unattached women. They don't show there feelings well. They do all the sweet things you need them to do. But it is hard to capture them. THEY DON'T SHOW THERE FEELINGS. Big mistake that us woman make. BIG ASS MISTAKE. They don't like women who want to tie them down. Show him some love then back off. Let him do what he want just be his friend. Don't try to be his woman. He uses those kind of women and he needs a strong woman in his life. Not a weak one. Show him affection, but keep it at a distance. GOOD LUCK
I would kill my Cancer. I can't continue to play these mind games. He is skirting on the thinnest ice possible. I don't want to just be his playmate but if he keeps it up. I won't be his anything but a damn enemy!
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