Ignored vs rejected

So crabs, what is the difference between feeling ignored and feeling rejected? Give me some true situations for both cases, please.
Weird i was just thinking about this...

I thought my Pisces was flirting with girls and ignoring me to play mind games. I didn't feel rejected, just pissed because I wanted the attention he was giving others. That was my first thought, but after reflection I realized that he was just being elusive (as usual) and picking up on my annoyance and the fact I was about to through a major Aries Moon temper tantrum. So he iced me out. Good call on his part really...

Rejection is when I left a phone message for my ex-Scorpio after not talking to him for 3 months. Things ended with a misunderstanding and I wanted to clear the air and gain some closure. He texted me back telling me to stop harassing him or he'd call the police. Ouch!!!
i think ignored is more temporary whereas rejected is more permanent but I guess it could also be interchangeable. For example, if the object of your affection doesn't call you back within a resonable timeframe (to me 30 minutes lol) then I feel ignored. If he doesn't return your call at all then I feel rejected. Unfortunately, recent experience .

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