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Hello all! Here is my dilemma:

I was dating a Cancer male for a month and I really fell for him. Our connection was magical. He was VERY sensitive, almost hyper-senstive, but I was willing to empathize and I was very understanding. However, he said some mean things to me and became very critical; he told me I was too deep, I got under his skin, I reminded him of things his ex did which bothered him, etc. When I told him I was hurt and it seemed that he didn't like me the way he once did, he responded that I was being dramatic. He said he didn't want to discuss the situation because it was too much drama for us having only dated for a month. Thus, I suggested we be friends. I was hoping he'd put up some sort of fight. Instead he replied with, "I guess I don't understand how things escalated so quickly and abruptly, but I don't have the emotional stamina to work through it right now. You are the most genuine and good-hearted person I have met and so I'm sad and disappointed it's going in this direction." I told him the things he said had caused me to feel insecure and all I was seeking was a little reassurance, but he never responded. In fact, he hasn't communicated with me at all since this txt conversation last Wednesday. He's completely cut me off and it's really painful. I don't understand.


Me: Pisces Sun, Gemini Moon, Taurus Rising, Venus Aries

Him: Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon, Scorpio Rising, Venus Gemini
Thanks everyone. I actually tried calling him, but he didn't answer. I left him a voicemail - no return call. I told him I wouldn't keep trying to connect because I didn't want to be a bother, but that I'd be here for him as a friend if/when he was ready. Nothing bad happened between us to warrant us not being friends/talking to each other. Now I'm wondering if he ever really cared at all...
Your story is very similar to mine... I was devastated with the feeling he was gone forever. Once a week I would try to reach out to him. It took a month for him to start communicating again... We tried the friends thing, but I tell you fellow Pisces, it's going to eat away at you if he doesn't feel the same way as before. I've read on these forums that Cancers have a "switch",and once that switch is off.. most of the time it will stay off. So, us trying the friend route to see if we can accept it and have hopes that it may drift back to that magical time... I hope you have a lot of patience. It's been over six months for me, and things have not improved, it keeps going down hill, and I've been honest with him, so I'm not playing games. I've backed off quite a bit in the last couple of weeks, because I've lost too much of myself during all this.. He's going through a life crises too (financially).. I haven't given up though. Time will tell.

Give him at least a month before you worry too much.. Don't forget to love yourself hon..
Thank you, Rhaina. I think I understand I'm meant to move on, and so I will. What's confounding me is that I'm not typically the kind of girl to hang on to feelings for a guy once things have ended, my motto is "on to the next one!" (I attribute this to my Venus in Aries). I've never had someone not want to be my friend after ending romantically, so perhaps this is a new experience that I'm simply meant to learn from. Karma? Maybe. Rhaina, I think we need to find ourselves some stable taurus men with a watery moon or rising. We deserve some stability and understanding Self-love is crucial!! Something I'm working on.
I have an Aries moon, and I'm 41 yrs old, so I'm not new to relationships.. this Cancer man has been the only one that I haven't been, "on to the next one" for me... it's been a learning experience for sure. A stable, watery Taurus sounds perfect! lol ((HUGS))
Yes, MoonMan, we are hopeless romantic dreamers! All of my most serious and deepest relationships have been with Cancer men. I love you guys - apparently to my detriment! This Cancer just wasn't the right one, but I'm not giving up on you! I don't find that empathic soul tie with just any sign
He didn't sound like he was a very good person to be around if he was going to call you dramatic and not listening to your feelings.

you deserve better sweetie. I'm sorry. I know how it sucks when you really care for someone and they don't give back what you do...
Thanks dreamingpisces

I think you guys should of communicated in person....it would have been an different outcome in my opinion. In a text message you cant really read peoples emotions......But he mentioned that you reminded him of his ex in a negative way, that doesnt sound so good....especially if he was hurt in some way by her, he would try an avoid another situation like that. Once you said you just wanted to be friends it sounds like he took it as a breakup or rejection which Cancers (at least me) cant stand and try and avoid at all cost...and you guys havent been together that long so maybe he just didnt like the way everything was progressing and just cut his losses (figure of speech). But he is a Cancer sun and Moon...which could me he's very sensitive, intuitive and can get hurt easily...
You have no idea how many times I've thought the same things and have beat myself up over not having the conversation in person, LiquidAir. I wish I had a time machine and could go back and change the way I handled that situation. However, seeing that time travel is not an option, I have realized that I should take this experience as a lesson and learn from it. Never again will I have this type of conversation via txt message. At least I learned something? Too bad it was a really painful and disappointing lesson...

Also, it's apparent that our "connection" wasn't as strong as I believed, for if it were he would not want to simply cut me out of his life.

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