Why do cancer men move so fast?

Is this typical of them?
It's a diversion from seeing what's real and if you can look around the cancer board some of these women fall hook line and sinker and are somewhat love sick over how these men slink off as he slowly begins to disappear once he's sure she's in love, he can come and go as he pleases...If you haven't fallen in love, step back and DON'T fall in love until you really know who this guy is, get past the mask quickly, please don't let him charm you into submission, don't allow it to make your brain snooze, try to prevent his moving fast from keeping you from really getting to know him, tell him your flattered but he needs to slow down and watch how he reacts, most likely he will slink off like the rest of them do, please don't be a DXP statistic.
Wow Libragal...you are a hottie! :-)
sophie i totally agree with you..libragal if that is you in the pic you are smoking..forget it with a cancer cause his insecurities and possessiveness are going to be going to coming out of the woodwork cause of your hotness. plus we know how you libras love to flirt and that doesn't fly well with us..but i can only answer from my perspective and that is that i don't move very fast but having seen you i can see why he is..lol
lol well thanks guys..Yes that is me in the picture. Well I just have never had a guy move THAT fast is all. He has known me for a week, and he tells me loves me. Then buys me a Verizon cell and tells me he is going to pay the bill. I have a pre-paid at&t and it uses minutes like crazy if its not mobile to mobile, so he goes and does that so he can talk to me. Then tells me to discard my other cell with all my numbers that are guys. At first he ask me to give him the my old cell, and I was like UH no! ..So this is why I am asking is it typical of them to move so darn fast!
he is trying to eliminate the competition that is why he is moving fast..you are hot and he knows it so he is trying to cut it off at the pass and i guess in his mind he knows he has to act quickly before someone else gets to you. like i said i move pretty slow and if you could ask some of the women i have dated they would probably say very slow..not sure of his intentions but be careful with someone saying things and buying you things after only a week..i smell something fishy there..
I know I do to. It has been bothering me since he has done it. I mean he is a sweetheart so I am not sure as to what kind of fish we are smelling here. Any ideas on that aspect of it?
It's a control issue. I agree with cansir....I think its flounder or cod
Yeah I would slow him down, give him BACK that phone and tell him that your interested in getting to know him and would like the pace to slow down, don't accept anymore free gifts from him, I can understand him feeling infactuated and territorial but BUYING you and keeping tabs on you is not the healthiest way to go about it and would send up a few red flags like him being possessive and obsessive.

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The thing about men like this, it's more of a power move to see if you can be easily taken over ie CONTROLLED, he's not a sweetheart, he's desperate lol...sorry but that's what desperate men do, if he was confident, he wouldn't care about other men period...be careful
tiki33..I completely agree
Well that is what I thought guys ! I mean one has to be desperate to go to those measures!! and LOL @ at the comment flounder or cod , that was cute!! ..Well I have already excepted the cell, so I am going to keep it, but if he give me anymore gifts I ain't taking them..I don't know if he is desperate. He is pretty hot, but I often pondered that as well. It just seems out of the ord ya know? I am trying to figure the best way to handle this situation b/c I do NOT like drama...
looks have NOTHING to do with how much a man believes in himself, part of it is attraction for you but the way he is going about it says he is INSECURE, pushy and possibly abusive in some way...don't let his looks and money make you falsely believe he's perfect, the cracks are already showing and some of the finest men I know are also very insecure and have low self esteem, it's just easier for him to hide it, taking the phone in my opinion was a huge mistake, yes it's convienant NOW but later down the road your going to wish you hadn't taken that phone, he's not your man, you don't know him well enough and unless you intend on allowing him to have his way, give the phone back, you won't have drama if you don't take any free gifts (nothing is free with men like this) you don't allow him to buy and push his way into your life, you taking the phone is an indication that you can be bought and controlled if that is not the message you want to make then it would be in your best interest to give it back and take it once you 2 have decided which direction your going to go with one another
I know you made up your mind with keeping that phone but I promise you will regret it later down the line, nothing is FREE, there is a price to pay and the price is always heavier than the cost of the phone. If you want the relationship to be healthy and balanced you will not accept gifts like that unless you have every intention on playing it his way...whatever you choose to do good luck and be careful
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