why do cancers snap soo much

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8/1/2006 9:12:38 PM | More

I notice cancers have smart mouths and snap alot , and are extremely too sensitive but then get mad when soemone does it to them>>
8/1/2006 9:17:01 PM | More

sun cancer rising libra moon pisces

chi....do yourself a favor, you can't understand, so just stay away from cancers, we obviously scare the hell out of you. Your chi is a little strangled on this issue.
8/4/2006 6:17:51 PM | More


well antibling definitely has us figured out.

Althoug the truth is that you really can't blanket the good or bad traits of ANY sign on the whole group....different people have more or less of their fair share of any of those traits, plus you have to take into account influences like their upbringing, etc. Simplistically, I think each sing has a "good" and "bad" version, with the "good" having more than a fair share of good traits and the "bad" having the same of those.

For instance, a "good" cancer will generally be sensitive to your needs, romantic, loyal and devoted, would do anything for you, would make you feel like you were all that mattered in the world, and then have a couple of the less desirable traits added in.

A "bad" cancer will be whiny, needy, manipulative, depressed, and with a substance abuse problem. Then whatever 2 or 3 good traits of cancers they have wouldn't make it worth your while for the bad ones....
8/4/2006 7:44:48 PM | More

sun cancer rising libra moon pisces

rather than good or bad...as with everything...it is in varying degrees in all aspects hence, individualism
8/5/2006 12:29:23 PM | More

".....just tickle/cuddle/compliment them....then they'll do pretty much anything you like...."

Cancers act on fear and insecurity and they need constant reassurance that things are ok. If they snap the basis is one or the other. Make a cancer feel secure and the world is yours.

8/5/2006 5:05:58 PM | More


actually that sounds much more like a virgo...they are the ones that tend to find it necessary to say everything on their damn minds with no tact. Most cancers I know are generally reserved until pushed.

8/7/2006 4:05:04 AM | More

When i told my cancer i had feelings for her,she snapped,screamed and shouted at me,after that i was non-existent in her life..
Seesh..after 9 years..all that i did for this mental woman..she must have been a "bad" cancer
8/7/2006 6:25:07 AM | More


this guy obviously has some issue with a cancer...o.o
8/9/2006 2:12:18 AM | More

35 years old female


I am a cancer and I snap alot.....haha. But Its only when I have tons of built up fustration towards that person. Cause they do tons of things to annoy me and I talk to them and they never get resolved so my fuse just gets shorter and shorter because everything is bottled up inside. So I tend to lose patience when people are getting on my last nerve but other wise I do not snap at anyone. I think everyone will snap if they are dealing with a bunch of crap from someone else. lol.
8/22/2006 2:28:27 PM | More


sun sign: cancer moon sign: leo mer

i snap after things build up - generally it has to be a good reason for me to snap - other than that i am cool - i'm more of the positive cancers - i don't like wallowing in self pity tho when i was younger i did that alot
8/22/2006 7:30:58 PM | More

Very true Cancerbuddy. I've been trying to quell that part of my personality because I don't like snapping at people. However, I'm going to let it ride again. It works for me.

8/23/2006 12:07:53 AM | More


I notice cancers have smart mouths and snap alot , and are extremely too sensitive but then get mad when soemone does it to them>>

*takes DEEP beath* You have just described my entire life with 2 cancers, my older sister and mother. I deal with it better now, just laugh at them or ignore/act oblivious to them and their rants. Make them feel crazy and let them realize they have completely overreacted.
8/23/2006 3:40:27 PM | More

from Atlanta, Georgia  United States  

I am soooooo tired of this CRAP! LEAVE US THE BLEEP ALONE YOU JERKS!

*Mood swing*

Happy Happy Joy Joy...How do you make it bold? I always wanted to know that?
8/23/2006 4:54:28 PM | More

sun cancer rising libra moon pisces

8/23/2006 5:14:21 PM | More

come snap dat boty my way CL , and yes do what u want
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