When romantically involved with Caps, don't do either, because it will NOT get you your desired results. Just a word of advice.
For reals...the reals deals ...meals on wheels ..homeless ..the odd time in a hostel... I don't want him to be homeless.
I hold a flower and say; he likes me, he likes me not, he likes me, he likes me not... I'm feel confused and frustrated atm I am a cancer sun and he is Capricorn I am Leo Venus and he is Aquarius
What kinds of things should i ask him in order to get to know him better? I want to have meaningful conversations with him. Because the quality of our conversations so far has been butter. Because it's been small talk and silly things and so far I just do
Never seems something soo boring, i only thinked about sex during this whole 3 hours, please dxpnet help me and send me notifications, i cant stand this class!
Years ago I had a thing with a cap guy, my first cap, actually, and he was pretty awesome -- serious, but awesome. Thing is, he didn't want a "relationship" and I understood that, even though I was crushed but never told him. I eventually moved on
So, I've often heard from several different people that they think of Caps as sometimes being sadistic...that they get pleasure from inflicting pain on others. Especially when they feel they have been crossed. There's a situation at work that had me w
This Cap keeps calling me bad girl...we have Been sexually active..is he being playful?
Hey! So i am pretty sure i am overcontrolling cause of my cap stellium. I mean i want control everything and when people tell i cant have everything under my own control i get pissed of. Need to relax and some capricorn advice on that :)
Are capricorns and taurus attracted because the same element? To me taurus seems like quite the opposite from typical capricorns I know Tauros seem to be lazy, while caps are workaholics.. Taurus works hard, but just works hard and steady, rather tha
I'm posting this here because my grandparents are both Caps I went to see them last weekend and took them for lunch for grandparents day so she sent me a little thank you note (she still sends me letters and cards snail mail cause "she doesn't text" sh
I wanted to give the full background. So he's single and I went to his desk and started talking to him and then I had said I could get him with someone he said who then I did idk then I started talking about me and what kind of guys I like he then wrote d
So, the Capricorn man gave me his number!! And I didn't even ask I just kept going over to talk to him, and he wrote his number on a piece of paper and gave it to me? But I think I'm overthinking now because I'm thinking he only gave it to me just so I wo


The easiest way to learn astrology is to start with yourself. Your astrological birth chart is a powerful tool for gaining a deeper understanding of your unique gifts, talents, challenges, and life's purpose.
Because it can be read all over their face-authenticism suits them way better than deception...
Hey, everyone ... I am in need of your advice. I'm currently at wit's end and not sure where to post this. I think I have officially developed a complex from my Leo gf from her constant drilling that we have a communication issue. I have tried to improve
if the person loved or liked you a lot but did not have a job but some cash..would you date them?
what's going on?? It supposedly started in 2008 right... and all these businesses going down the drain, the small and the large companies. then I read this, http://www.myastrologybook.com/Pluto-in-Capricorn-all-about-Capricorn-Pluto.htm A revo
Just curious, what songs do you guys have for particular circumstances? List below. - Song you can currently listen to 100x in a row: - Song you would roadtrip to: - Song to start your night out: - Song when moody: - Your Anthem: - Shag Music: -
Ahoy thar mateys. I was wondering. Why is it that your symbol is a goat with a mermaid tail? I thought the symbol of Capricorn was the goat, because you folks are social climbers or something. I could probably google this, but...
Do any other scorps feel like they have super good conversation when talking to their cap about goals, but then when your goal is at a standstill (waiting on something or you've already discussed everything there is to discuss about it), you have nothing
http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2016/09/15/494134464/-1-million-of-frugal-librarians-bequest-to-n-h-school-goes-to-football-scoreboar then the school spends $1million of it on a scoreboard! News that late librarian Robert Morin left the Univers
If Ange turns this into a media circus-ain't Brad a Cap?
I'm sure a lot of y'all know about the fiery/tumultuous relationship that I had with a Capricorn woman that I couldn't shake. Well, I finally made my peace with her. I told her that I needed closure and while she didn't give the type that I was expecting,

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I found this super interesting and thought I would share...... There are days throughout the year that a planet appears to move backward and forward in orbit. Although this is a trick of the eye from our perspective on earth, the “station” — or the mom
I am a sagittarius woman and i have been talking to a scorpio for about a year now we are both in high school and I really like this guy he is sweet ,kind and caring in so many ways. He is the only guy in the world that is special to me. When i told him i
Can anyone shed some insight into this rising sign? I have just recently discovered that I have a gemini rising sign and I would have NEVER thought that this would be my rising! I have lots of earth in my chart so this rising completely caught me off guar
what does this mean for pisces sun people? what would it mean for someone with Neptune in the 10th house
Having those things delivered to your EX-Wife's work for her birthday.. Inappropriate or not a big deal?? And why? He's a Taurus..he has a gf. I have a bf...
Tell me about Leo & Libra moon in a relationship...
Oh come on, I know it's not about astrology anymore So .. why are u here .. ? . .
If you're dominantly libra, how would taurus, cancer, libra and capricorn rising signs affect a libra's personality? If you've got personal experience interacting with people with these rising signs or if you have one of the following yourself, how does i
who is watching the debates? what do you think? lets try to keep it classy k :D ....
Experiences? Or those of you with Venus in Aqua, have you done this? Why? If you want to anyway lol


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http://www.empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com/personality-color.html Here's mine If Your Favorite Color is Blue If this is your favorite color you are conservative, reliable and trustworthy - you are quite trusting of others although you a
For me, it would be my Mercury in Taurus; nothing wrong with this in itself, but I can just feel it clashing with my mostly Gemini-Leo placements all the time: Rising-Cancer Sun and Venus: Gemini Moon and Mars: Leo and then.......... Mercury: Tauru
when you start getting interested in someone and thinking about the person do you also start thinking about the people this person looks at or interacts with and wonder how he sees them, are they interesting to him blah blah. it is ridiculous feeling inse
I am a Virgo, recently seeing a Taurus male.  And by seeing, I mean talking, being affectionate, but nothing was ever deemed ‘official.’  Although we weren’t official, when we were out in public he treated them like dates.  We acted like a couple and he a
Emphasis on play. Do you make your intentions clear? Do you play a bit of cat and mouse? What do you think is the RIGHT way to do it when you want something serious? Are you a woman/guy who has "tricked" your SO into proposing??....did it work out? Not
I'm a cap he's a fish we were FWB and it turns out I can't handle it, he got a girlfriend out of nowhere too I got hurt. I told him I didn't want to be friends, told him I didn't want to talk to him anymore, I blocked him on all social media, literally th