Are lots of Capricorn men like this?

Is it just my experience, or do Capricorn men like kissing more when they are really into the person they're kissing? Do they worry about everyone (as in how they are doing and if they are safe) or only people they really care about? Do they tend to be more direct about such things or might they try to be more subtle about it? Especially if it's someone they've recently met (within a month or so)?

Can you tell this Cappy has me going bonkers? lol
From my experience they love to kiss and make out and no he does not have to be in love, it's more of a strong like and mutual attraction type thing and she's in there to get that kiss. They are selective with women so whomever he kiss will be deserving.

I will not kiss a capricorn man ever again LOL, they are some of the best kissers and will make a woman fall hard with all that making out stuff and in the end the woman is stuck and he's off to kiss another.

Beware of the kiss, it's good and it's lethal and it's addictive and no your not going to be the only one, kissing/intimacy creates a strong attraction, your PEA (Phenlethylamine) chemicals shoot into your brain and feed you that feel good adrenalin and your stuck on him all the while it's just a kiss to him...beware of the cool kissing capricorn bandit LOL

One of the substances released by PEA is the neurochemical dopamine. Dopamine stimulates the production of oxytocin, sometimes known as "the cuddle chemical. Kissing will make you feel dopey

Be cool and don't show too much excitement over him or he will get uncomfortable and shut down on you.
I have noticed that they are quite physical (aren't all us Earth signs? hehe). It's just that I've kissed quite a few Cappies, but only 2 of them stood out. Those two were much more into kissing and savoring the moment than the rest. With one of those two, I knew/know that there was love there. The other one seemed to get frustrated with me recently when I said that he came across as just wanting to be "physical". An unbiased Capricorn (guy) friend of mine has said that, for his case atleast, he is definitely more kissy and affectionate when he loves a woman than when it's just physical. That got me thinking that I may have been blind to some things about the Cappy man I like.
Actually my Capricorn friend was pretty shy when we first met and all that kissing and stuff didnt come until later..
How do we know she isnt going to be the only one. I know this is astrology..but can we generalize to that degree?
Per my understanding cap men settle late in life, she will most likely not be the only one....also young cap men including the bachelors can be some expert players as in dating not necessarily sleeping with but dating more than one woman...
I don't believe all cap men are this way and if I did believe it...oh well LOL
@Tiki. I respect your opinion. I was just throwing something out there. I know that basically most signs are alike, but our environment and how we are raised, as well as our morals can play a big part in how we interact with the opposite sex as well as others.

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