Are pisces attractive

Just Wondering
Yes, I found most to be very attractive. BUT do they find cappies attractive
no, water signs are not very attractive / popular
how do you define attractive? physically / intellectually or personality attractive?

Physical attractiveness is the perception of an individual as physically beautiful by other people. Some aspects of how a person is judged beautiful are universal to all cultures, whereas others are restricted to particular cultures or time periods. Physical attractiveness can have a huge effect on how people are judged
"Water signs are generally all quite physically attractive. One noticeable feature is that all the pisceans I know/ have known have had lovely eyes."

So, do you still want to treetrunk me?
"If I don't think they are drop dead gorgeous then I must think they are ugly."

Oh my goodness, typical virgo comment All about looks ... looks ... looks. It's true that beauty is in th eye of the beholder but women you preceive as ugly may be the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE.
nope.. no branh0913 .. "With Pisces it is always extremes." that i can not agree...
maybe the ones you met are like that.. but you cant generalize ...
however whatever i have seen from the posts here (not many mind you) .. women (especially) think pisces are made for romance.. not all fall in that category... compassion should not be linked with romance... but then again one can always change their personality trait if they REALY want to
some of you may be shocked.. I DO NOT BELIEVE IN TRUE LOVE.. love is just a give and take relationship.. nothing more than that..
I just don't like them..male or female..too whiny, pathetic and needy
come one missmorals -- i dont think i sound like that

its just your luck :p you meant the weaker fishes

come one => come on
You have a scorpio moon..therefore you can't be that bad!
I can't judge the men, but the typical Pisces women are attractive. Because of the large puppy-dog eyes and oval faces.
I can't judge the men, but the typical Pisces women are attractive. Because of the large puppy-dog eyes and oval faces.

Yep thats me
Fi real, can't make such a GERNEAL statement...If they are not a developed fish, like piscesboy, and the others, then they will be weak, needy and so on.But TRUST me, I can safely say we are not all like that

And why are you cookiemonstering, check any compatibilty chart, and you would be DAMN sure to find a male psices up there in your most compatible....thats because we are the butter, and you must live with this =P
Oh dear will learn as you go along..that I don't give a butter what anybody thinks..I will just say it how it is..I am sure there are nice pisces boys/girls out there..I have a lot of pisces just so happens that the majority I have come across are a bit needy bless them..the women need to be protected by men and the men have no hope in hell!..I was actually attracted to one..
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