Capricorn Man - Distant, cold and Workaholic??


I have fallen for a very very attractive Capricorn man - I have know him almost a year now and i have had to do all of the chasing. I asked him out for a drink, which he accepted.. we had a lovely night out 2gether and he treated me as though i was the only girl in the world - then afterwards he has been really cold on me and is busy all the time. He tells me he will speak to me soon when he is not busy.

I have seen him since and is was great but again - he has gone distant and is telling me he is so busy at work and stressed out, i have fallen for him so hard - i do not know how to handle the situation.

Sometimes he ignores me but i can see in his eyes that he cares for me - i am so confused!!

How is the best way to deal with a cappy man?? I think i have fallen in love with him and can not walk away as there is something keeping me attached to him..
The last time we met, he emailed me and said he can not stop thinking about me - but afterwards he goes back to being busy again.. I am soo confused..he also said that all he wants is to go home to a nice warm loving home, but he said he has had to sacrifice his happiness for his career.. he never goes out with his mates and all he does is work work work, he is very successful, but i would like to find a way to reach his heart... I give him space which all caps need. Can any caps here give me some advice please - thanks I am a leo.

I emailed him last week to see if he wanted to come out for a drink - he wrote back that he is really busy but asked for a raincheck, however, he then was messaging my cell phone on Saturday night and we were speaking for 4 hours and were getting on very well - he said that he can not wait to see me!! That was Saturday and I have not heard from him since.... He is very successful and is very busy and I am prepared to give him all the space in the world but I keep gettin the mixed signals.

As soon as I start to get over him in my mind then he comes back to me - can someone please offer me some advice - I know he cares for me as it is in his eyes but it has been a year now and I am not sure if it is worth sticking around for . Thanks
I am prepared to support him and be there for him, I am just too scared to tell him exactly how I feel as I am scared he will run away. I hope he knows how I feel as I have done the chasing etc
Um, as a Leo involved with a Cap, I can certainly sympathize with your need to chase the guy. He pulls away, you want more. He comes around and gives you a glimpse of this awesome man, he is only to disappear again leaving you still wanting more.

Truthfully? I think you need to back off. Don't get into this pattern where you're doing all of the work because in time, even when you do have him, you'll still have to be on top of him and frankly, no woman wants to overextend herself all of the time.

If he likes you, he'll come to you. If he doesn't, chalk it up to it having only been a year that you've invested into this guy and move on. Seriously, it might take him a very long to change from his work-mentality to a relationship-mentality, if ever. Enjoy when you do have text conversations with him. Enjoy when you talk to him on the phone or when you see him. Try not to get your hopes up when you have spent time with him because it is highly likely that a couple weeks later when he's too busy to see you, you'll be beating yourself up again over this one person.
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He's REALLY working. With cappies, work always comes first. The fact that he asked for a raincheck, and the fact that he texted you while working means he's telling you the truth. Why don't you suggest meeting him for lunch (he has to eat at some point, right?) Or invite him to your place for dinner.
Thanks all for your comments, i will give him the space and support he needs, it just is a bit difficult as he is sooooo sexy!! Thanks again :-)
Thank you so much for your comments, they are really helping me!! :-)
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Distant cold work a holics and that our good points. HHHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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JT! All the old codgers are showing up today! What is going on with that?
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Maybe we only come around now and then maybe we all got a life, or maybe not.
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By the By I am not a old codger I am a pushing 40 codger. Of course it is all a matter of where you are in life if your 18 then I guess I am an old CODGER
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The day I met my ex cap that was it. He called everyday and we were together everyday. So when a cap takes off then comes back I have never experienced that. He always came back to me. He would do stupid butter ya but he never took off for more then one evening. If we would get into a fight he would go out with his buddies then go home at 4 am and call me to let me know he was okay.

Then we moved in with eachother. He stopped going out. I think he went out 3 times without me in 7 months. I think thats why we didnt work out cause for 3 and half years we were glued to the hip. We had taken breaks from each other though.
But as to the taking off part. Usually that means a guy is not into you he just wants to be your friend..

Good luck. I hope this helps maybe this will help you to stop waisting your time on him.. cause he is not there for you..
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You should mirror him just to let him see himself. Caps are very reflective, considerate, and want to do the right thing. He thinks he is doing alright! Let him know that you admire his drive and ambition but there are some things that you need also. I am a cap male with two cap parents and two cap g-parents.

If you're not too terribly busy sometimes, just ask him if you could help him out any sort of way. More than likely he'll consider you a handicap to his order and way of doing things, but he will GREATLY appreciate your consideration and warmth. it makes him feel secure that you also care about security: in making him feel secure AND investing in security together. When you do this it shows him that he is on your mind in the way that he wants you to see him. And if you can SEE him, then he's putty inside. Just be careful you dont make him feel like he cant handle his business ok

Just be careful not to let him shroud you with his own interests and ambition. Remember you are the other 50% of the relationship.

Back to mirroring. I know some people say dont fight horns with horns but usually when my other would start to act like me, I PERKED UP AND PAID ATTENTION REAL QUICK. Just make sure you have a good mix of mirroring and love because we are complicated. We need to be able sometimes to fault you and worship you at the same time to not feel TOTALLY wrong or insecure.

As a cap male i hate inuendos, beating-around-the-bush, hints, and people who think caps can read minds. Well... sometimes we can but whatever. Be straight up and please dear god honey have your evidence written down so you can remember it all. If you are not logical, fail to make him empathetic, not reasonable, do not have examples, staying on topic totally, then he will not take you seriously and look at you as a child who has the inability to process on his level. He may fit in your requests robotically and just as another task at first, but when he sees how happy he can make you and its in his control to do so he will get better I betcha betcha betcha. If not then you can date me. jk good luck.
Thanks SuperCap - that's really kind. I will use your advice. :-)
Don't come off as too easy. Big thing about Capricorn men is that they like to work for what they want (of coarse they dont realize this). My friend assumes that a woman is a slut if they come off as too easy, harsh perhaps, but thats what capricorn men do i guess.

Just prove yourself useful in his world and show him that you have goals and an agenda. He'll respect that and will most likely be drawn to you.
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