Capricorn man and sex

please help!! capricorn i know is born dec 28, how do you know all the risig sign and moon crap, i dont get that chat at all. i'm an aquarius
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"I am a gemini. I don't believe myself to be true to my sign. I think that it
Well said sister! hehe. I agree with you and that's why he can't have me that way anymore. We can be friends until he figures out what he wants.
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Ladies - I am learning this myself, but we deserve *respect* from the guy we choose to be with. If they fail to show that with their action, we got to have courage to say "I deserve better than this"
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Is it just me or I don't know but if my cap sleeps other women even there is no commitment with me, I am going to be completely out the door (sorry to hear that gemgem - read other post). My cap has told me that he'd forgone sex to avoid emotional responsibilities for a long time so he did not have physical relationship with his ex for a while even before they broke up. So when he said he'd be physically (sexually) closer to me, I thought it may be a positive thing...but I *know* that any man can have sex with no emotion attached. So I will off course be careful.

A quick report on my newest cap boy ? he is off course taking his sweet time and keeping space as I already learned from his site and my first cap?but we are going to meet again tomorrow ? healthy date ? going to take a walk in a park after work. Will see what happens.

You are hilarious! That was too funny and boy did I need that laugh............
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"I am a gemini. I don't believe myself to be true to my sign. I think that it
LOL!!!! Oh my god that just about made my day! I needed that. Thanks OJ.
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Atlantic mist I have a penis rising.
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"I am a gemini. I don't believe myself to be true to my sign. I think that it kind of makes me feel like I'm just a sex object right now...sad.
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Again, I can have sex with someone and stay emotionally UNattached. The problem comes in when SHE starts asking for more. There are some women that I am more willing to escort up ladder and still others that are better left where they are. Usually, it has everything to do with their ability to be "The One." For me, I have stopped a woman cold for many reasons. Recently, there was a beautiful woman, age 40, who loved some Enigmanupe, but she's 40. Which means, she won't be having anymore kids. Later on, I found out that she didn't have her ducks in a row (in a rough financial situation with no stability) and I had to lay off -- even though we enjoyed ourselves physically.

Next, I don't NEED sex everyday. I'd like to have it when I want it, but depending on my schedule, I can make do without.

Hiding my emotions is really reserved for the relationship side of things. With sex, I don't have to hide them, I just don't have to include them to have fun.

Gee, actually writing this stuff sure makes it sound bad, doesn't it? I may think this way, and even write this way (, but I use diplomacy when I practice it. Or I just ignore people.
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"I am a gemini. I don't believe myself to be true to my sign. I think that it
Good to know enigma...I think all men can do that at some point. So what if you keep having sex with someone off and on? Do you hide your emotions?
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This ought to be an interesting topic.

As a Capricorn man, I have to say that I can, and did, have sex with a woman I am not/wasn't IN LOVE with. Now, with that said, I won't have sex with just anyone. I am very picky with whom I share myself. Usually, if she makes it that far, she has some redeeming qualities that make her a potential mate. It's usually after we have sex that the true personality comes out and we can better determine if we're going to keep this ball a rolling.

If we mesh well in bed, then I will continue to check out her other areas (not necessarily in a physical sense, although I do that too). I don't know if it's because of my Libra influences or not, but she has to be attractive (ugly feet? do not apply).

So, yes, we can have sex, but not make love. The question is, will we continue to have sex after the first couple of times?
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Another one:

When Venus or Mars is in Aquarius, there is a "take it or leave it" style that can be sexy or maddening, depending on the audience. They don't have a reputation for warmth in sex, although they may think the other way around because, at least in theory, they are open-minded. They give off an air of being savvy and cool in bed. Sex from a distance (when you are not actually there physically), or in theory, is often where they shine. That is why cyber or phone sex, or affairs that don't break up marriages, can be especially attractive to these folks. They are most turned on when you are not, as detachment can be a real turn-on for them. And, again, the idea of sex is generally more exciting to these lovers than the actual act. Their fantasies often involve getting caught having sex, and they are attracted to people who are a little offbeat or odd.
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I found more on cappy and sex:

Capricorn and Taurus
On their first meeting Capricorns see Taureans as a kindred spirit who is as serious about life as themselves but with a real passion attached. Taureans see Capricorns as totally in control with their emotions alluringly out of reach. Both signs have a passionate nature so there will be an instant sexual attraction between them. Capricorns will find Taureans a bit too obsessed with the pleasures of life but still find them hard to resist. Taureans will find Capricorns clever, calm and practical, an ideal mate.

Sexually they are extremely well matched because although the Taurean enjoys sex it has to be leading to something more permanent, pleasure attached to security with a long term future. The Capricorn also sees sex in this way, something showing commitment and not to be entered into lightly. This sounds like the perfect match and it certainly has that both are determined to succeed in life and have a practical, cautious nature. The only problem is that the Taurean is more interested in sex than the Capricorn who can survive on security and friendship alone.

Capricorns want to master and Taureans want to have but both are looking for commitment. This combination can be one of the best especially if they both have planets like Venus (love) and Mars (desires) in compatible signs. If not it may be that the Capricorn's lack of emotions causes arguments and the Taurean stubbornness takes over leaving them with differences they can not resolve. However, if they are prepared to work at it Taureans can learn to be more understanding of another point of view and Capricorns can learn to be less serious and have more fun.
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boyz are crazy!!! well i hope you have a great time this weekend! have one for me will ya!! lol be safe!! and bring back all the juicy gossip on tues!! thats when ill be back IM trying to stay away fromt he boards on the weekend!! lol
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